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Persona 4 Golden/data.cpk/model/npc
Location data.cpk
Size 174 MB
Contains PAC

The model/npc folder is a directory found in the data.cpk of Persona 4 Golden. It contains all the npc models for player characters, in the form of AMD models contained in PAC files.


This is a edited list of NPC models from base Persona 4 so some of them might be mislabeled.

Name Model
N1_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N1_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N1_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N1_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N1_5 Narukami (Mid Winter Uniform)
N1_6 Narukami (Mid Winter Casual)
N2_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N2_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N3_0 Narukami (Pajamas) Cellphone
N4_0 Narukami (Tracksuit)
N5_0 Narukami (Tracksuit)
N6_0 Narukami (Basketball Uniform)
N7_0 Narukami (Soccer Uniform)
N8_0 Narukami (Ryokan model @ Amagi Inn)
N9_0 Narukami (Bath Towel)
N10_0 Narukami (Drag)
N11_0 Narukami (Swimtrunks)
N12_0 Narukami (Duffelbag)
N13_0 Narukami (Janitor)
N14_0 Narukami (Day Care)
N15_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) Suitcase
N15_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Suitcase
N15_5 Narukami (Mid Winter Uniform) Suitcase
N16_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N16_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N16_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N16_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N16_5 Narukami (Mid Winter Uniform)
N16_6 Narukami (Mid Winter Casual)
N17_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) Umbrella
N17_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Umbrella
N18_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N18_2 Narukami (Summer Casual) No shoes
N18_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform?) No shoes
N18_4 Narukami (Winter Casual) No shoes
N19_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N19_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N19_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N19_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N19_5 Narukami (Mid Winter Uniform)
N19_6 Narukami (Mid Winter Casual)
N20_0 Narukami (Pajamas)
N21_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform?)
N22_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform?)
N23_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N24_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Suitcase
N25_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Ramen bowl
N26_0 Narukami (Winter casual) No shoes / Letter
N27_0 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N28_0 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N29_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N30_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N31_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N32_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N33_0 Narukami (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N34_0 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N35_0 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N36_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N37_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N38_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform?)
N39_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N39_2 Narukami (Summer Casual) No shoes
N39_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform?) No shoes?
N39_4 Narukami (Winter Casual) No shoes
N40_0 Narukami (Winter Casual) Holding trunks
N41_0 Narukami (Receiving Threat Letter)
N42_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N43_0 Narukami (Winter Casual) Duffelbag
N44_0 Narukami (Winter Casual) letter
N45_0 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N46_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) Cellphone
N46_2 Narukami (Summer Casual) Cellphone
N46_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Cellphone
N46_4 Narukami (Winter Casual) Cellphone
N46_5 Narukami (Mid Winter Uniform) Cellphone
N46_6 Narukami (Mid Winter Casual) Cellphone
N47_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N47_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N47_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N47_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N47_5 Narukami (Mid Winter Uniform)
N47_6 Narukami (Mid Winter Casual)
N48_0 Narukami (Winter Casual) Duffelbag
N49_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N49_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N50_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N50_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N50_5 Narukami (Mid Winter Uniform)
N51_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) Trumpet
N51_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Trumpet
N52_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N52_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N52_5 Narukami (Mid Winter Uniform)
N53_0 Narukami (Tracksuit) Basketball
N54_0 Narukami (Basketball) Basketball
N55_0 Narukami (Soccer) Soccerball
N56_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N56_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N56_5 Narukami (Mid Winter Uniform)
N57_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N57_2 Narukami (Summer Casual) No shoes
N57_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N57_4 Narukami (Winter Casual) No shoes
N58_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N58_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N58_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N58_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N58_5 Narukami (Mid Winter Casual)
N58_6 Narukami (Mid Winter Uniform)
N59_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N59_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N59_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N59_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N59_5 Narukami (Mid Winter Uniform)
N59_6 Narukami (Mid Winter Casual)
N60_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N60_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N60_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N60_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N60_5 Narukami (Mid Winter Uniform)
N60_6 Narukami (Mid Winter Casual)
N61_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N61_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N61_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N61_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N62_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N63_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N63_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N63_5 Narukami (Mid Winter Uniform)
N64_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N64_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N64_6 Narukami (Mid Winter Casual)
N65_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N65_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N65_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N65_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N65_5 Narukami (Mid Winter Uniform)
N65_6 Narukami (Mid Winter Casual)
N66_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N66_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N66_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N66_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N66_5 Narukami (Mid Winter Uniform)
N66_6 Narukami (Mid Winter Casual)
N67_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N67_2 Narukami (Summer Casual) No shoes
N67_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N67_4 Narukami (Winter Casual) No shoes
N68_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) Fishing
N68_2 Narukami (Summer Casual) Fishing
N68_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Fishing
N68_4 Narukami (Winter Casual) Fishing
N68_5 Narukami (Mid Winter Uniform) Fishing
N68_6 Narukami (Mid Winter Casual) Fishing
N69_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N69_2 Narukami (Summer Casual) No shoes
N69_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N69_4 Narukami (Winter Casual) No shoes
N70_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) Umbrella
N70_2 Narukami (Summer Casual) Umbrella
N70_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Umbrella
N70_4 Narukami (Winter Casual) Umbrella
N71_0 Narukami (Pajamas)
N72_0 Narukami (Winter Casual) No shoes
N73_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Suitcase
N74_0 Narukami (Tracksuit) No shoes
N75_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N76_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N77_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N78_0 Narukami (Summer Casual) No shoes
N79_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N79_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N80_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N81_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N82_0 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N83_0 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N84_0 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N85_0 Narukami (Winter Casual) No shoes
N86_0 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N87_0 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N88_0 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N89_0 Narukami (Summer Casual) No shoes
N90_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)Umb./Suitcase
N90_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)Umb./Suitcase
N91_0 Narukami (Summer Casual) Soda
N92_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N93_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N94_0 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N98_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N98_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N98_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N98_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N98_5 Narukami (Mid Winter Uniform)
N98_6 Narukami (Mid Winter Casual)
N99_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) No shoe/phn
N99_2 Narukami (Summer Casual) No shoe/phone
N99_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) No shoe/phone
N99_4 Narukami (Winter Casual) No shoes/phone
N101_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N101_2 Yosuke (Summer Casual)
N101_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N101_4 Yosuke (Winter Casual)
N101_5 Yosuke (Mid Winter Uniform)
N101_6 Yosuke (Mid Winter Casual)
N102_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N102_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N103_0 Yosuke (Tracksuit)
N104_0 Yosuke (Yukata)
N105_0 Yosuke (Bathtowel)
N106_0 Yosuke (Drag)
N107_0 Yosuke (Swimtrunks)
N108_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform) Suitcase
N108_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) Suitcase
N108_5 Yosuke (Mid Winter Uniform) Suitcase
N109_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N109_2 Yosuke (Summer Casual)
N109_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N109_4 Yosuke (Winter Casual)
N109_5 Yosuke (Mid Winter Uniform)
N109_6 Yosuke (Mid Winter Casual)
N110_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) Bicycle / Umbrella
N111_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) Bicycle / umbrella
N112_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform) Umbrella / suitcase
N112_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) Umbrella / suitcase
N113_0 Yosuke (Junes Apron)
N114_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N115_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N115_2 Yosuke (Summer Casual)
N115_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N115_4 Yosuke (Winter Casual)
N115_5 Yosuke (Mid Winter Uniform)
N115_6 Yosuke (Mid Winter Casual)
N116_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N117_0 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N118_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N119_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N120_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N121_0 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N122_0 Yosuke (Summer Casual)
N123_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N124_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N125_0 Yosuke (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N126_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N127_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) suitcase
N128_0 Yosuke?
N129_0 Yosuke?
