Persona 4 Dancing All Night

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Persona 4: Dancing All Night
Persona 4 Dancing All Night logo
Platform PS Vita, PlayStation 4
Released June 25, 2015 (JP)
Format PKG
Size 3.58 GB

Persona 4: Dancing All Night (P4D) is a spinoff title in the Persona franchise. Originally developed by Dingo alongside Atlus, P4D ended up using the graphics engine of Persona 5, which was still in development by the time of its release. As a result, the model and animation formats (GAP and GMD respectively) are the same (albeit with a slight version difference).


In the data directory of P4D's PKG file:


  • CPK (archive)
  • AWB (sound archive)
    • AT9 (sound format)
  • USM (video format)
  • DDS (textures)
  • GFS (environment models)
  • GAP (3D animation files)
  • GMD (models)
  • BF (scripts)


Like Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable, new files must replace original ones inside a CPK. P4D uses multiple CPKs to comprise the filesystem, so you can modify an existing CPK (such as patch.cpk and save it to the ux0:app/GAMEID/patch/ directory of the Vita (using Henkaku on 3.60). This CPK will override the contents of the original, whether digital or on cartridge, including the new modded contents.
The only other requirement is that you must keep the filesystem structure intact. For instance, if you want to replace sound/bgm.awb, make a folder in your new cpk called sound and place the new bgm.awb inside.

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