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Persona 4 Dancing All Night/data.cpk/dance/persona

From Amicitia Wiki
Dance/field (P4D)
Formats GFS, GMD, GAP
Size 64mb

Persona 4: Dancing All Night (P4D) keeps its Persona models in the dance/persona directory of its data.cpk.
Animations are kept in the corresponding GAP file.
The GFS files within this folder contain only camera position data.

Persona Models

Filename Character Persona Image
ps001_001.GMD Yu Izanagi with Guitar B2USQZp.png
ps001_002.GMD Yu Izanagi No Okami with Guitar DeOc6YF.png
ps002_001.GMD Yosuke Jiraya with Guitar xEiHvAM.png
ps003_001.GMD Chie Tomoe with Trumpet Sr4fMjj.png
ps004_001.GMD Yukiko Konohana Sakuya with Saxophone 3b8eRVs.png
ps005_001.GMD Rise Himiko with Harp tijpGkE.png
ps006_001.GMD Kanji Take-Mikazuchi with Drums 0oY3jaE.png
ps007_001.GMD Naoto Sukuna-Hikona with Violin Y7HM1SP.png
ps008_001.GMD Teddy Kinto-Douji with DJ Booth qmHeR1M.png
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