N130_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) suitcase/trashcan
N131_0 Yosuke (Winter Casual) Swords
N132_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N132_2 Yosuke (Summer Casual)
N132_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N132_4 Yosuke (Winter Casual)
N133_0 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N134_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N135_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N135_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N136_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N136_2 Yosuke (Summer Casual)
N136_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N136_4 Yosuke (Winter Casual)
N136_5 Yosuke (Mid Winter Uniform)
N136_6 Yosuke (Mid Winter Casual)
N137_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) Glasses / suitcase
N138_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform) Umbrella
N138_2 Yosuke (Summer Casual) Umbrella
N138_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) Umbrella
N138_4 Yosuke (Winter Casual) Umbrella
N139_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) Rope
N140_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N141_0 Yosuke (Winter Casual)
N142_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N143_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N144_0 Yosuke (Winter Casual)
N145_0 Yosuke (Summer Casual) No shoes
N146_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N147_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N148_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N149_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N150_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N150_2 Yosuke (Summer Casual)
N150_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N150_4 Yosuke (Winter Casual)
N150_5 Yosuke (Mid Winter Uniform)
N150_6 Yosuke (Mid Winter Casual)
N151_2 Yosuke (Summer Casual) Junes Apron
N151_4 Yosuke (Winter Casual) Junes Apron
N152_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N152_2 Yosuke (Summer Casual) No shoes
N152_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N152_4 Yosuke (Winter Casual) No shoes
N153_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N153_2 Yosuke (Summer Casual) No shoes
N153_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N153_4 Yosuke (Winter Casual) No shoes
N154_0 Yosuke (Tracksuit) No shoes / Animal Crackers
N155_0 Yosuke (Tracksuit) No shoes
N156_0 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N157_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N157_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N158_0 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N159_0 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N160_0 Yosuke (Winter Casual)
N161_0 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N162_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N162_2 Yosuke (Summer Casual)
N162_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N162_4 Yosuke (Winter Casual)
N162_5 Yosuke (Mid Winter Uniform)
N162_5 Yosuke (Mid Winter Casual)
N163_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform) Scooter / helmet on
N163_2 Yosuke (Summer Casual) Scooter / helmet on
N163_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) Scooter / helmet on
N163_4 Yosuke (Winter Casual) Scooter / helmet on
N163_5 Yosuke (Mid Winter Uniform) Scooter / helmet on
N163_6 Yosuke (Mid Winter Casual) Scooter / helmet on
N164_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform) Scooter
N164_2 Yosuke (Summer Casual) Scooter
N164_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) Scooter
N164_4 Yosuke (Winter Casual) Scooter
N164_5 Yosuke (Mid Winter Uniform) Scooter
N164_6 Yosuke (Mid Winter Casual) Scooter
N165_0 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N166_0 Yosuke (Ski Gear)
N167_0 Yosuke (Ski Gear) / snowboard
N168_0 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N169_0 Yosuke (Swimtrunks) / seaweed
N170_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform) Guitar
N170_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) Guitar
N171_0 Yosuke (Swimtrunks)
N172_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N173_0 Yosuke (Ski Gear) / snowboarding
N174_0 Yosuke (Mid Winter Uniform)
N175_5 Yosuke (Mid Winter Uniform)
N175_6 Yosuke (Mid Winter Casual)
N176_0 Yosuke (Epilogue)
N177_0 Yosuke (Epilogue) no shoes
N178_0 Yosuke (Mid Winter Casual)
N179_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N180_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N181_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) Guitar No textures)
N182_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N199_0 Yosuke (TV head)
N200_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N200_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N201_1 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N201_2 Chie (Summer Casual)
N201_3 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N201_4 Chie (Winter Casual)
N201_5 Chie (Mid Winter Uniform)
N201_6 Chie (Mid Winter Casual)
N202_1 Chie (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N202_3 Chie (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N203_0 Chie (Tracksuit)
N204_0 Chie (Yukata)
N206_0 Chie (Bath Towel)
N207_0 Chie (Swimsuit)
N208_0 Chie (Winter Uniform) Gag Glasses
N209_1 Chie (Summer Uniform) Backpack
N209_3 Chie (Winter Uniform) Backpack
N209_5 Chie (Mid Winter Uniform) Backpack
N210_1 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N210_2 Chie (Summer Casual)
N210_3 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N210_4 Chie (Winter Casual)
N210_5 Chie (Mid WinterUniform)
N210_6 Chie (Mid Winter Casual)
N211_1 Chie (Summer Uniform) Umbrella
N211_3 Chie (Winter Uniform) Umbrella
N212_1 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N212_2 Chie (Summer Casual)
N212_3 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N212_4 Chie (Winter Casual)
N212_5 Chie (Mid Winter Uniform)
N212_6 Chie (Mid Winter Casual)
N213_0 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N214_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N215_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N216_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N217_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N218_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N219_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N220_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N221_0 Chie (Winter Casual)
N222_0 Chie (Summer Casual)
N223_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N224_0 Chie (Winter Uniform) Rope
N225_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N226_1 Chie (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N226_2 Chie (Summer Casual) No shoes
N226_3 Chie (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N226_4 Chie (Winter Casual) No shoes
N227_0 Chie (Winter Uniform) Backpack / Talking Pose?
N228_0 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N229_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N230_1 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N230_3 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N231_1 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N231_2 Chie (Summer Casual)
N231_3 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N231_4 Chie (Winter Casual)
N231_5 Chie (Mid Winter Uniform)
N231_6 Chie (Mid Winter Casual)
N232_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N233_0 Chie (Winter Uniform) Backpack
N234_1 Chie (Summer Uniform) Umbrella
N234_2 Chie (Summer Casual) Umbrella
N234_3 Chie (Winter Uniform) Umbrella
N234_4 Chie (Winter Casual) Umbrella
N235_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N236_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N237_0 Chie (Tracksuit) No shoes
N238_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N239_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N240_0 Chie (Winter Casual)
N241_0 Chie (Winter Casual)
N242_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N243_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N244_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N245_0 Chie (Winter Casual)
N246_0 Chie (Summer Casual) No shoes
N247_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N248_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N249_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N250_1 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N250_2 Chie (Summer Casual)
N250_3 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N250_4 Chie (Winter Casual)
N250_5 Chie (Mid Winter Uniform)
N250_6 Chie (Mid Winter Casual)
N251_1 Chie (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N251_2 Chie (Summer Casual) No shoes
N251_3 Chie (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N251_4 Chie (Winter Casual) No shoes
N252_1 Chie (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N252_2 Chie (Summer Casual) No shoes
N252_3 Chie (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N252_4 Chie (Winter Casual) No shoes
N253_1 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N253_3 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N254_0 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N255_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N256_0 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N257_0 Chie (Winter Casual)
N258_0 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N259_1 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N259_2 Chie (Summer Casual)
N259_3 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N259_4 Chie (Winter Casual)
N259_5 Chie (Mid Winter Uniform)
N259_6 Chie (Mid Winter Casual)
N260_0 Chie (Summer Uniform) Backpack
N261_1 Chie (Summer Uniform) Scooter / helmet on
N261_2 Chie (Summer Casual) Scooter / helmet on
N261_3 Chie (Winter Uniform) Scooter / helmet on
N261_4 Chie (Winter Casual) Scooter / helmet on
N261_5 Chie (Mid Winter Uniform) Scooter / helmet on
N261_6 Chie (Mid Winter Casual) Scooter / helmet on
N262_1 Chie (Summer Uniform) Scooter
N262_2 Chie (Summer Casual) Scooter
N262_3 Chie (Winter Uniform) Scooter
N262_4 Chie (Winter Casual) Scooter
N262_5 Chie (Mid Winter Uniform) Scooter
N262_6 Chie (Mid Winter Casual) Scooter
N263_0 Chie (Ski Gear)
N264_0 Chie (Ski Gear) / snowboard
N265_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N265_3 Chie (Winter Uniform) weird clothes material
N265_5 Chie (Mid Winter Uniform)
N267_1 Chie (Summer Uniform) // Trumpet
N267_3 Chie (Winter Uniform) // Trumpet
N268_0 Chie (Summer Casual)
N269_0 Chie (Yukata 2)
N270_0 Chie (Ski Gear) / snowboarding
N271_0 Chie (Epilogue)
N272_0 Chie (Epilogue) no shoes
N273_0 Chie (Summer Casual)
N274_0 Chie (Winter Casual)
N275_0 Chie (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N276_0 Chie (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N277_0 Chie (Winter Casual)
N278_0 Chie (Winter Casual)
N279_0 Chie (Winter Casual)
N280_0 Chie (Mid Winter Uniform)
N281_0 Chie (Swimsuit)
N282_0 Chie (Mid Winter Uniform)
N283_0 Chie (TV Head)
N300_1 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N300_3 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N301_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform)
N301_2 Yukiko (Summer Casual)
N301_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N301_4 Yukiko (Winter Casual)
N301_5 Yukiko (Mid Winter Uniform)
N301_6 Yukiko (Mid Winter Casual)
N302_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N302_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N303_0 Yukiko (Tracksuit)
N304_0 Yukiko (Kimono)
N306_0 Yukiko (Bath towel)
N307_0 Yukiko (Swimsuit)
N308_0 Yukiko (Yukata)
N309_0 Yukiko (Gag Glasses)
N310_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) Briefcase
N310_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) Briefcase
N310_5 Yukiko (Mid Winter Uniform) Briefcase
N311_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform)
N311_2 Yukiko (Summer Casual)
N311_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N311_4 Yukiko (Winter Casual)
N311_5 Yukiko (Mid Winter Uniform)
N311_6 Yukiko (Mid Winter Casual)
N312_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) Umbrella
N312_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) Umbrella
N313_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform)
N313_2 Yukiko (Summer Casual)
N313_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N313_4 Yukiko (Winter Casual)
N313_5 Yukiko (Mid Winter Uniform)
N313_6 Yukiko (Mid Winter Casual)
N313_4 Yukiko (Winter Casual)
N314_0 Yukiko (Summer Uniform)
N315_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N316_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N317_0 Yukiko (Summer Uniform)
N318_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N319_0 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N320_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) Briefcase
N321_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) Ramen bowl
N322_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N323_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N323_2 Yukiko (Summer Casual) No shoes
N323_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N323_4 Yukiko (Winter Casual) No shoes
