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Persona 4 Golden/data.cpk/model/pack/Characters
Location data.cpk
Size 174 MB
Contains PAC

The model/pack folder is a directory found in the data.cpk of Persona 4 Golden. It contains all the battle models for both player characters and enemies, in the form of AMD models contained in PAC files. This list contains only characters models sorted.

Files[edit | edit source]

Preview Filename Character Costume
1ZoaHgd.png bc001.pac Protagonist Winter Yaso Outfit
g8QmZtF.png bc001_c1.pac Protagonist Summer Yaso Outfit
NIfpuc1.png bc001_c2.pac Protagonist Summer Clothes
JXq4UeF.png bc001_c3.pac Protagonist Winter Clothes
msL3qlt.png bc001_c4.pac Protagonist Gekkou Uniform
Zv6yb41.png bc001_c5.pac Protagonist Drag Costume
vFitM4B.png bc001_c6.pac Protagonist Cool Trunks
6Z4d0rw.png bc001_c7.pac Protagonist Yaso High Jersey
PC041Gf.png bc001_c8.pac Protagonist Cleaning Uniform
HWKibjQ.png bc001_c9.pac Protagonist Summer Clothes
bTlWL4F.png bc001_c10.pac Protagonist Festival Jinbei
mt9WgJ2.png bc001_c11.pac Protagonist Halloween Costume
5a5vmk5.png bc001_c12.pac Protagonist Midwinter Outfit
N6A9sVi.png bc001_c13.pac Protagonist Butler Suit
aaEC2lG.png bc001_c14.pac Protagonist Cheer Squad Outfit
lSdDUVS.png bc001_c15.pac Protagonist Deep Blue Clothes
SE2Z4Yd.png bc001_c16.pac Protagonist Hardboiled Look
dJ6jt0l.png bc001_c17.pac Protagonist Midwinter Yaso
uK8lq1a.png bc001_ca.pac Protagonist Neo Featherman Suit
2ZdmhHY.png bc001_cb.pac Protagonist Bath Towel
zCllZrA.png bc001_cc.pac Protagonist Agent Suit
5hiNOLP.png bc001_cd.pac Protagonist Gag Winter Outfit
FkxZ8GG.png bc001_ce.pac Protagonist Gag Summer Outfit
yy3xmwF.png bc001_cf.pac Protagonist Christmas Costume
x1gHOFz.png bc001_cff.pac Protagonist Winter Yasogami Uniform (no glasses)
GLYnozz.png bc002.pac Yosuke Winter Yaso Outfit
FvNJhr2.png bc002_c1.pac Yosuke Summer Yaso Outfit
xFJpYT9.png bc002_c2.pac Yosuke Summer Clothes
yHXk2QW.png bc002_c3.pac Yosuke Winter Clothes
ejMEXmc.png bc002_c4.pac Yosuke Gekkou Uniform
Kw2sBx3.png bc002_c5.pac Yosuke Drag Costume
ZfZGXR6.png bc002_c6.pac Yosuke Summer Trunks
980owN7.png bc002_c7.pac Yosuke Yaso High Jersey
dGYOGjV.png bc002_c8.pac Yosuke Junes Apron
i0RiiBw.png bc002_c10.pac Yosuke Festival Jinbei
pGhsUPl.png bc002_c11.pac Yosuke Halloween Costume
pGbfRdW.png bc002_c12.pac Yosuke Midwinter Outfit
rT1Q3CU.png bc002_c13.pac Yosuke Butler Suit
cpJIBXP.png bc002_c14.pac Yosuke Cheer Squad Outfit
0GuOrwY.png bc002_c15.pac Yosuke Deep Blue Clothes
sxGf0M2.png bc002_c16.pac Yosuke Junes Coveralls
47LlKgX.png bc002_c17.pac Yosuke Midwinter Yaso
Brs0qhW.png bc002_ca.pac Yosuke Neo Featherman Suit
ISOnVX4.png bc002_cb.pac Yosuke Bath Towel
9cJLLaL.png bc002_cc.pac Yosuke Agent Suit
