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Persona 4 Golden/data.cpk/model/pack/Characters
Location data.cpk
Size 174 MB
Contains PAC

The model/pack folder is a directory found in the data.cpk of Persona 4 Golden. It contains all the battle models for both player characters and enemies, in the form of AMD models contained in PAC files. This list contains only characters models sorted.


Preview Filename Character Costume
1ZoaHgd.png bc001.pac Protagonist Winter Yaso Outfit
g8QmZtF.png bc001_c1.pac Protagonist Summer Yaso Outfit
NIfpuc1.png bc001_c2.pac Protagonist Summer Clothes
JXq4UeF.png bc001_c3.pac Protagonist Winter Clothes
msL3qlt.png bc001_c4.pac Protagonist Gekkou Uniform
Zv6yb41.png bc001_c5.pac Protagonist Drag Costume
vFitM4B.png bc001_c6.pac Protagonist Cool Trunks
6Z4d0rw.png bc001_c7.pac Protagonist Yaso High Jersey
PC041Gf.png bc001_c8.pac Protagonist Cleaning Uniform
HWKibjQ.png bc001_c9.pac Protagonist Summer Clothes
bTlWL4F.png bc001_c10.pac Protagonist Festival Jinbei
mt9WgJ2.png bc001_c11.pac Protagonist Halloween Costume
5a5vmk5.png bc001_c12.pac Protagonist Midwinter Outfit
N6A9sVi.png bc001_c13.pac Protagonist Butler Suit
aaEC2lG.png bc001_c14.pac Protagonist Cheer Squad Outfit
lSdDUVS.png bc001_c15.pac Protagonist Deep Blue Clothes
SE2Z4Yd.png bc001_c16.pac Protagonist Hardboiled Look
dJ6jt0l.png bc001_c17.pac Protagonist Midwinter Yaso
uK8lq1a.png bc001_ca.pac Protagonist Neo Featherman Suit
2ZdmhHY.png bc001_cb.pac Protagonist Bath Towel
zCllZrA.png bc001_cc.pac Protagonist Agent Suit
5hiNOLP.png bc001_cd.pac Protagonist Gag Winter Outfit
FkxZ8GG.png bc001_ce.pac Protagonist Gag Summer Outfit
yy3xmwF.png bc001_cf.pac Protagonist Christmas Costume
x1gHOFz.png bc001_cff.pac Protagonist Winter Yasogami Uniform (no glasses)
GLYnozz.png bc002.pac Yosuke Winter Yaso Outfit
FvNJhr2.png bc002_c1.pac Yosuke Summer Yaso Outfit
xFJpYT9.png bc002_c2.pac Yosuke Summer Clothes
yHXk2QW.png bc002_c3.pac Yosuke Winter Clothes
ejMEXmc.png bc002_c4.pac Yosuke Gekkou Uniform
Kw2sBx3.png bc002_c5.pac Yosuke Drag Costume
ZfZGXR6.png bc002_c6.pac Yosuke Summer Trunks
980owN7.png bc002_c7.pac Yosuke Yaso High Jersey
dGYOGjV.png bc002_c8.pac Yosuke Junes Apron
i0RiiBw.png bc002_c10.pac Yosuke Festival Jinbei
pGhsUPl.png bc002_c11.pac Yosuke Halloween Costume
pGbfRdW.png bc002_c12.pac Yosuke Midwinter Outfit
rT1Q3CU.png bc002_c13.pac Yosuke Butler Suit
cpJIBXP.png bc002_c14.pac Yosuke Cheer Squad Outfit
0GuOrwY.png bc002_c15.pac Yosuke Deep Blue Clothes
sxGf0M2.png bc002_c16.pac Yosuke Junes Coveralls
47LlKgX.png bc002_c17.pac Yosuke Midwinter Yaso
Brs0qhW.png bc002_ca.pac Yosuke Neo Featherman Suit
ISOnVX4.png bc002_cb.pac Yosuke Bath Towel
9cJLLaL.png bc002_cc.pac Yosuke Agent Suit
Kv6AawD.png bc002_cd.pac Yosuke Gag Winter Outfit