N324_0 Yukiko (Summer Uniform)
N325_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N326_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N326_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N327_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform)
N327_2 Yukiko (Summer Casual)
N327_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N327_4 Yukiko (Winter Casual)
N327_5 Yukiko (Mid Winter Uniform)
N327_6 Yukiko (Mid Winter Casual)
N328_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) Glasses / Briefcase
N329_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform)
N329_2 Yukiko (Summer Casual)
N329_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N329_4 Yukiko (Winter Casual)
N329_5 Yukiko (Mid Winter Uniform)
N329_6 Yukiko (Mid Winter Casual)
N330_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N330_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N331_0 Yukiko (Tracksuit) No shoes
N332_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N333_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N334_0 Yukiko (Winter Casual)
N335_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N336_0 Yukiko (Summer Casual) No shoes
N337_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N338_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N339_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N340_0 Yukiko (Winter Casual)
N341_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N342_0 Yukiko (Summer Casual)
N343_0 Yukiko (Summer Casual)
N344_0 Yukiko (Winter Casual)
N345_0 Yukiko (Summer Uniform)
N346_0 Yukiko (Winter Casual)
N347_0 Yukiko (Summer Casual)
N348_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N348_2 Yukiko (Summer Casual) No shoes
N348_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N348_4 Yukiko (Winter Casual) No shoes
N350_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform)
N350_2 Yukiko (Summer Casual)
N350_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N350_4 Yukiko (Winter Casual)
N350_5 Yukiko (Mid Winter Uniform)
N350_6 Yukiko (Mid Winter Casual)
N351_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N351_2 Yukiko (Summer Casual) No shoes
N351_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N351_4 Yukiko (Winter Casual) No shoes
N352_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) Umbrella
N352_2 Yukiko (Summer Casual) Umbrella
N352_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) Umbrella
N352_4 Yukiko (Winter Casual) Umbrella
N353_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N353_2 Yukiko (Summer Casual) No shoes
N353_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N353_4 Yukiko (Winter Casual) No shoes
N354_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform)
N354_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N355_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform)
N355_2 Yukiko (Summer Casual)
N355_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N355_4 Yukiko (Winter Casual)
N355_5 Yukiko (Mid Winter Uniform)
N355_6 Yukiko (Winter Casual)
N356_0 Yukiko (Summer Casual)
N357_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) Scooter / helmet on
N357_2 Yukiko (Summer Casual) Scooter / helmet on
N357_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) Scooter / helmet on
N357_4 Yukiko (Winter Casual) Scooter / helmet on
N357_5 Yukiko (Mid Winter Uniform) Scooter / helmet on
N357_6 Yukiko (Mid Winter Casual) Scooter / helmet on
N358_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) Scooter
N358_2 Yukiko (Summer Casual) Scooter
N358_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) Scooter
N358_4 Yukiko (Winter Casual) Scooter
N358_5 Yukiko (Mid Winter Uniform) Scooter
N358_6 Yukiko (Mid Winter Casual) Scooter
N359_0 Yukiko (Ski Gear)
N360_0 Yukiko (Ski Gear) Skis
N361_0 Yukiko (Summer Uniform)
N362_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N363_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N363_5 Yukiko (Mid Winter Uniform)
N364_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) Saxophone
N364_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) Saxophone
N365_0 Yukiko (Yukata)
N366_0 Yukiko (Epilogue)
N367_0 Yukiko (Epilogue) no shoes
N368_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) Junes bag
N369_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N370_0 Yukiko (Mid Winter Casual)
N371_0 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) Saxophone No Textures
N372_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N373_0 Yukiko (Mid Winter Uniform)
N374_0 Yukiko (Swimsuit)
N375_0 Yukiko (TV head)
N400_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N400_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N401_1 Rise (Summer Uniform)
N401_2 Rise (Summer Casual)
N401_3 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N401_4 Rise (Winter Casual)
N402_1 Rise (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N402_3 Rise (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N403_0 Rise (Yukata)
N405_0 Rise (Bath towel)
N406_0 Rise (Swimsuit)
N407_0 Rise (Marukyu Apron)
N408_1 Rise (Summer Uniform)
N408_2 Rise (Summer Casual)
N408_3 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N408_4 Rise (Winter Casual)
N408_5 Rise (Mid Winter Uniform)
N408_6 Rise (Mid Winter Casual)
N409_1 Rise (Summer Uniform) Briefcase
N409_3 Rise (Winter Uniform) Briefcase
N409_5 Rise (Mid Winter Uniform) Briefcase
N410_1 Rise (Summer Uniform) Umbrella/Briefcase
N410_3 Rise (Winter Uniform) Umbrella/Briefcase
N411_1 Rise (Summer Uniform)
N411_2 Rise (Summer Casual)
N411_3 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N411_4 Rise (Winter Casual)
N411_5 Rise (Mid Winter Uniform)
N411_6 Rise (Mid Winter Casual)
N412_0 Rise (Summer Uniform)
N413_0 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N414_0 Rise (Winter Casual)
N415_0 Rise (Summer Casual)
N416_0 Rise (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N417_0 Rise (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N418_0 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N419_1 Rise (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N419_2 Rise (Summer Casual) No shoes
N419_3 Rise (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N419_4 Rise (Winter Casual) No shoes
N420_0 Rise (Summer Uniform)
N421_0 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N422_1 Rise (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N422_3 Rise (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N423_1 Rise (Summer Uniform)
N423_2 Rise (Summer Casual)
N423_3 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N423_4 Rise (Winter Casual)
N423_5 Rise (Mid Winter Uniform)
N423_6 Rise (Mid Winter Casual)
N424_0 Rise (Winter Uniform) Glasses / Briefcase
N425_1 Rise (Summer Uniform) Umbrella
N425_2 Rise (Summer Casual) Umbrella
N425_3 Rise (Winter Uniform) Umbrella
N425_4 Rise (Winter Casual) Umbrella
N426_0 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N427_0 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N428_0 Rise (Marukyu Apron)
N429_0 Rise (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N430_0 Rise (Winter Casual)
N431_0 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N432_0 Rise (Summer Uniform)
N433_0 Rise (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N434_0 Rise (Winter Casual)
N435_0 Rise (Summer Casual) No shoes
N436_0 Rise (Winter Casual)
N437_0 Rise (Winter Casual)
N438_0 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N439_0 Rise (Swimsuit)
N450_1 Rise (Summer Uniform)
N450_2 Rise (Summer Casual)
N450_3 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N450_4 Rise (Winter Casual)
N450_5 Rise (Mid Winter Uniform)
N450_6 Rise (Mid Winter Casual)
N451_1 Rise (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N451_2 Rise (Summer Casual) No shoes
N451_3 Rise (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N451_4 Rise (Winter Casual) No shoes
N452_1 Rise (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N452_2 Rise (Summer Casual) No shoes
N452_3 Rise (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N452_4 Rise (Winter Casual) No shoes
N453_1 Rise (Summer Uniform)
N453_3 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N454_1 Rise (Summer Uniform)
N454_2 Rise (Summer Casual)
N454_3 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N454_4 Rise (Winter Casual)
N454_5 Rise (Mid Winter Uniform)
N454_6 Rise (Mid Winter Casual)
N455_1 Rise (Summer Uniform) Scooter / helmet on
N455_2 Rise (Summer Casual) Scooter / helmet on
N455_3 Rise (Winter Uniform) Scooter / helmet on
N455_4 Rise (Winter Casual) Scooter / helmet on
N455_5 Rise (Mid Winter Uniform) Scooter / helmet on
N455_6 Rise (Mid Winter Casual) Scooter / helmet on
N456_1 Rise (Summer Uniform) Scooter
N456_2 Rise (Summer Casual) Scooter
N456_3 Rise (Winter Uniform) Scooter
N456_4 Rise (Winter Casual) Scooter
N456_5 Rise (Mid Winter Uniform) Scooter
N456_6 Rise (Mid Winter Casual) Scooter
N457_0 Rise (Ski Gear)
N458_0 Rise (Ski Gear) Skis
N459_0 Rise (Swimsuit) Swimming Wheel
N460_3 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N460_5 Rise (Mid Winter Uniform)
N461_0 Rise (Summer Casual)
N462_1 Rise (Summer Uniform)
N462_3 Rise (Winter Uniform) weird clothes material
N463_0 Rise (Yukata)
N464_5 Rise (Mid Winter Uniform)
N464_6 Rise (Mid Winter Casual)
N465_0 Rise (Epilogue)
N466_0 Rise (Epilogue) no shoes
N467_0 Rise (Winter Uniform) Valentines Bag
N468_0 Rise (Winter Casual)
N469_0 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N470_0 Rise (Winter Uniform)Glasses
N471_0 Rise (Mid Winter Casual)
N472_0 Rise (Winter Uniform) Microphone no textures
N473_0 Rise (Mid Winter Uniform)
N474_0 Rise (Swimsuit)
N475_0 Rise (TV Head)
N500_1 Rise (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N500_3 Rise (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N501_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform)
N501_2 Kanji (Summer Casual)
N501_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N501_4 Kanji (Winter Casual)
N501_5 Kanji (Mid Winter Uniform)
N501_6 Kanji (Mid Winter Casual)
N502_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N502_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N503_0 Kanji (Tracksuit)
N504_0 Kanji (Yukata)
N505_0 Kanji (Bath Towel)
N506_0 Kanji (Drag)
N507_0 Kanji (Winter Uniform) Gag Glasses
N508_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform)
N508_2 Kanji (Summer Casual)
N508_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N508_4 Kanji (Winter Casual)
N508_5 Kanji (Mid Winter Uniform)
N508_6 Kanji (Mid Winter Casual)
N509_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform) Briefcase
N509_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform) Briefcase
N509_5 Kanji (Mid Winter Uniform) Briefcase
N510_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform) Umbrella
N510_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform) Umbrella
N511_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform)
N511_2 Kanji (Summer Casual)
N511_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N511_4 Kanji (Winter Casual)
N511_5 Kanji (Mid Winter Uniform)
N511_6 Kanji (Mid Winter Casual)
N512_0 Kanji (Summer Uniform)
N513_0 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N514_0 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N515_0 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N516_0 Kanji (Summer Uniform)
N517_0 Kanji (Summer Casual)
N518_0 Kanji (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N519_0 Kanji (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N520_0 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N521_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N521_2 Kanji (Summer Casual) No shoes
N521_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N521_4 Kanji (Winter Casual) No shoes
N522_0 Kanji (Summer Uniform)
N523_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N523_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N524_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform)
N524_2 Kanji (Summer Casual)
N524_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N524_4 Kanji (Winter Casual)
N524_5 Kanji (Mid Winter Uniform)
N524_6 Kanji (Mid Winter Casual)
N525_0 Kanji (Winter Uniform) Glasses / Briefcase
N526_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform) Umbrella
N526_2 Kanji (Summer Casual) Umbrella
N526_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform) Umbrella
N526_4 Kanji (Winter Casual) Umbrella
N527_0 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N528_0 Kanji (Tracksuit) No shoes
N529_0 Kanji (Winter Casual)
N530_0 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N531_0 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N532_0 Kanji (Winter Casual)
N533_0 Kanji (Winter Casual)
N534_0 Kanji (Summer Casual)
N535_0 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N536_0 Kanji (Summer Uniform)
N537_0 Kanji (Summer Casual)
N538_0 Kanji (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N539_0 Kanji (Summer Casual)
N540_0 Kanji (Summer Uniform)
N550_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform)
N550_2 Kanji (Summer Casual)
N550_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N550_4 Kanji (Winter Casual)
