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From Amicitia Wiki
Persona 4 Golden/data.cpk/commu/card
Location commu
Size 29 MB
Contains TMX

Card is a folder in data.cpk/commu that contains various Social-Link related arcana cards in plain TMX format.

Card list

File name Card
c_card_ura.tmx Back design
c_card00.tmx 0, Fool
c_card0a.tmx 10, Fortune
c_card0b.tmx 11, Justice
c_card0c.tmx 12, Hanged Man
c_card0d.tmx 13, Death
c_card0e.tmx 14, Temperance
c_card0f.tmx 15, Devil
c_card01.tmx 1, Magician
c_card1a.tmx 20, Golden Aeon
c_card1b.tmx Plain card, two text lines; top says 異邦人 or "The Stranger", bottom says 仮 or "provisional".
c_card02.tmx 2, Priestess
c_card03.tmx 3, Empress
c_card04.tmx 4, Emperor
c_card05.tmx 5, Hierophant
c_card06.tmx 6, Lovers
c_card07.tmx 7, Chariot
c_card08.tmx 8, Justice
c_card09.tmx 9, Hermit
c_card10.tmx 16, Tower
c_card11.tmx 17, Star
c_card12.tmx 18, Moon
c_card13.tmx 19, Sun
c_card14.tmx 20, Judgement
c_card15.tmx 20, Golden Aeon
c_card16.tmx 20, Aeon
c_card17.tmx 21, World
c_card18.tmx 0, Jester
c_card19.tmx 11, Hunger/Lust
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