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Persona 4 Golden/data.cpk
Format CPK
Size 1.87 GB
Contains PAC BF GMO

The data.cpk is a CPK file found in Persona 4 Golden, similar to that found in Persona 5. For more information on that file, see data.cpk.

Below is a list of directories and a summary of their purpose.

Directories and Archives

Directory Name Description Notable Files
battle Contains battle related assets such as critical cutins, enemy AI, all out attack images, GUI elements, conversations and more. BSV105.BVP (Rise navigator dialogue), BSV108.BVP (Teddie navigator dialogue), cutin/boko (All Out Attack images)
bustup Contains all conversational bustups in the form of TMX files within PACs.
camp Party bustups, party icons and Persona TMX plus misc graphics (Bonus Skill, Bookshelf) party.bin contains the UI Party Icons
card TMX files for shuffle time results (Personas, Arcana, etc.).
commu TMX files related to social links, such as the bustups on the Social Link info screen and the art of the Major Arcana. msg_POEM.bmd (a BMD file containing all of Marie's poetry)
device Just contains nEntry.arc. nEntry.arc
event PM1, PM2, and PM3 files for various cutscenes in the game organized in folders by their ID number range.
event_data BF files containing scripts related to cutscenes. community.bin
facility PACs containing data for the shops. cmbroot.arc (contains Velvet Room data such as datMyth.bmd, the lore descriptions for each Persona in BMD format).
field GMO models of locations, in-dungeon dialogue, etc.
font Tutorial images, misc sprites.
memcard Just contains mcPanel.arc, which in turn contains textures + sprites related to game saving/loading. mcPanel.arc
model Contains GMO models for various characters, fields, weapons, items, objects and personas. Model/pack (P4G) (a list of in-battle models)
oped Single PAC with assets from the epilogue.
scheduler BF files for each month of the game, seemingly associated with how the game schedules events for each day.
skill PAC files containing sound effects (in ACB archives) and BED files for each skill.
sound AWB archives containing AT9 files for most in-game dialogue and bgm. adx2/commu.awb (social link dialogue clips), adx2/bgm/snd00_bgm_streamfiles.awb (bgm and sound effects)
system Miscellaneous test files.
title PAC files containing data for TV Listings (concept art, miracle quiz textures, etc.).
init.bin Bin archive containing 2d effects and tables event/icon.bin contains emoji effects used by npcs during events
init_free.bin Bin archive containing battle tables and ui textures init/itemtbl.bin has properties and names for every item in the game
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