N550_5 Kanji (Mid Winter Uniform)
N550_6 Kanji (Mid Winter Casual)
N551_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N551_2 Kanji (Summer Casual) No shoes
N551_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N551_4 Kanji (Winter Casual) No shoes
N552_0 Kanji (Summer Uniform)
N553_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform)
N553_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N554_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform)
N554_2 Kanji (Summer Casual)
N554_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N554_4 Kanji (Winter Casual)
N554_5 Kanji (Mid Winter Uniform)
N554_6 Kanji (Mid Winter Casual)
N555_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform) bike / helmet on
N555_2 Kanji (Summer Casual) bike / helmet on
N555_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform) bike / helmet on
N555_4 Kanji (Winter Casual) bike / helmet on
N555_5 Kanji (Mid Winter Uniform) bike / helmet on
N555_6 Kanji (Mid Winter Casual) bike / helmet on
N556_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform) bike
N556_2 Kanji (Summer Casual) bike
N556_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform) bike
N556_4 Kanji (Winter Casual) bike
N556_5 Kanji (Mid Winter Uniform) bike
N556_6 Kanji (Mid Winter Casual) bike
N557_0 Kanji (Ski gear)
N558_0 Kanji (Ski gear) Skis
N559_0 Kanji (Swimsuit)
N560_0 Kanji (Naked)
N561_0 Kanji (Covered in seaweed)
N562_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform) percussion
N562_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform) percussion
N563_0 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N564_5 Kanji (Mid Winter Uniform)
N564_6 Kanji (Mid Winter Casual)
N565_0 Kanji (Epilogue)
N566_0 Kanji (Epilogue) No shoes
N567_0 Kanji (Mid Winter Uniform)
N568_0 Kanji (Winter Casual)
N569_0 Kanji (Mid Winter Casual)
N570_0 Kanji (Winter Uniform) percussion No Textures
N599_0 Kanji (TV Head)
N600_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N600_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N601_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform)
N601_2 Naoto (Summer Casual)
N601_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N601_4 Naoto (Winter Casual)
N601_5 Naoto (Mid Winter Uniform)
N601_6 Naoto (Mid Winter Casual)
N602_0 Naoto (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N603_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform)
N603_2 Naoto (Summer Casual)
N603_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N603_4 Naoto (Winter Casual)
N603_5 Naoto (Mid Winter Uniform)
N603_6 Naoto (Mid Winter Casual)
N604_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform) Briefcase
N604_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform) Briefcase
N604_5 Naoto (Mid Winter Uniform) Briefcase
N605_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform) Umbrella
N605_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform) Umbrella
N606_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform)
N606_2 Naoto (Summer Casual)
N606_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N606_4 Naoto (Winter Casual)
N606_5 Naoto (Mid Winter Uniform)
N606_6 Naoto (Mid Winter Casual)
N607_0 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N608_0 Naoto (Summer Uniform)
N609_0 Naoto (Winter Casual)
N610_0 Naoto (Winter Casual)
N611_0 Naoto (Summer Casual)
N612_0 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N613_0 Naoto (Winter Casual) Book
N614_0 Naoto (Winter Casual) Umbrella
N615_0 Naoto (Bath Towel)
N616_0 Naoto (Summer Uniform)
N617_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N617_2 Naoto (Summer Casual) No shoes
N617_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N617_4 Naoto (Winter Casual) No shoes
N618_0 Naoto (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N619_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform)
N619_2 Naoto (Summer Casual)
N619_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N619_4 Naoto (Winter Casual)
N619_5 Naoto (Mid Winter Uniform)
N619_6 Naoto (Mid Winter Casual)
N620_0 Naoto (Winter Uniform) Glasses / Briefcase
N621_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform)
N621_2 Naoto (Summer Casual)
N621_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N621_4 Naoto (Winter Casual)
N622_0 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N623_0 Naoto (Winter Casual)
N624_0 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N625_0 Naoto (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N626_0 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N627_0 Naoto (Winter Uniform) Incomplete?
N628_0 Naoto (Winter Casual) No hat
N629_0 Naoto (Winter Casual)
N650_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform)
N650_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N650_5 Naoto (Mid Winter Uniform)
N650_6 Naoto (Mid Winter Casual)
N651_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N651_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N652_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N652_2 Naoto (Summer Casual) No shoes
N652_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N652_4 Naoto (Winter Casual) No shoes
N653_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform?) Doesn't load
N653_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N654_0 Naoto (Girl's Uniform)
N655_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform)
N655_2 Naoto (Summer Casual)
N655_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N655_4 Naoto (Winter Casual)
N655_5 Naoto (Mid Winter Uniform)
N655_6 Naoto (Mid Winter Casual)
N655_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform)
N655_2 Naoto (Summer Casual)
N655_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N655_4 Naoto (Winter Casual)
N655_5 Naoto (Mid Winter Uniform)
N655_6 Naoto (Mid Winter Casual)
N656_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform) scooter / helmet on
N656_2 Naoto (Summer Casual) scooter / helmet on
N656_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform) scooter / helmet on
N656_4 Naoto (Winter Casual) scooter / helmet on
N656_5 Naoto (Mid Winter Uniform) scooter / helmet on
N656_6 Naoto (Mid Winter Casual) scooter / helmet on
N657_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform) scooter
N657_2 Naoto (Summer Casual) scooter
N657_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform) scooter
N657_4 Naoto (Winter Casual) scooter
N657_5 Naoto (Mid Winter Uniform) scooter
N657_6 Naoto (Mid Winter Casual) scooter
N658_0 Naoto (Ski Gear)
N659_0 Naoto (Ski Gear) Skis
N660_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform)
N660_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N661_5 Naoto (Mid Winter Uniform)
N661_6 Naoto (Mid Winter Casual)
N662_0 Naoto (Naoto Epilogue)
N663_0 Naoto (Naoto Epilogue) No shoes
N664_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N664_5 Naoto (Mid Winter Uniform)
N665_0 Naoto (Winter Casual)
N666_0 Naoto (Mid Winter Casual)
N667_0 Naoto (Winter Uniform) Keyboard No Textures
N668_0 Naoto (Mid Winter Uniform)
N699_0 Naoto (TV Head)
N700_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N700_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N702_0 Teddie (Human)
N703_0 Teddie (Bear)
N704_0 Teddie (Flat)
N705_0 Teddie (Human) Wearing lower Bear Suit
N706_0 Teddie (Bath Towel)
N707_0 Teddie (Drag)
N708_0 Teddie (Bear)
N709_0 Teddie (Human)
N710_0 Teddie (Yukata)
N711_0 Teddie (Bear)
N712_0 Teddie (Human)
N713_0 Teddie (Bear)
N714_0 Teddie (Junes Apron) Shopping Basket of Snacks
N715_0 Teddie (Bear)
N716_0 Teddie (Bear)
N718_0 Teddie (Bear)
N719_0 Teddie (Bear)
N720_0 Teddie (Human)
N721_0 Teddie (Human) Talking Pose?
N722_0 Teddie (Human) No shoes
N723_0 Teddie (Human)
N724_0 Teddie (Bear)
N725_0 Teddie (Bear) Party Hat
N726_0 Teddie (Human) No shoes
N727_0 Teddie (Bear)
N728_0 Teddie (Bear)
N729_0 Teddie (Human)
N730_0 Teddie (Bear)
N731_0 Teddie (Umbrella)
N732_0 Teddie (Human)
N733_0 Teddie (Human)
N734_0 Teddie (Flat)
N735_0 Teddie (Human)
N736_0 Teddie (Bear)
N737_0 Teddie (Human)
N738_0 Teddie (Bear)
N739_0 Teddie (Bear)
N740_0 Teddie (Human)
N741_0 Teddie (Bear)
N742_0 Teddie (Human) No shoes
N743_0 Teddie (Bear)
N745_0 Teddie (Mid Winter Casual)
N746_0 Teddie (Mid Winter Casual)
N747_0 Teddie (Swimsuit) Swimming Wheel
N748_0 Teddie (Swimsuit)
N749_0 Teddie (Bear)
N750_0 Teddie (Bear) Skis
N751_0 Teddie (Bear)
N752_0 Teddie (Bear) Halloween Costume
N753_0 Teddie (Epilogue)
N754_0 Teddie (Epilogue) No shoes
N755_0 Teddie (Mid Winter Casual)
N756_0 Teddie (Bear) Roller Skates
N757_0 Teddie (Mid Winter Casual)
N758_0 Teddie (Bear) Quiz Outfit
N759_0 Teddie (Mid Winter Casual)
N760_0 Teddie (Bear) covered in snow / skis
N761_0 Teddie (Bear) Drums / Tambourine no textures
N799_0 Teddie (TV Head)
N800_0 Teddie (Bear)
N801_0 Fox
N802_0 Fox
N900_0 Fox
N1001_0 Narukami (Ski Gear)
N1002_0 Narukami (Ski Gear) Skis
N1003_0 Narukami (Mid Winter Casual) Huge Snowball
N1004_0 Narukami (Winter Casual) Letter and lighter
N1005_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) Paper
N1005_2 Narukami (Summer Casual) Paper
N1005_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Paper
N1005_4 Narukami (Winter Casual) Paper
N1005_5 Narukami (Mid Winter Uniform) Paper
N1005_6 Narukami (Mid Winter Casual) Paper
N1006_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) Guitar
N1006_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Guitar
N1007_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N1007_5 Narukami (Mid Winter Uniform)
N1008_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N1008_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N1008_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N1008_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N1008_5 Narukami (Mid Winter Uniform)
N1008_6 Narukami (Mid Winter Casual)
N1009_0 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N1010_0 Narukami (Swimtrunks)
N1011_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N1011_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N1011_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N1011_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N1012_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) Scooter / Bug net
N1012_2 Narukami (Summer Casual) Scooter / Bug net
N1012_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Scooter / Bug net
N1012_4 Narukami (Winter Casual) Scooter / Bug net
N1012_5 Narukami (Mid Winter Uniform) Scooter / Bug net
N1012_6 Narukami (Mid Winter Casual) Scooter / Bug net
N1013_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N1014_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N1014_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N1014_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N1014_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N1015_0 Narukami (Hallowen Costume)
N1016_0 Narukami (Epilogue)
N1017_0 Narukami (Epilogue) / Luggage
N1018_0 Narukami (Epilogue) / Phone
N1019_0 Narukami (Epilogue) No shoes
N1020_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) / Bug net
N1020_2 Narukami (Summer Casual) / Bug net
N1020_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) / Bug net
N1020_4 Narukami (Winter Casual) / Bug net
N1020_5 Narukami (Mid Winter Uniform) / Bug net
N1020_6 Narukami (Mid Winter Casual) / Bug net
N1021_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N1022_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N1023_0 Narukami (Winter Casual) / Chopsticks / Milk
N1024_0 Narukami (Mid Winter Casual)
N1025_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N1026_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N1026_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N1026_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N1026_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N1026_5 Narukami (Mid Winter Uniform)
N1026_6 Narukami (Mid Winter Casual)
N1027_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) Scooter / Lights on
N1027_2 Narukami (Summer Casual) Scooter / Lights on
N1027_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Scooter / Lights on
N1027_4 Narukami (Winter Casual) Scooter / Lights on
N1027_5 Narukami (Mid Winter Uniform) Scooter / Lights on
N1027_6 Narukami (Mid Winter Casual) Scooter / Lights on
N1028_0 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N1029_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Guitar No Textures
N1030_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N1031_5 Narukami (Mid Winter Uniform)
N1031_6 Narukami (Mid Winter Casual)
N1032_0 Narukami (Mid Winter Uniform)
N1033_0 Narukami (Mid Winter Uniform)
N1100_0 Narukami (TV Head)
N1551_2 Nanako (Summer)
N1551_4 Nanako (Winter)
N1551_6 Nanako (Mid Winter)
N1552_0 Nanako (Winter) Backpack
N1553_0 Nanako (Yukata)
N1554_0 Nanako (Bath Towel)
N1555_0 Nanako (Hospital Bed) Blanket/Laying Down
N1556_2 Nanako (Summer)
N1556_4 Nanako (Winter)
N1556_6 Nanako (Mid Winter)
N1557_2 Nanako (Summer) No shoes
N1557_4 Nanako (Winter) No shoes
N1558_0 Nanako (Winter) Backpack
N1559_0 Nanako (Winter) No shoes
N1560_2 Nanako (Winter) No shoes
N1560_4 Nanako (Winter) No shoes
N1561_0 Nanako (Winter) Platypus Shirt
N1562_0 Nanako (Winter) No shoes / Orange Juice?