jFyJLZU.png bc002_ce.pac Yosuke Gag Summer Outfit
geypDYv.png bc002_cf.pac Yosuke Christmas Costume
HUz3P1h.png bc003.pac Chie Winter Yaso Outfit
3L5yd3J.png bc003_c1.pac Chie Summer Yaso Outfit
P9TPSay.png bc003_c2.pac Chie Summer Clothes
4FR0Os9.png bc003_c3.pac Chie Winter Clothes
E93Qpvn.png bc003_c4.pac Chie Gekkou Uniform
zRzSmTs.png bc003_c6.pac Chie Striped Bikini
c0v3P8h.png bc003_c7.pac Chie Yaso High Jersey
JGqyZmM.png bc003_c8.pac Chie Track Suit
xbWml5R.png bc003_c9.pac Chie Fighter Armor
S2FKdrp.png bc003_c10.pac Chie Festival Yukata
RRSN73B.png bc003_c11.pac Chie Halloween Costume
5MUuQ6k.png bc003_c12.pac Chie Midwinter Outfit
W8wKl1O.png bc003_c13.pac Chie Maid Uniform
0t6ShdN.png bc003_c14.pac Chie Cheerleader Outfit
j1dGwon.png bc003_c15.pac Chie Deep Blue Clothes
Q6bAXoB.png bc003_c16.pac Chie Kung Fu Costume
PB0VdBl.png bc003_c17.pac Chie Midwinter Yaso
iQtXOyC.png bc003_ca.pac Chie Neo Featherman Suit
xnxaRMM.png bc003_cc.pac Chie Agent Suit
PgDBfXL.png bc003_cd.pac Chie Gag Winter Outfit
HP4yUqz.png bc003_ce.pac Chie Gag Summer Outfit
x6TJPB6.png bc003_cf.pac Chie Christmas Costume
38bKdA2.png bc004.pac Yukiko Winter Yaso Outfit
7idAIkd.png bc004_c1.pac Yukiko Summer Yaso Outfit
VpBhPhg.png bc004_c2.pac Yukiko Summer Clothes
C4uFWji.png bc004_c3.pac Yukiko Winter Clothes
EcwgyRu.png bc004_c4.pac Yukiko Gekkou Uniform
JvXeHso.png bc004_c6.pac Yukiko Trim Bikini
pgfligT.png bc004_c7.pac Yukiko Yaso High Jersey
XlubuO7.png bc004_c8.pac Yukiko Tsukesage
KWBGood.png bc004_c9.pac Yukiko Magical Armor
LXu3qEb.png bc004_c10.pac Yukiko Festival Yukata
BgdR1Hs.png bc004_c11.pac Yukiko Halloween Costume
np24Y4O.png bc004_c12.pac Yukiko Midwinter Outfit
BMlDrJ2.png bc004_c13.pac Yukiko Maid Uniform
0UJ4FBR.png bc004_c14.pac Yukiko Cheerleader Outfit
KMMY2pM.png bc004_c15.pac Yukiko Deep Blue Clothes
Hczgly7.png bc004_c16.pac Yukiko Ceremonial Kimono
VdF3kTK.png bc004_c17.pac Yukiko Midwinter Yaso
0m48vuP.png bc004_ca.pac Yukiko Neo Featherman Suit
rln3OBE.png bc004_cc.pac Yukiko Agent Suit
7AUPakE.png bc004_cd.pac Yukiko Gag Winter Outfit
BgbJXyS.png bc004_ce.pac Yukiko Gag Summer Outfit
WfnlwjH.png bc004_cf.pac Yukiko Christmas Costume
ecRSpN5.png bc005.pac Rise Winter Yaso Outfit
ZFCoqla.png bc006.pac Kanji Winter Yaso Outfit
vhTgWcB.png bc006_c1.pac Kanji Summer Yaso Outfit
UVjAok9.png bc006_c2.pac Kanji Summer Clothes
ClrI84A.png bc006_c3.pac Kanji Winter Clothes
hNfKMUI.png bc006_c4.pac Kanji Gekkou Uniform
Df6t12m.png bc006_c5.pac Kanji Drag Costume
mjf7tGd.png bc006_c6.pac Kanji Dangerous Briefs
s2Euz8b.png bc006_c7.pac Kanji Yaso High Jersey
gFahA8b.png bc006_c8.pac Kanji Kingpin Duster
4rKwrEO.png bc006_c10.pac Kanji Festival Jinbei
J6tHUWQ.png bc006_c11.pac Kanji Halloween Costume
eTb0c8u.png bc006_c12.pac Kanji Midwinter Outfit