Kv6AawD.png bc002_cd.pac Yosuke Gag Winter Outfit
jFyJLZU.png bc002_ce.pac Yosuke Gag Summer Outfit
geypDYv.png bc002_cf.pac Yosuke Christmas Costume
HUz3P1h.png bc003.pac Chie Winter Yaso Outfit
3L5yd3J.png bc003_c1.pac Chie Summer Yaso Outfit
P9TPSay.png bc003_c2.pac Chie Summer Clothes
4FR0Os9.png bc003_c3.pac Chie Winter Clothes
E93Qpvn.png bc003_c4.pac Chie Gekkou Uniform
zRzSmTs.png bc003_c6.pac Chie Striped Bikini
c0v3P8h.png bc003_c7.pac Chie Yaso High Jersey
JGqyZmM.png bc003_c8.pac Chie Track Suit
xbWml5R.png bc003_c9.pac Chie Fighter Armor
S2FKdrp.png bc003_c10.pac Chie Festival Yukata
RRSN73B.png bc003_c11.pac Chie Halloween Costume
5MUuQ6k.png bc003_c12.pac Chie Midwinter Outfit
W8wKl1O.png bc003_c13.pac Chie Maid Uniform
0t6ShdN.png bc003_c14.pac Chie Cheerleader Outfit
j1dGwon.png bc003_c15.pac Chie Deep Blue Clothes
Q6bAXoB.png bc003_c16.pac Chie Kung Fu Costume
PB0VdBl.png bc003_c17.pac Chie Midwinter Yaso
iQtXOyC.png bc003_ca.pac Chie Neo Featherman Suit
xnxaRMM.png bc003_cc.pac Chie Agent Suit
PgDBfXL.png bc003_cd.pac Chie Gag Winter Outfit
HP4yUqz.png bc003_ce.pac Chie Gag Summer Outfit
x6TJPB6.png bc003_cf.pac Chie Christmas Costume
38bKdA2.png bc004.pac Yukiko Winter Yaso Outfit
7idAIkd.png bc004_c1.pac Yukiko Summer Yaso Outfit
VpBhPhg.png bc004_c2.pac Yukiko Summer Clothes
C4uFWji.png bc004_c3.pac Yukiko Winter Clothes
EcwgyRu.png bc004_c4.pac Yukiko Gekkou Uniform
JvXeHso.png bc004_c6.pac Yukiko Trim Bikini
pgfligT.png bc004_c7.pac Yukiko Yaso High Jersey
XlubuO7.png bc004_c8.pac Yukiko Tsukesage
KWBGood.png bc004_c9.pac Yukiko Magical Armor
LXu3qEb.png bc004_c10.pac Yukiko Festival Yukata
BgdR1Hs.png bc004_c11.pac Yukiko Halloween Costume
np24Y4O.png bc004_c12.pac Yukiko Midwinter Outfit
BMlDrJ2.png bc004_c13.pac Yukiko Maid Uniform
0UJ4FBR.png bc004_c14.pac Yukiko Cheerleader Outfit
KMMY2pM.png bc004_c15.pac Yukiko Deep Blue Clothes
Hczgly7.png bc004_c16.pac Yukiko Ceremonial Kimono
VdF3kTK.png bc004_c17.pac Yukiko Midwinter Yaso
0m48vuP.png bc004_ca.pac Yukiko Neo Featherman Suit
rln3OBE.png bc004_cc.pac Yukiko Agent Suit
7AUPakE.png bc004_cd.pac Yukiko Gag Winter Outfit
BgbJXyS.png bc004_ce.pac Yukiko Gag Summer Outfit
WfnlwjH.png bc004_cf.pac Yukiko Christmas Costume
ecRSpN5.png bc005.pac Rise Winter Yaso Outfit
ZFCoqla.png bc006.pac Kanji Winter Yaso Outfit
vhTgWcB.png bc006_c1.pac Kanji Summer Yaso Outfit
UVjAok9.png bc006_c2.pac Kanji Summer Clothes
ClrI84A.png bc006_c3.pac Kanji Winter Clothes
hNfKMUI.png bc006_c4.pac Kanji Gekkou Uniform
Df6t12m.png bc006_c5.pac Kanji Drag Costume
mjf7tGd.png bc006_c6.pac Kanji Dangerous Briefs
s2Euz8b.png bc006_c7.pac Kanji Yaso High Jersey
gFahA8b.png bc006_c8.pac Kanji Kingpin Duster
4rKwrEO.png bc006_c10.pac Kanji Festival Jinbei
J6tHUWQ.png bc006_c11.pac Kanji Halloween Costume