N1563_0 Nanako (Winter)
N1564_0 Nanako (Winter) No shoes / Kotatsu
N1565_0 Nanako (Winter)
N1566_2 Nanako (Summer) No shoes
N1566_4 Nanako (Winter) No shoes
N1567_0 Nanako (Summer) No shoes
N1568_0 Nanako (Winter) Plate of food
N1569_0 Nanako (Winter)
N1570_2 Nanako (Summer)
N1570_4 Nanako (Winter)
N1570_6 Nanako (Mid Winter)
N1571_0 Nanako (Winter)
N1572_0 Nanako (Summer) No shoes
N1573_0 Nanako (Summer) No shoes / Orange Juice?
N1574_2 Nanako (Summer)
N1574_4 Nanako (Winter)
N1575_0 Nanako (Mid Winter)
N1576_0 Nanako (Winter)
N1590_2 Nanako (Summer) No shoes
N1590_4 Nanako (Winter) No shoes
N1591_2 Nanako (Summer) No shoes
N1591_4 Nanako (Winter) No shoes
N1592_0 Nanako (Epilogue)
N1593_1 Nanako (Summer) / Book
N1593_3 Nanako (Winter) / Book
N1594_2 Nanako (Summer)
N1594_4 Nanako (Winter)
N1594_6 Nanako (Mid Winter)
N1595_0 Nanako (Winter)
N1600_0 Nanako (TV Head)
N1601_0 Dojima (Jacket)
N1602_0 Dojima (Jacket) No shoes
N1603_0 Dojima (Hospital Gown)
N1604_0 Dojima (No shoes)
N1605_0 Dojima (No shoes) Soda / Cellphone
N1606_0 Dojima (No shoes) Junes shopping bag
N1607_0 Dojima (No shoes) Newspaper
N1608_0 Dojima (Jacket)
N1609_0 Dojima (No shoes)
N1610_0 Dojima (Jacket)
N1611_0 Dojima (No shoes)
N1612_0 Dojima (Jacket)
N1613_0 Dojima (Jacket)
N1614_0 Dojima (Jacket) Umbrella
N1615_0 Dojima (Hospital Gown) Wheelchair
N1616_0 Dojima (Hospital Gown) Bedcover
N1617_0 Dojima (Jacket)
N1618_0 Dojima (Jacket)
N1619_0 Dojima (Jacket)
N1620_0 Dojima (No shoes) Newspaper
N1621_0 Dojima (Jacket) No shoes
N1622_0 Dojima (No shoes)
N1622_0 Dojima
N1640_0 Dojima (No shoes)
N1641_0 Dojima (No shoes)
N1650_0 Dojima (TV Head)
N1640_0 Dojima (No shoes)
N1651_0 Sayoko (Clipboard)
N1701_1 Kou (Summer Uniform)
N1701_3 Kou (Winter Uniform)
N1702_0 Kou (Summer Casual)
N1703_0 Kou (Tracksuit)
N1704_0 Kou (Basketball Uniform)
N1705_0 Kou (Tracksuit) Basketball
N1706_0 Kou (Basketball Uniform) Basketball
N1707_0 Kou (Summer Casual) No shoes
N1708_0 Kou (Summer Casual)
N1709_1 Kou (Summer Uniform)
N1709_3 Kou (Winter Uniform)
N1710_0 Kou (Winter Uniform) Briefcase
N1751_0 Daisuke (Tracksuit)
N1752_0 Daisuke (Soccer Uniform)
N1753_0 Daisuke (Basketball Uniform)
N1754_0 Daisuke (Soccer Uniform) Soccer ball
N1755_0 Daisuke (Tracksuit) No shoes
N1756_0 Daisuke (Tracksuit)
N1757_0 Daisuke (Tracksuit)
N1801_1 Naoki (Summer Uniform)
N1801_3 Naoki (Winter Uniform)
N1802_1 Naoki (Summer Uniform)
N1802_3 Naoki (Winter Uniform)
N1803_1 Naoki (Summer Uniform) Umbrella
N1803_3 Naoki (Winter Uniform) Umbrella
N1804_0 Naoki (Winter Uniform)
N1805_1 Naoki (Summer Uniform)
N1805_3 Naoki (Winter Uniform)
N1806_0 Naoki (Winter Uniform) Briefcase
N1851_0 Hisano
N1951_1 Ai (Summer Uniform)
N1951_3 Ai (Winter Uniform)
N1952_0 Ai (Summer Casual)
N1953_0 Ai (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N1954_0 Ai (Summer Casual) No shoes
N1955_0 Ai (Summer Casual)
N1956_1 Ai (Summer Uniform)
N1956_3 Ai (Winter Uniform)
N1957_1 Ai (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N1957_3 Ai (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N1958_0 Ai (Winter Uniform) Briefcase
N2001_0 Shu
N2002_0 Shu (No shoes)
N2051_0 Eri
N2101_1 Yumi (Summer Uniform)
N2101_3 Yumi (Winter Uniform)
N2102_0 Yumi (Casual)
N2103_1 Yumi (Summer Uniform)
N2103_3 Yumi (Winter Uniform)
N2104_0 Yumi (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N2105_0 Yumi (Casual) No shoes
N2106_0 Yumi (Casual)
N2107_1 Yumi (Summer Uniform)
N2107_3 Yumi (Winter Uniform)
N2108_1 Yumi (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N2108_3 Yumi (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N2109_- Yumi (Winter Uniform) Briefcase
N2151_1 Ayane (Summer Uniform)
N2151_3 Ayane (Winter Uniform)
N2152_0 Ayane (Casual)
N2153_1 Ayane (Summer Uniform) Trumpet
N2153_3 Ayane (Winter Uniform) Trumpet
N2154_0 Ayane (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N2155_0 Ayane (Casual) No shoes
N2156_0 Ayane (Casual)
N2157_1 Ayane (Summer Uniform)
N2157_3 Ayane (Winter Uniform)
N2158_1 Ayane (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N2158_3 Ayane (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N2201_0 Izanami (Moel Uniform)
N2202_0 Izanami (Goddess)
N2251_2 Child
N2251_4 Child
N2251_6 Child (Mid Winter)
N2301_0 Woman (Narukami's Mother?) No shoes
N2351_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Conducting wand?
N2351_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Conducting wand?
N2352_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N2352_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N2401_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Trumpet
N2401_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Trumpet
N2402_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N2402_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N2451_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Cello
N2451_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Cello
N2452_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N2452_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N2501_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Trombone
N2501_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Trombone
N2502_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N2502_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N2551_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Trumpet
N2551_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Trumpet
N2552_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N2552_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N2601_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform) Flute
N2601_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform) Flute
N2602_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N2602_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N2651_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform) Flute
N2651_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform) Flute
N2652_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N2652_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N2701_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform) Clarinet / Glasses
N2701_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform) Clarinet / Glasses
N2702_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N2702_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N2751_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform) Clarinet
N2751_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform) Clarinet
N2752_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N2752_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N2801_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Violin
N2801_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Violin
N2802_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N2802_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N2851_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform) Violin
N2851_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform) Violin
N2852_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N2852_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N2901_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Trumpet
N2901_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Trumpet
N2951_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform) Flute
N2951_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform) Flute
N3001_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform) Violin
N3001_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform) Violin
N3101_0 Basketball Player
N3102_0 Basketball Player (Ball)
N3151_0 Basketball Player


This is a mostly complete list of the RMD files contained in Persona 4's NPC2 folder. Some of them share similar names, and other may be mislabeled or even missing.

