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Persona 4 Golden/Fields
Location Fields


Please expand this page. The reason given is:
DniweTamp's laziness, and more testing needed

A list of in-game fields. You can use these IDs along with the Mod Menu's 'Call Field' function to travel anywhere in the game. Spoilers ahead!
Anything not listed on here will either have a broken camera angle, put you in an infinite loading screen, or crash your game entirely.

NOTE: When loading dungeon fields with 'Call Field', it'll display the in-game name as NULL, but it will correct itself into displaying the proper name once a trigger in the field has been used,
such as a floor change or dungeon exit/entrance. In some cases, using the Dungeon Table IDs and 'Load Dungeon' would be a safer option.


All Fields

Field ID In-Game Name Description
001_001 NULL Map of town, crashes when moving
001_002 -Infinite loading- Snowy map of town, can see the model in noesis.
004_001 NULL Amagi Inn room, no wall collisions
004_002 NULL Amagi inn, fixed camera
004_003 NULL Broken camera of Hot Springs
006_001 Classroom Building, 1F Classroom Building, 1F
006_002 Classroom Building, 2F Classroom Building, 2F
006_003 Classroom Building, 3F Classroom Building, 3F
006_004 Practice Building, 1F Practice Building, 1F
006_005 Practice Building, 2F Practice Building, 2F
006_006 Class 2-2 Class 2-2
006_007 Daidara Metalworks Music Room
006_008 NULL Drama Room, no collision
006_009 NULL P.E. Field, no collision
006_010 NULL Basketball Court, broken camera, no collision
006_011 NULL Faculty Office
006_012 NULL Nurse's Office
006_013 NULL Library
006_014 Roof Yasogami High Rooftop
006_015 Yasogami Front Gate > The gate is closed...
006_016 NULL Group Date Cafe
006_017 NULL School festival Yasogami 2F
006_018 -Infinite loading- Winter Yasogami High Gate
006_019 -Infinite loading- Winter Yasogami Roof
006_020 -Infinite loading- Winter Yasogami P.E. Field
007_001 Dojima Residence Inaba town
007_002 Living Room Home
007_003 Your Room Home
007_004 -Infinite loading- Dojima Residence, Winter
008_001 Shopping District, North Inaba town
008_002 Shopping District, South Inaba town
008_003 NULL Velvet Room, no residents
008_004 NULL Daidara Metalworks
008_005 NULL Chinese Diner Aiya
008_006 NULL Shiroku Store
008_007 NULL Tatsumi Textile Shop
008_008 NULL Tofu shop
008_009 Tatsuhime Shrine Shoutouts to Shrinefox
008_010 g Broken camera, looks like a copy of "Shopping District, North"
008_011 154 Shiroku Pub
008_012 -Infinite loading- Winter, Shopping District, North
008_013 -Infinite loading- Winter, Shopping District, South
008_014 -Infinite loading- Winter, Tatsuhime Shrine
008_015 154 Velvet Room but again
009_001 Food Court Junes, meeting place, can't move.
009_002 NULL Junes, place where you enter the TV World, fixed camera
009_003 NULL Junes, products shop, fixed camera
009_004 Junes, West Entrance Adachi is jus just standing there.
009_005 -Infinite loading- Junes, Winter, Food Court
010_001 Samegawa Flood Plain Inaba town
010_002 Samegawa Flood Plain Riverbank
010_003 NULL Samegawa Flood Plain but it's moving (for cutscenes?). Fixed camera.
010_004 NULL Same as above but moving in the other direction.
010_005 -Infinite loading- Winter, Samegawa Flood Plain
010_006 -Infinite loading- Winter, Riverbank
011_001 Okina Station Front Okina
011_002 NULL Clothes Shop
012_002 NULL Hospital
012_003 NULL Hospital, bed
012_004 NULL Another room in hospital
013_001 NULL Shu Nakajima's room
013_006 NULL Namatame's room
013_008 NULL *TBA* something something Camping
013_009 -Infinite loading- Same as above, but it's winter.
014_001 NULL *TBA* I think it's where Dojima locks Yu at police station?
014_002 NULL Police Station, fixed camera
015_001 NULL School Camping trip, Mystery Food X Place
015_002 NULL School Camping trip, tents
015_003 NULL School Camping trip, place where boys get yeeted
016_001 NULL School trip, Gekkoukan High
016_002 NULL School trip, "Sea side city Hotel"
016_003 NULL School trip, Club Escapade
016_004 NULL *TBA* School trip, Diner
016_005 NULL School trip, Edogawa's Classroom
016_006 NULL *TBA* School trip, Cafe
017_001 School Zone Inaba
017_002 NULL Connected to School Zone (?)
017_003 NULL Train Station
017_004 Shichiri Beach Inaba
017_005 -Infinite loading- Winter, School Zone
017_006 -Infinite loading- Winter, Train Station
017_007 Okina Station Front Fixed camera, hot springs?
017_008 NULL A random road when riding a scouter
017_009 NULL A random road when riding a scouter
018_001 Mountian Road Winter stuff
018_002 NULL Winter stuff
018_003 Cottage Winter stuff
018_004 NULL Winter stuff
020_001 Class 1-4 It's actually TV World entrance
021_001 NULL Tv Yamano room (Adachi dungeon)
021_002 NULL Corridor to Yamano room, very yellow
022_001 Twisted Shopping District
022_002 Former Konishi Liquors
023_001 NULL Yukiko Castle entrance
023_002 NULL Yukiko's Castle final floor
023_003 256 Yukiko's Castle mid-point (Chie battle)
024_001 NULL Bathtub entrance
024_002 NULL Bathtub Final floor
025_001 NULL Club entrance
025_002 NULL Club final floor
026_001 NULL Void Quest entrance
026_002 NULL Void Quest final floor
027_001 NULL Secret Laboratory entrance
027_002 NULL Secret Laboratory final floor
028_001 NULL Heaven dungeon entrance
028_002 NULL Heaven final floor
029_002 NULL Magatsu Inaba final floor
030_001 NULL Yomotsu Hirasaka final floor
030_002 NULL Yomotsu Hirasaka entrance
031_001 NULL Hollow Forest entrance
031_002 NULL Hollow Forest final floor
248_002 -Blank- Marie Battle area
248_003 -Blank- Marie Battle area

