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From Amicitia Wiki
Persona 4 Golden/data.cpk/commu/bustup
Location commu
Size 164 MB
Contains TMX

Bustup is a folder in data.cpk/commu that contains various Social-Link related character portraits in plain TMX format.

Bustup list

File name Bustup
com_kyara1a_a_s.tmx Yumi, Summer
com_kyara1a_a_w.tmx Yumi, Winter
com_kyara1b_a_s.tmx Ayane, Summer
com_kyara1b_a_w.tmx Ayane, Winter
com_kyara1c_a.tmx Eri
com_kyara1d_a_s.tmx Nanako, Summer
com_kyara1d_a_w.tmx Nanako, Winter
com_kyara1e_a.tmx Margaret
com_kyara1f_a.tmx Adachi
com_kyara02_a_s.tmx Yosuke, Summer
com_kyara02_a_w.tmx Yosuke, Winter
com_kyara03_a_s.tmx Chie, Summer
com_kyara03_a_w.tmx Chie, Winter
com_kyara04_a_s.tmx Yukiko, Summer
com_kyara04_a_w.tmx Yukiko, Winter
com_kyara05_a_s.tmx Rise, Summer
com_kyara05_a_w.tmx Rise, Winter
com_kyara06_a_s.tmx Kanji, Summer
com_kyara06_a_w.tmx Kanji, Winter
com_kyara07_a_s.tmx Naoto, Summer
com_kyara07_a_w.tmx Naoto, Winter
com_kyara07_b_s.tmx Naoto Variant, Summer
com_kyara07_b_w.tmx Naoto Variant, Winter
com_kyara08_a.tmx Teddie
com_kyara10_a.tmx Dojima
com_kyara11_a.tmx Sayoko
com_kyara12_a.tmx Fox
com_kyara13_a_s.tmx Kou, Summer
com_kyara13_a_w.tmx Kou, Winter
com_kyara14_a.tmx Daisuke
com_kyara15_a_s.tmx Naoki, Summer
com_kyara15_a_w.tmx Naoki, Winter
com_kyara16_a.tmx Hisano
com_kyara18_a_s.tmx Ai, Summer
com_kyara18_a_w.tmx Ai, Winter
com_kyara18_b_s.tmx Ai Variant 1, Summer
com_kyara18_b_w.tmx Ai Variant 1, Winter
com_kyara18_c_s.tmx Ai Variant 2, Summer
com_kyara18_c_w.tmx Ai Variant 2, Winter
com_kyara19_a.tmx Shu
com_kyara20_a.tmx Marie
com_kyara21_a.tmx Gas Station Attendant with the words "Dummy" written in japanese
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