Name Model
N3251_0 Basketball Player (Opposing team)
N3252_0 Basketball Player (Opposing team) Ball
N3301_0 Basketball Player (Opposing team)
N3351_0 Basketball Player (Opposing team) Glasses
N3401_0 Soccer Player
N3402_0 Soccer Player (Ball)
N3451_0 Soccer Player
N3501_0 Soccer Player (Opposing team)
N3502_0 Soccer Player (Opposing team) Ball
N3551_0 Soccer Player (Opposing team)
N3751_0 Man in Apron (Takoyaki seller?)
N3801_0 Gekkoukan Principal
N3851_0 Chihiro Fushimi (Winter Uniform)
N3951_0 Morooka
N3952_0 Morooka
N4001_0 Mr. Hosoi (Glasses) Yamada?
N4051_0 Ms. Sofue (Pharoah Teacher) Divining Pole
N4101_0 Mr. Kondo (Gym Teacher)
N4151_0 Mr. Edogawa
N4201_0 Mr. Yamada (Geography Teacher) >Hosoi?
N4251_0 Ms. Kashiwagi
N4252_0 Ms. Kashiwagi (Yukata) Futon
N4253_0 Ms. Kashiwagi (Swimsuit)
N4301_0 Mrs. Nakayama (Math Teacher)
N4351_0 Yaso-Inaba Principal
N4451_0 Old Man Daidara (Blacksmith)
N4476_0 Old Lady Shiroku
N4477_0 Old Lady Shiroku (after dark)
N4501_0 Aiya Owner
N4502_0 Aiya Owner
N4551_0 Kanji's Mother
N4552_0 Kanji's Mother (Parasol)
N4553_0 Kanji's Mother (no shoes)
N4601_0 Rise's Grandmother
N4651_0 Mayumi Yamano
N4701_0 Hanako (Winter Uniform)
N4702_0 Hanako (Tracksuit)
N4703_0 Hanako (Tracksuit) No shoes
N4704_0 Hanako (Swimsuit)
N4705_0 Hanako (Yukata) Futon
N4706_0 Hanako (Summer Uniform)
N4801_0 Adachi
N4802_0 Adachi
N4803_0 Adachi (Umbrella)
N4804_0 Adachi (No shoes)
N4805_0 Adachi
N4806_0 Adachi
N4807_0 Adachi
N4808_0 Adachi
N4809_0 Adachi
N4810_0 Adachi
N4811_0 Adachi
N4812_0 Adachi
N4813_0 Adachi (Gun)
N4814_0 Adachi
N4815_0 Adachi (No shoes)
N4816_0 Adachi (No shoes)
N4850_0 Adachi (TV head)
N4851_0 Saki (Winter Uniform)
N4852_0 Saki (Junes Apron)
N4901_0 Namatame (Casual)
N4902_0 Namatame (Hospital Gown)
N4903_0 Namatame (Delivery Uniform)
N4904_0 Namatame (Hospital Gown) Blanket
N4905_0 Namatame (Casual) No shoes
N4906_0 Namatame (Casual) Umbrella
N4951_0 Igor
N5001_0 Margaret (Compendium)
N5002_0 Margaret (Compendium)
N5051_0 Marie
N5052_0 Marie
N5053_0 Marie (No shoes)
N5054_0 Marie (Kusumi-no-Okami)
N5055_0 Marie
N5056_0 Marie
N5057_0 Marie (no hat and bag)
N5058_0 Marie (no hat and bag)
N5059_0 Marie
N5076_0 Mitsuo (Casual)
N5077_0 Mitsuo (School Uniform)
N5100_0 Marie (TV head)
N5101_0 Pervert Photgrapher
N5151_0 Shadow Yosuke
N5201_0 Shadow Chie
N5251_0 Shadow Yukiko
N5252_0 Shadow Yukiko
N5301_0 Shadow Rise
N5302_0 Shadow Rise
N5303_0 Shadow Rise (Gold Bikini) Midnight Channel
N5351_0 Shadow Kanji
N5352_0 Shadow Kanji
N5353_0 Shadow Kanji (Flamboyant) Midnight Channel
N5401_0 Shadow Naoto
N5402_0 Shadow Naoto
N5403_0 Shadow Naoto (Midnight Channel)
N5451_0 Shadow Teddie
N5501_0 Shadow Mitsuo
N5502_0 Shadow Mitsuo
N5551_0 Shadow Namatame
N5552_0 Shadow Namatame
N5601_0 Shadow Adachi
N5602_0 Shadow Adachi
N5603_0 Shadow Adachi
N5661_0 Shadow Chie (Awakened)
N5671_0 Shadow Yukiko (Awakened)
N5681_0 Shadow Kanji (Awakened)
N5691_0 Shadow Rise (Awakened)
N5711_0 Shadow Mitsuo (Baby Form) Awakened
N5721_0 Shadow Naoto
N5741_0 Ameno-sagiri
N5751_0 Izanami-no-Okami
N5761_0 Spectre in Hoody (Unused?)
N5771_0 Kusumi-no-Okami
N6001_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6001_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6002_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6002_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6003_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6003_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6004_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6004_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6005_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6005_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6006_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6006_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6007_0 Student (Tracksuit)
N6008_0 Student (Tracksuit)
N6009_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6009_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6051_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6051_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6052_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6052_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6053_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6053_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6054_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6054_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6055_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6055_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6056_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6056_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6057_0 Student (Tracksuit)
N6058_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6058_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6101_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N6101_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N6102_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N6102_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N6103_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6103_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6151_1 Heavy Student (Summer Uniform)
N6151_3 Heavy Student (Winter Uniform)
N6201_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6201_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6202_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6202_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6203_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6203_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6204_0 Student (Tracksuit)
N6205_0 Student (Tracksuit)
N6251_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N6251_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N6252_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N6252_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N6253_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N6253_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N6301_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6301_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6302_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6302_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6303_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6303_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6304_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6304_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6305_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6305_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6306_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6306_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6351_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6351_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6352_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6352_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6353_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6353_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6354_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6354_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6401_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N6401_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N6402_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N6402_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N6451_1 Heavy Student (Summer Uniform)
N6451_3 Heavy Student (Winter Uniform)
N6501_1 Funky Student (Summer Uniform)
N6501_3 Funky Student (Winter Uniform)
N6551_1 Student ? (Summer Uniform)
N6551_3 Student ? (Winter Uniform)
N6552_1 Student ? (Summer Uniform)
N6552_3 Student ? (Winter Uniform)
N6601_1 Student ? (Summer Uniform)
N6601_3 Student ? (Winter Uniform)
N6602_1 Student ? (Summer Uniform)
N6602_3 Student ? (Winter Uniform)
N6651_0 Male/Female Students(Winter Uniform) Glitch
N6701_0 Male/Female Students(Tracksuit) Glitchy
N6751_1 Tan Student (Summer Uniform)
N6751_3 Tan Student (Winter Uniform)
N6901_0 Pageant Announcer (Winter Uniform)
N7601_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7601_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7602_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7602_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7603_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7603_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7604_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7604_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7605_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7605_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7606_0 F. Student (Tracksuit)
N7607_0 F. Student (Tracksuit)
N7651_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7651_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7652_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7652_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7653_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7653_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7654_0 F. Student (Tracksuit)
N7655_0 F. Student (Tracksuit)
N7701_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7701_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7702_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7702_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7703_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7703_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7704_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7704_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7705_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7705_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7751_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7751_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7752_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7752_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7753_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7753_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7801_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7801_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7802_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7802_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7803_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7803_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7804_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7804_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7805_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7805_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7806_0 F. Student (Tracksuit)
