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Persona 4 Golden/Sound/bgm

The bgm is a directory found in the Sound archive of Persona 4 Golden. It contains a awb and acb archive which contain the following files.




Filename Description
1 Reach Out To the Truth [Battle]
2 I'll Face Myself [Boss]
3 A New World Fool
4 The Almighty
5 Fog
6 The Genesis
7 Period [After The Battle]
8 New Days
9 I'll Face Myself Sad
10 Before Boss Battle
11 Who's There? [Midnight Channel]
12 Social Link Nice Music
13 Deduction Music
14 The Power Of The Heart
15 The Path Is Open
16 Tanaka's Theme
17 Youthful Lunch
18 The Specialist [Questions]
19 Main Menu
20 The Poem For Everyone's Soul
21 Shop Theme
22 Your Affection [Inaba-Sunny]
23 Heartbeat, Heartbreak [Inaba-Cloudy]
24 Strange Ambience
25 Signs of Love [Dojima Residence]
26 Alone [Dojima Residence]
27 Backside of the TV [Inside Midnight Channel]
28 Yukiko's Castle
29 Kanji's Steamhouse
30 Rise's Club
31 Mitsuo's Dungeon
32 Naoto's Laboratory
33 Heaven
34 Long Way
35 Last Dungeon Music
36 Joy
37 Fearful Experience
38 Calamity
39 Muffeled p3fes opening
40 Like A Dream
41 Border of Insanity
42 Border of Insanity(Dramatic)
43 Chase Scene
44 Reasoning (Loop)
45 Ill Face My Self Sad(trumpet?)
46 Reach out to the truth first battle
47 Sad Piano for Social Links
48 Everyday Sunshine
49 Girl of the Empty Forest
50 Night Theme
51 Lets Hit the Beach
52 Snowflake
53 Memory
54 Time to Make History
55 Marie Boss Theme With Piano At Beginning
56 Marie Boss Theme
57 Marie Resolution theme?
58 Shin Mitsuo Tensei
60 Electronica in the velvet Room
87 Kanji's theme in the dungeon
92 Pub Night Theme?
94 Someone Elses Man(Ambience)
121 Every days Great At Your Junes!
125 Someone Elses Man(Instrumental-Pub Ambience)
134 Someone Elses Man(Instrumental-No Ambience
151 Death Music
153 Chagall Cafe
160 Trivia Theme
161 Quiz Show Introduction
700-822 Japanese maybe an Interview?
823-896 TV Listings Extra content
897-992 Teddie Lines
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