Dungeon Field IDs

Major ID In-Game Name Notes
001 Entrance The TV World Entrance
002 Desolate Bedroom Different from Magatsu Inaba entrance; room used in first TV cutscene.
Portal exists, not visible, doesn't teleport to Magatsu Inaba/Mandala
003 Twisted Shopping District
004 Former Konishi Liquors
005 Yukiko's Castle Entrance
006 Yukiko's Castle 1F
013 Yukiko's Castle 8F Completing story segment ahead of time might mess up your save.
More testing needed. [1]
020 Bathhouse, Changing Rooms
021 Steamy Bathhouse, Bath #1
031 Steamy Bathhouse, Bath #11 Completing story segment ahead of time might mess up your save.
More testing needed. [1]
040 Maryuku Striptease Entrance
041 Maryuku Striptease 1F
051 Maryuku Striptease 11F Completing story segment ahead of time might mess up your save.
More testing needed. [1]
060 Void Quest Title Screen
061 Void Quest Chapter 1
070 Void Quest Endgame Completing story segment ahead of time might mess up your save.
More testing needed.[1]
080 Secret Laboratory Entrance
081 Secret Laboratory B1F
089 Secret Laboratory B9F Completing story segments ahead of time might mess up your save.
More testing needed.[1]
100 Heaven, Pearly Gates
101 Heaven, Paradise #1
110 Heaven, Paradise #10 Completing story segment ahead of time might mess up your save.
More testing needed.[1]
120 Desolate Bedroom Similar to 002, except the portal works as intended
but isn't visible unless the Adachi cutscene plays.
121 Magatsu Inaba
122 Magatsu Inaba The second floor, practically
123 Magatsu Mandala World 1
128 Magatsu Mandala World 6 If teleported to, puts you directly in front of the miniboss room.
129 Magatsu Inaba Adachi/Ameno-sagiri boss battle. Completing boss fights ahead of time might mess up your save.
More testing needed.
140 Ashihara Nakatsu Yomotsu Hirasaka Entrance
141 Yomotsu Hirasaka Path 1
149 Yomotsu Hirasaka Path 9 Completing Izanami-no-Okami fight ahead of time might mess up your save. More testing needed.
160 Hollow Forest Entrance
161 Memories of Parting
162 Memories of Pain
163 Memories of Grief
164 Memories of Sorrow
165 Memories of Love
166 Memories of Suffering
167 Memories of Anger You'll be spawned directly on top of Marie's model, just walk backwards to trigger the cutscene.
168 Memories of Loneliness
169 Memories of Invitation
170 Memories of Meeting Finishing the Marie fight earlier than intended will soft-lock the game
to a black screen when it attempts to load the video cutscene.
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 Teleporting to field and force-triggering a Shadow character battle will lock the doors temporarily. A field reload fixes this issue.
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