N7851_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N7851_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N7852_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N7852_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N7853_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N7853_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N7901_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7901_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7902_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7902_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7903_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7903_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7904_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7904_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7905_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7905_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7906_0 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7951_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7951_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7952_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7952_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7953_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7953_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N8001_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N8001_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N8051_1 F. Student? (Summer Uniform)
N8051_3 F. Student? (Winter Uniform)
N8101_1 F. Student? (Summer Uniform)
N8101_3 F. Student? (Winter Uniform)
N8151_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N8151_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N8201_0 Housewife
N8251_0 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N8301_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N8301_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N8351_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N8351_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform) Tracksuit pants
N8401_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N8401_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform) Tracksuit pants
N9201_2 Student (Summer Casual)
N9201_4 Student (Winter Casual)
N9202_2 Student? (Summer Casual)
N9202_4 Student? (Winter Casual)
N9203_2 Student (Summer Casual)
N9203_4 Student (Winter Casual) Scarf
N9251_2 Student (Summer Casual)
N9251_4 Student (Winter Casual) Scarf
N9252_2 Student (Summer Casual) Umbrella
N9252_4 Student (Winter Casual) Umbrella
N9301_2 Student (Summer Casual) Hat
N9301_4 Student (Winter Casual) Hat
N9302_2 Student (Summer Casual) Hat
N9302_4 Student (Winter Casual) Hat
N9303_2 Student (Summer Casual) Hat
N9303_4 Student (Winter Casual) Hat
N9304_2 Student (Summer Casual) Hat / Umbrella
N9304_4 Student (Winter Casual) Hat / Umbrella
N9305_2 Student (Summer Casual) Hat / some drink
N9305_4 Student (Winter Casual) Hat / some drink
N9401_2 Student (Summer Casual)
N9401_4 Student (Winter Casual)
N9402_0 Student (Summer Casual)
N9451_0 Young Man
N9501_0 Young Man (Hat)
N9551_0 Teenager
N9601_0 Cool Guy
N10801_2 Young Woman (Summer)
N10801_4 Young Woman (Winter)
N10802_2 Young Woman? (Summer)
N10802_4 Young Woman? (Winter)
N10803_2 Young Woman (Summer)
N10803_4 Young Woman (Winter)
N10804_0 Young Woman (Summer)
N10851_2 Teen Girl (Summer)
N10851_4 Teen Girl (Winter)
N10851_6 Teen Girl (Mid Winter)
N10852_2 Teen Girl (Summer)
N10852_4 Teen Girl (Winter)
N10853_2 Teen Girl (Summer)
N10853_4 Teen Girl? (Winter)
N10854_0 Teen Girl (Mid Winter)
N10855_0 Teen Girl (Summer)
N10901_2 Housewife
N10901_4 Teen Girl (Winter)
N10951_0 Young Woman
N11001_0 Housewife
N11101_0 Housewife (Gas Mask)
N11151_0 Woman (Gas Mask)
N11201_0 Man (Gas Mask)
N11251_0 Businessman (Gas Mask)
N11301_0 Young Man (Gas Mask)
N11351_0 Student (Gas Mask)
N11401_2 Middle-age Man (Summer)
N11401_4 Middle-age Man (Winter)
N11401_2 Middle-age Man (Summer) Umbrella
N11401_4 Middle-age Man (Winter) Umbrella
N11402_2 Middle-age Man (Summer) Umbrella
N11402_4 Middle-age Man (Winter) Umbrella
N11403_2 Middle-age Man (Summer) some drink
N11403_4 Middle-age Man (Winter) some drink
N11404_0 Middle-age Man (Summer)
N11451_2 Middle-age Woman (Summer)
N11451_4 Middle-age Woman (Winter)
N11501_0 Doctor
N11551_0 Nurse
N11601_0 Nurse
N11701_0 Farmer
N11751_0 Gardner
N11801_0 Farmer
N12351_0 Female Gardner
N12401_0 Hazmat Suit
N12451_0 Hazmat Suit
N12501_0 Businessman
N12503_0 Businessman (Umbrella)
N12551_0 Inoue (Rise's Manager)
N12552_0 Inoue (Rise's Manager) some drink
N12601_0 Businesswoman
N12651_6 Housewife
N12651_6 Housewife
N12651_6 Housewife (Mid Winter)
N12652_0 Housewife Umbrella
N12653_0 Housewife Groceries
N12701_2 Housewife
N12701_4 Housewife
N12701_6 Housewife (Mid Winter)
N12702_0 30-ish Housewife
N12751_0 Housewife (Groceries)
N12801_2 Child (Summer)
N12801_4 Child (Winter)
N12801_6 Child (Mid Winter)
N12802_2 Child Summer Yellow Umbrella
N12802_4 Child Winter Yellow Umbrella
N12803_0 Child
N12804_0 Child
N12851_2 F. Child (Summer)
N12851_4 F. Child (Winter)
N12851_6 F. Child (Mid Winter)
N12852_2 F. Child (Summer) Umbrella
N12852_4 F. Child (Winter) Umbrella
N12853_0 F. Child
N12901_2 Elderly Man (Summer)
N12901_4 Elderly Man (Winter)
N12901_6 Elderly Man (Mid Winter)
N12902_2 Elderly Man (Summer)
N12902_4 Elderly Man (Winter)
N12903_2 Elderly Man (Summer) some drink
N12903_4 Elderly Man (Winter) some drink
N12904_0 Elderly Man (Summer)
N12951_2 Elderly Woman (Summer)
N12951_4 Elderly Woman (Winter)
N12951_6 Elderly Woman (Mid Winter)
N13001_0 Dog (Brown fur)
N13051_0 Dog (Grey Fur)
N13151_0 Cat (Orange)
N13152_0 Cat (Orange)
N13201_0 Cat (Black spotted)
N13202_0 Cat (Black spotted)
N13251_0 Cat (Tiger stripped)
N13351_0 Police Officer
N13352_0 Police Officer (Raincoat)
N13353_0 Police Officer
N13401_2 Child (Summer)
N13401_4 Child (Winter)
N13451_2 F. Child (Summer)
N13451_4 F. Child (Winter)
N13451_6 F. Child (Mid Winter)
N13501_2 Child (Summer)
N13501_4 Child (Winter)
N13501_6 Child (Mid Winter)
N13551_2 F. Child (Summer)
N13551_4 F. Child (Winter)
N13551_6 F. Child (Mid Winter)
N13601_0 Police Officer
N13602_0 Police Officer (Raincoat)
N13603_0 Police Officer
N13604_0 Police Officer
N13651_0 Woman (Yukata)
N13701_0 Lady (Yukata)
N13751_0 Woman (Yukata)
N13801_2 Young Man (Summer) Hat
N13801_4 Young Man (Winter) Hat
N13851_2 Young Woman (Summer)
N13851_4 Young Woman (Winter)
N13901_0 Middle-Age Man (Winter)
N14001_0 Young Lady
N14051_0 Woman
N14101_0 Teenage Girl
N14151_1 Student (Summer) Glasses
N14151_3 Student (Winter) Glasses
N14201_1 F. Student (Summer) Glasses
N14201_3 F. Student (Winter) Glasses
N14251_1 F. Student (Summer)
N14251_3 F. Student (Winter)
N14301_1 F. Student (Summer) Glasses
N14301_3 F. Student (Winter) Glasses
N14351_1 F. Student (Summer)
N14351_3 F. Student (Winter)
N14401_0 Hospital Patient
N14451_0 Middle-Age Woman
N14501_0 Businessman
N14502_0 Businessman (Umbrella)
N14551_0 Woman (Yukata) Kasai?
N14601_0 Businessman
N14651_0 Yakushiji? (Naoto's Butler)
N14701_2 Teenage Girl
N14701_4 Teenage Girl
N14701_6 Teenage Girl (Mid Winter)
N14751_2 Teenage Girl
N14751_4 Teenage Girl
N14751_6 Teenage Girl (Winter)
N14801_2 Housewife
N14801_4 Housewife
N14801_6 Housewife (Mid Winter)
N14851_0 Businessman
N14901_2 Child
N14901_4 Child
N14901_6 Child (Mid Winter)
N14951_0 Fox Pup
N15001_0 Fox Pup
N15051_0 Fox Pup
N15101_0 Young Woman
N15102_0 Young Woman
N15152_0 Young Woman
N15151_0 Teenage Girl
N15201_0 Teenager
N15202_0 Teenager
N15251_0 Middle age barista
N15300_0 Old Woman
N15351_0 Businessman
N15361_0 Female Gardener?
N15362_0 Female Gardener? Umbrella
N15371_0 Woman in white (Shrine)
N16001_1 Student (Summer) Briefcase
N16001_3 Student (Winter) Briefcase
N16002_1 Student (Summer) Umbrella / Briefcase
N16002_3 Student (Winter) Umbrella / Briefcase
N16051_1 Student(Summer)Briefcase/Glasses
N16051_3 Student(Winter)Briefcase/Glasses
N16052_1 Student(Summer)Umbrella/Briefcase/Glasses
N16052_3 Student(Winter)Umbrella/Briefcase/Glasses
N17001_1 F. Student (Summer) Briefcase
N17001_3 F. Student (Winter) Briefcase
N17002_1 F. Student (Summer) Briefcase / Umbrella
N17002_3 F. Student (Winter) Briefcase / Umbrella
N17051_1 F. Student (Summer) Duffelbag
N17051_3 F. Student (Winter) Duffelbag
N17052_1 F. Student (Summer) Duffelbag / Umbrella
N17052_3 F. Student (Winter) Duffelbag / Umbrella
N17101_1 Student? (Summer)
N17101_3 Student? (Winter)
N17102_1 Student? (Summer)
N17102_3 Student? (Winter)
N17151_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Backpack
N17151_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Backpack
N17152_1 Student (Summer Uniform)Backpack/Umbrella
N17152_3 Sutdent (Winter Uniform) Backpack/Umbrella
N17201_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Backpack
N17201_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Backpack
N17202_1 Student (Summer Uniform)Backpack/Umbrella
N17202_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Backpack/Umbrella
N17251_1 F.Student (Summer Uniform) Briefcase
N17251_3 F.Student (Winter Uniform) Briefcase
N17252_1 F.Student(Summer) Briefcase/Umbrella
N17252_3 F.Student(Winter) Briefcase/Umbrella
N17301_1 F.Student(Summer)Briefcase/Glasses
N17301_3 F.Student(Winter)Briefcase/Glasses
N17302_1 F.Student(Summer)Briefcase/Umb/Glasses
N17302_3 F.Student(Winter)Briefcase/Umb/Glasses
N17351_1 F.Student (Summer) Shoulderbag
N17351_3 F.Student (Winter) Shoulderbag
N17352_1 F.Student(Summer)Shoulderbag/Umbrella
N17352_3 F.Student(Winter)Shoulderbag/Umbrella
N17701_1 Student (Summer) Bicycle
N17701_3 Student (Winter) Bicycle
N17751_1 F. Student (Summer) Bicycle
N17751_3 F. Student (Winter) Bicycle
N17801_2 Young Woman (Summer) Bicycle
N17801_4 Young Woman (Summer 2) Bicycle
N17851_2 Housewife Bicycle
N17851_4 Housewife Bicycle
N17851_6 Housewife (Mid Winter) Bicycle
N17901_1 Student (Winter Uniform)
N17901_2 Student (Winter Casual)
N17901_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N17901_4 Student (Winter Casual)
N17951_1 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N17951_2 F. Student (Winter Casual)
N17951_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N17951_4 F. Student (Winter Casual)
N18001_0 Young Man
N18051_0 Young Woman
N18101_0 Middle-Age Man
N18151_0 Middle-Age Woman
N18201_0 Yukiko's Castle (Midnight Channel)
N18202_0 Kanji's Bathhouse (Midnight Channel)
N18203_0 Rise's Stripclub (Midnight Channel)
N18204_0 Mitsuo's Game (Midnight Channel)
N18205_0 Naoto's Laboratory (Midnight Channel)
N18206_0 Live! icon?
N18207_0 Live! icon?