eTb0c8u.png bc006_c12.pac Kanji Midwinter Outfit
4sK7rUB.png bc006_c13.pac Kanji Butler Suit
myJBNHY.png bc006_c14.pac Kanji Cheer Squad Outfit
v3VL2CY.png bc006_c15.pac Kanji Deep Blue Clothes
1DMsNUU.png bc006_c16.pac Kanji Working Clothes
guM6SfK.png bc006_c17.pac Kanji Midwinter Yaso
0dZ4Lex.png bc006_ca.pac Kanji Neo Featherman Suit
CylGFL9.png bc006_cb.pac Kanji Bath Towel
Ie4ZD3l.png bc006_cc.pac Kanji Agent Suit
SMm18Pg.png bc006_cd.pac Kanji Gag Winter Outfit
wzkkQZm.png bc006_ce.pac Kanji Gag Summer Outfit
zZBOicP.png bc006_cf.pac Kanji Christmas Costume
9m8L5m0.png bc007.pac Naoto Winter Yaso Outfit
PxITZ8J.png bc007_c1.pac Naoto Summer Yaso Outfit
byYYbuX.png bc007_c2.pac Naoto Summer Clothes
gTObxJU.png bc007_c3.pac Naoto Winter Clothes
GtlgNsN.png bc007_c4.pac Naoto Gekkou Uniform
jiGvj15.png bc007_c6.pac Naoto School Swimsuit
8uSPE87.png bc007_c7.pac Naoto Yaso High Jersey
tQOCxjY.png bc007_c8.pac Naoto Girls' Yaso Outfit
eFPxRQZ.png bc007_c9.pac Naoto Coronet Armor
FCtlZmM.png bc007_c10.pac Naoto Festival Jinbei
2SkRi5E.png bc007_c11.pac Naoto Halloween Costume
cIoPS6x.png bc007_c12.pac Naoto Midwinter Outfit
xCJFJxG.png bc007_c13.pac Naoto Maid Uniform
lKAttPd.png bc007_c14.pac Naoto Cheer Squad Outfit
y1KczRM.png bc007_c15.pac Naoto Deep Blue Clothes
VycaR7S.png bc007_c16.pac Naoto Detective Costume
iBHm9Hk.png bc007_c17.pac Naoto Midwinter Yaso
MPceyGs.png bc007_ca.pac Naoto Neo Featherman Suit
yKFjFkZ.png bc007_cc.pac Naoto Agent Suit
lSZSEZY.png bc007_cd.pac Naoto Gag Winter Outfit
5G4ECaU.png bc007_ce.pac Naoto Gag Summer Outfit
X34wtBP.png bc007_cf.pac Naoto Christmas Costume
V3HYi7y.png bc008.pac Teddie Teddie Costume
pFyF8d1.png bc008_c1.pac Teddie Teddie Costume (unused?)
9R18GAY.png bc008_c2.pac Teddie Summer Clothes
viKc8co.png bc008_c3.pac Teddie Summer Clothes (unused?)
Cxz3TtZ.png bc008_c4.pac Teddie Gekkou Uniform
ucT9I2C.png bc008_c5.pac Teddie Drag Costume
1aFYDPa.png bc008_c6.pac Teddie Sailor Trunks
zk3b0cA.png bc008_c7.pac Teddie Yaso High Jersey
mbnzLpa.png bc008_c8.pac Teddie Lord Flauntleroy
YqMt1Rn.png bc008_c9.pac Teddie Teddie Costume (unused?)
U2pMord.png bc008_c10.pac Teddie Festival Happi
gDLESMr.png bc008_c11.pac Teddie Halloween Costume
dObwaJW.png bc008_c12.pac Teddie Midwinter Outfit
du2fZq0.png bc008_c13.pac Teddie Butler Suit
z3AWjdb.png bc008_c14.pac Teddie Cheerleader Outfit
PW4dAy8.png bc008_c15.pac Teddie Deep Blue Clothes
44nBX23.png bc008_c16.pac Teddie Teddie's Apron
Y2PnHCj.png bc008_c17.pac Teddie Teddie Costume (unused?)
S7fmqXx.png bc008_ca.pac Teddie Neo Featherman Suit
93c7P1k.png bc008_cb.pac Teddie Bath Towel
PUNUQzt.png bc008_cc.pac Teddie Agent Suit
LE40kiC.png bc008_cd.pac Teddie Gag Glasses
kBfBfmM.png bc008_ce.pac Teddie Gag Glasses (unused?)
aDaefmR.png bc008_cf.pac Teddie Christmas Costume