4sK7rUB.png bc006_c13.pac Kanji Butler Suit
myJBNHY.png bc006_c14.pac Kanji Cheer Squad Outfit
v3VL2CY.png bc006_c15.pac Kanji Deep Blue Clothes
1DMsNUU.png bc006_c16.pac Kanji Working Clothes
guM6SfK.png bc006_c17.pac Kanji Midwinter Yaso
0dZ4Lex.png bc006_ca.pac Kanji Neo Featherman Suit
CylGFL9.png bc006_cb.pac Kanji Bath Towel
Ie4ZD3l.png bc006_cc.pac Kanji Agent Suit
SMm18Pg.png bc006_cd.pac Kanji Gag Winter Outfit
wzkkQZm.png bc006_ce.pac Kanji Gag Summer Outfit
zZBOicP.png bc006_cf.pac Kanji Christmas Costume
9m8L5m0.png bc007.pac Naoto Winter Yaso Outfit
PxITZ8J.png bc007_c1.pac Naoto Summer Yaso Outfit
byYYbuX.png bc007_c2.pac Naoto Summer Clothes
gTObxJU.png bc007_c3.pac Naoto Winter Clothes
GtlgNsN.png bc007_c4.pac Naoto Gekkou Uniform
jiGvj15.png bc007_c6.pac Naoto School Swimsuit
8uSPE87.png bc007_c7.pac Naoto Yaso High Jersey
tQOCxjY.png bc007_c8.pac Naoto Girls' Yaso Outfit
eFPxRQZ.png bc007_c9.pac Naoto Coronet Armor
FCtlZmM.png bc007_c10.pac Naoto Festival Jinbei
2SkRi5E.png bc007_c11.pac Naoto Halloween Costume
cIoPS6x.png bc007_c12.pac Naoto Midwinter Outfit
xCJFJxG.png bc007_c13.pac Naoto Maid Uniform
lKAttPd.png bc007_c14.pac Naoto Cheer Squad Outfit
y1KczRM.png bc007_c15.pac Naoto Deep Blue Clothes
VycaR7S.png bc007_c16.pac Naoto Detective Costume
iBHm9Hk.png bc007_c17.pac Naoto Midwinter Yaso
MPceyGs.png bc007_ca.pac Naoto Neo Featherman Suit
yKFjFkZ.png bc007_cc.pac Naoto Agent Suit
lSZSEZY.png bc007_cd.pac Naoto Gag Winter Outfit
5G4ECaU.png bc007_ce.pac Naoto Gag Summer Outfit
X34wtBP.png bc007_cf.pac Naoto Christmas Costume
V3HYi7y.png bc008.pac Teddie Teddie Costume
pFyF8d1.png bc008_c1.pac Teddie Teddie Costume (unused?)
9R18GAY.png bc008_c2.pac Teddie Summer Clothes
viKc8co.png bc008_c3.pac Teddie Summer Clothes (unused?)
Cxz3TtZ.png bc008_c4.pac Teddie Gekkou Uniform
ucT9I2C.png bc008_c5.pac Teddie Drag Costume
1aFYDPa.png bc008_c6.pac Teddie Sailor Trunks
zk3b0cA.png bc008_c7.pac Teddie Yaso High Jersey
mbnzLpa.png bc008_c8.pac Teddie Lord Flauntleroy
YqMt1Rn.png bc008_c9.pac Teddie Teddie Costume (unused?)
U2pMord.png bc008_c10.pac Teddie Festival Happi
gDLESMr.png bc008_c11.pac Teddie Halloween Costume
dObwaJW.png bc008_c12.pac Teddie Midwinter Outfit
du2fZq0.png bc008_c13.pac Teddie Butler Suit
z3AWjdb.png bc008_c14.pac Teddie Cheerleader Outfit
PW4dAy8.png bc008_c15.pac Teddie Deep Blue Clothes
44nBX23.png bc008_c16.pac Teddie Teddie's Apron
Y2PnHCj.png bc008_c17.pac Teddie Teddie Costume (unused?)
S7fmqXx.png bc008_ca.pac Teddie Neo Featherman Suit
93c7P1k.png bc008_cb.pac Teddie Bath Towel
PUNUQzt.png bc008_cc.pac Teddie Agent Suit
LE40kiC.png bc008_cd.pac Teddie Gag Glasses
kBfBfmM.png bc008_ce.pac Teddie Gag Glasses (unused?)
aDaefmR.png bc008_cf.pac Teddie Christmas Costume
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