N18801_0 Izanagi
N18851_0 Jiraiya
N18901_0 Tomoe
N18951_0 Konohana-Sakuya
N19001_0 Take-Mikazuchi
N19051_0 Himiko
N19101_0 Sukuna-Hikona
N19151_0 Kintoki-Doji
N19201_0 Izanagi-no-Okami
N19251_0 Susano-O
N19301_0 Suzuka-Gongen
N19351_0 Amaterasu
N19401_0 Rokuten-Mao
N19451_0 Kanzeon
N19501_0 Yamato-Takeru
N19551_0 Kamui
N19601_0 Takehaya Susano-o
N19651_0 Haraedo-no-Okami
N19701_0 Sumeo-Okam
N19751_0 Takeji Zaiten
N19801_0 Kouzeon
N19851_0 Yamato Sumeragi
N19901_0 Kamui-Moshiri
N20101_0 Toast and Coffee
N20151_0 Toaster with Toast
N20201_0 Tea? Some kind of cylander...
N20251_0 Sushi tray
N20301_0 Sushi plate
N20351_0 Trial of the Dragon
N20401_0 Newspaper
N20451_0 Junes bag
N20501_0 Bicycle
N20551_0 Grill with steak?
N20601_0 Grill with steak?
N20651_0 Grill?
N20701_0 ATLUS brand Persona soda can
N20751_0 Omelette with ketchup
N20801_0 Plain Omelette
N20851_0 Weird Omelette
N20901_0 Spicy Omelette
N20951_0 Curry
N21001_0 Shopping Cart
N21051_0 Namatame's Profile?
N21101_0 Dipping Sauces?
N21151_0 King's Game Chopsticks and Cup
N21201_0 Curry
N21251_0 Soup?
N21301_0 Soup on Squid tray?
N21351_0 Odd Junes food? Also, a soda cup
N21401_0 Unknown meal
N21451_0 Another unknown meal
N21501_0 Rice bowl?
N21551_0 Rice bowl and squid tray?
N21601_0 Rice bowl and squid tray?
N21651_0 Soup and squid tray?
N21701_0 Grocery bag and groceries
N21751_0 Fork!
N21801_0 Butterknife
N21851_0 Spoon
N21901_0 Chopsticks?
N21951_0 Chopsticks?
N22001_0 Tofu
N22051_0 Eggs and sausage
N22101_0 Toast and Coffee
N22151_0 Briefcase
N22201_0 Briefcase
N22251_0 Textbooks and pencil
N22301_0 More Textbooks
N22351_0 Even more textbooks
N22401_0 Coffee?
N22451_0 Remote
N22452_0 Remote
N22501_0 Ramen Bowl
N22502_0 Ramen Bowl
N22551_0 Ramen Bowl
N22552_0 Ramen Bowl
N22601_0 Ramen Bowl
N22651_0 Ramen Bowl
N22701_0 A single yen banknote
N22751_0 Grill and table
N22801_0 Black car
N22802_0 Dojima's Car
N22851_0 Unkown food
N22901_0 Some kind of bottled tea?
N22951_0 Unkown Soda can
N23001_0 Chocolate Milk?
N23051_0 Melon Cream Soda bottle
N23101_0 Shopping basket with snacks?
N23151_0 Duffelbag
N23201_0 Namatame's Delivery Truck
N23202_0 Crashed Namatame's Delivery Truck
N23251_0 Book?
N23301_0 Stack of books
N23351_0 Bento?
N23401_0 Bento?
N23451_0 Pop can
N23501_0 Pop can
N23551_0 Animal Crackers?
N23601_0 Cup of Beer?
N23651_0 Textbooks. Lots of them
N23701_0 Snacks
N23751_0 Umbrella
N23801_0 Persona Card?
N23851_0 No clue. Very Glitchy.
N23861_0 More glitchiness.
N23871_0 Yay, more glitches!
N23881_0 Persona Card?
N23891_0 Persona Card?
N23901_0 Persona Card?
N23911_0 Photo of rise in a conference
N23921_0 Gag Glasses
N23931_0 Kotatsu?
N23932_0 Kotatsu?
N23933_0 Kotatsu?
N23934_0 Kotatsu?
N23935_0 Kotatsu?
N23936_0 Kotatsu?
N23937_0 Kotatsu?
N23941_0 Junes art supplies
N23951_0 Junes bag of groceries
N23961_0 Christmas cake
N23971_0 Platypus Shirt
N23981_0 Princess Yukiko's Hunt For Her Prince Charming!
N23982_0 Men Only!! Kanji Tatsumi in RosySteamParadise
N23983_0 Maru-Q Midsummer Night's Dream Special
N23991_0 Vehicle
N24001_0 Newspaper clutter
N24011_0 Empty bowls
N24021_0 Small Fish
N24031_0 Fish
N24041_0 Larger Fish
N24051_0 Gold Fish
N24061_0 Gross long fish
N24071_0 Large Fish
N24072_0 Very Large Fish
N24073_0 2 untextured squares forming a tent shape
N24081_0 Food trays in bag
N24091_0 Food trays in bag
N24101_0 Ramen dish in bag
N24111_0 Ramen dish in bag
N24121_0 Soup bowl in tray
N24131_0 Soup bowl
N24141_0 Soup bowl
N24151_0 Bento?
N24161_0 Separated bowl?
N24171_0 Soup bowl / separated bowl
N24181_0 Soup bowl / tray?
N24191_0 Soup bowl / separated bowl
N24201_0 Shopping bag with groceries
N24211_0 Juice box
N24221_0 Yu Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N24231_0 Fancy food box
N24241_0 Fancy bowl with food
N24251_0 Bowl with food
N24261_0 Snowman base (appears pitch black)
N24271_0 Snowball
N24281_0 Piece of paper
N24291_0 (Very weird) lighter
N24301_0 Bowl with some black stuff (kyouhakujyou_kasu)
N24311_0 Origami? Flowers
N24321_0 Flower in a pot
N24331_0 4 school desk with instruments on them
N24341_0 Gong
N24351_0 Percussion
N24361_0 Timpani drums
N24371_0 One drum
N24381_0 Tablet music stand
N24391_0 Keyboard
N24401_0 Tambourine
N24411_0 Black guitar
N24421_0 Yellow guitar
N24431_0 Yu's Scooter
N24441_0 Bucket with garden tools (garden interaction)
N24451_0 Yosuke's Scooter
N24452_0 Yosuke's Scooter with animation of breaking
N24461_0 Kanji's bike
N24471_0 Fish (used when Yu catches one)
N24481_0 Tire
N24491_0 Statuette with a macho guy
N24501_0 Octopus (used when Yu catches one)
N24511_0 Big fish (used when Yu catches one)
N24521_0 Chie's scooter
N24531_0 Yukiko's scooter
N24541_0 Rise's scooter
N24551_0 Chie's blue scooter
N24561_0 Snowball with animation of being trown
N24562_0 Many snowballs being fired all at once
N24563_0 Many snowballs forming a pile
N24571_0 Couch
N24581_0 Nanako's valentines gift
N24591_0 Microphone
N24601_0 Open food box
N24611_0 Many snacks and drinks
N24620_0 Display with vegetables
N24630_0 Open black food box
N24640_0 Sara hasi? set
N24650_0 Grey bag with hearts on the side
N24660_0 Junes shopping bag (Yukiko's valentines gift)
N24670_0 2 untextured squares forming a tent shape
N24680_0 2 open chips bags
N24690_0 Fancy giant thing with sushi
N24700_0 Green scooter
N24710_0 White and brown scooter
N24720_0 Plate with tamagoyaki
N24730_0 Window with sun shining trough it
N24740_0 Beef on a stick
N24741_0 Plate with two beefs on a stick
N24742_0 Plate with two eaten beefs on a stick
N24750_0 Glass of beer?
N24760_0 Glass of tea
N24770_0 Vase? with water
N24780_0 Flyer with a cat
N24781_0 Pink Flyer full of hearts
N24782_0 Flyer with a sheep and rainbows
N24783_0 Flyer full of bows
N24784_0 Flyer with a night sky and a heart
N24790_0 Blender
N24800_0 Scooter textbook
N24810_0 Cup of coffee
N24810_0 Cup
N24811_0 Plate
N24820_0 Plate with a cup of coffee
N24830_0 Paper with animation of being thrown
N24840_0 Bus sign
N24841_0 2 Pinwheels
N24842_0 Bat decoration
N24843_0 Japanese sandals
N24844_0 Bench
N24845_0 Old school gun
N24846_0 Giant drill
N24850_0 Books and papers lying on the floor
N24860_0 Couple wooden planks
N24870_0 Voting box
N24880_0 White ski gear
N24890_0 Yellow snowboard
N24900_0 Orange snowboard
N24910_0 Pink ski gear
N24920_0 Purple ski gear
N24930_0 Black ski gear
N24940_0 Blue ski gear
N24950_0 Blue-white ski ger
N24960_0 Lantern
N24970_0 Black tv
N30001_0 Brown haired guy in blue ski gear
N30011_0 Brown haired guy in green winter outfit
N30051_0 Brown haired girl in pink winter outfit
N30061_0 Brown haired girl in purple winter outfit
N30151_0 Guy skiing in white winter outfit
N30201_0 Girl skiing in orange winter outfit
N30251_0 Guy in blue beach trunks
N30301_0 Girl in a blue swimsuit
N30311_0 Girl in a pink swimsuit
N30351_0 Girl in a pink yukata
N30361_0 Girl in a green yukata
N30401_0 Guy in a red shirt
N30411_0 Old man in the same red shirt
N30421_0 Woman in the same red shirt
N30431_0 Gekkou high male student siting
N30432_0 Gekkou high male student siting
N30433_0 Gekkou high male student siting with closed eyes
N30434_0 Gekkou high female student siting
N30435_0 Gekkou high female student siting
N30435_0 Gekkou high female student siting
N30436_0 Gekkou high female student siting
N30437_0 Gekkou high female student siting
N30438_0 Gekkou high female student siting
N30501_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N30502_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N30502_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N30503_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N30504_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N30505_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N30506_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N30507_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N30508_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N30509_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N30510_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N30511_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N30512_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N30513_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N30514_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N30515_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N30516_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N30517_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N30518_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N30519_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N30520_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
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