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Dance/field (P4D)
Formats GFS, EPL
Size 366 MB

Persona 4: Dancing All Night (P4D) keeps its stage models in the dance/field directory of its data.cpk. This list contains DLC content.
Due to certain stage transitions and story events some stages have more than one file.
Stages can be identified by the first 4 digits in the file name 'f000'.
Each stage has a corresponding EPL file for the UI cutins.

This page is a work in progress.

Dance Stages[edit | edit source]

Filename Stage Image
f001_001.GFS Dance Studio 100px
f002_001.GFS Kujikawa Rise Stage 100px
f003_001.GFS Circus Tent 100px
f003_002.GFS Circus Tent: Entrance 100px
f003_003.GFS Circus Tent: Indoors 100px
f004_001.GFS Sultry Lounge 100px
f004_002.GFS Sultry Lounge: Entrance 100px
f004_003.GFS Sultry Lounge: Inside 100px
f005_001.GFS Doll House 100px
f005_002.GFS Doll House: Entrance 100px
f005_003.GFS Doll House: Inside 100px
f006_001.GFS Romantic Castle 100px
f006_002.GFS Romantic Castle: Entrance 100px
f006_003.GFS Romantic Castle: Prince Charming Play 100px
f007_001.GFS Mechanical Castle 100px
f007_001.GFS Mechanical Castle: Entrance 100px
f007_003.GFS Mechanical Castle: Inside (with geisha puppets) 100px
f008_001.GFS Love Meets Bond Festival/Event Space 100px
f009_001.GFS persona stage part 1 100px
f009_002.GFS Ai Meets Kazuna Festival 100px
f009_003.GFS Persona Stage/Mikuratana-no-Kami's Realm 100px
f010_001.GFS Velvet Room 100px
f011_001.GFS Ai Meets Kizuna Festival Version 2 100px
f012_001.GFS Adachi's Stage 100px
f013_001.GFS TV Stage 100px
f900_001.GFS Choreography Stage 100px

Miscellaneous Models[edit | edit source]

Filename Object Image
e001_003.GFS Junes Cutouts 100px
e005_002.GFS Red Stage Curtains Cutout 100px