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Persona 4 Golden/data.cpk/model/pack/Enemies
Location data.cpk
Size 174 MB
Contains PAC

The model/pack folder is a directory found in the data.cpk of Persona 4 Golden. It contains all the battle models for both player characters and enemies, in the form of AMD models contained in PAC files. This list contains only enemy models sorted.


File Name Enemy
em001.pac Cowardly Maya
em002.pac Selfish Basalt
em003.pac Rainy Sister 4
em004.pac blank
em005.pac Magic Hand
em006.pac Dancing Hand
em007.pac Killing Hand
em008.pac Almighty Hand
em009.pac Laughing Table
em00a.pac Crying Table
em00b.pac Angry Table
em00c.pac Sleeping Table
em00d.pac Magical Magus
em00e.pac Wondrous Magus
em00f.pac Prime Magus
em010.pac Grand Magus
em011.pac Lying Hablerie
em012.pac Forgotten Hablerie
em013.pac Flattering Hablerie
em014.pac Agitating Hablerie
em015.pac Merciless Maya
em016.pac Autonomic Basalt
em017.pac Rainy Brother 4
em018.pac blank
em019.pac Cloudgirl Pot
em01a.pac Rainy Pot
em01b.pac Yearning Pot
em01c.pac Mistress Pot
em01d.pac Spurious Book
em01e.pac Maniacal Book
em01f.pac Silent Book
em020.pac Wrathful Book
em021.pac Tranquil Idol
em022.pac Liberating Idol
em023.pac Leading Idol
em024.pac Vehement Idol
em025.pac Primitive Idol
em026.pac Calm Pesce
em027.pac Pursuing Pesce
em028.pac Truth Pesce
em029.pac Revelation Pesce
em02a.pac Frivolous Maya
em02b.pac Idle Basalt
em02c.pac Rainy Sister 3
em02d.pac blank
em02e.pac Venus Eagle
em02f.pac Dark Eagle
em030.pac Jupiter Eagle
em031.pac Eternal Eagle
em032.pac Creation Relic
em033.pac Constancy Relic
em034.pac Growth Relic
em035.pac Change Relic
em036.pac Elegant Mother
em037.pac Regal Mother
em038.pac Pistil Mother
em039.pac Divine Mother
em03a.pac Secret Bambino
em03b.pac Blooming Bambino
em03c.pac Avarice Bambino
em03d.pac Free Bambino
em03e.pac Haughty Maya
em03f.pac Large Basalt
em040.pac Rainy Brother 3
em041.pac blank
em042.pac Grave Beetle
em043.pac Adamant Beetle
em044.pac Strength Beetle
em045.pac Emperor Beetle
em046.pac Burning Beetle
em047.pac Avenger Knight
em048.pac Champion Knight
em049.pac Hell Knight
em04a.pac Intrepid Knight
em04b.pac Rainy Castle
em04c.pac Power Castle
em04d.pac Raindrop Castle
em04e.pac King Castle
em04f.pac Positive King
em050.pac Egotistical King
em051.pac Great King
em052.pac Brilliant King
em053.pac Indolent Maya
em054.pac Dependent Basalt
em055.pac Rainy Sister 2
em056.pac blank
em057.pac Trance Twins
em058.pac Killer Twins
em059.pac Rainbow Twins
em05a.pac Crazy Twins
em05b.pac Corrupt Tower
em05c.pac Dogmatic Tower
em05d.pac Apostate Tower
em05e.pac Fanatic Tower
em05f.pac Grudge Tower
em060.pac Blue Sigil
em061.pac Red Sigil
em062.pac Green Sigil
em063.pac Purple Sigil
em064.pac Bribed Fuzz
em065.pac Persistent Fuzz
em066.pac Monomaniac Fuzz
em067.pac Chaos Fuzz
em068.pac Insidious Maya
em069.pac Anguish Basalt
em06a.pac Rainy Brother 2
em06b.pac blank
em06c.pac Monopolizing Cupid
em06d.pac Blind Cupid
em06e.pac Devoted Cupid
em06f.pac Gracious Cupid
em070.pac Soul Dancer
em071.pac Ardent Dancer
em072.pac Royal Dancer
em073.pac Natural Dancer
em074.pac Harem Dancer
em075.pac Lustful Snake
em076.pac Immoral Snake
em077.pac Carnal Snake
em078.pac Amorous Snake
em079.pac Stoic Snake
em07a.pac Whimsical Papillon
em07b.pac Finicky Papillon
em07c.pac Fickle Papillon
em07d.pac Pure Papillon
em07e.pac Ill-fated Maya
em07f.pac Insolent Basalt
em080.pac Rainy Sister 1
em081.pac blank
em082.pac Rain Wheel
em083.pac Mach Wheel
em084.pac Brave Wheel
em085.pac Battle Wheel
em086.pac Wild Drive
em087.pac Killer Drive
em088.pac Slaughter Drive
em089.pac Rampage Drive
em08a.pac Arcane Turret
em08b.pac Scarlet Turret
em08c.pac Wicked Turret
em08d.pac Hallowed Turret
em08e.pac Spastic Turret
em08f.pac Berserk Turret
em090.pac Dismayed Panzer
em091.pac Rash Panzer
em092.pac Conceited Panzer
em093.pac Ptarmigan Panzer
em094.pac Visceral Maya
em095.pac Source Basalt
em096.pac Rainy Brother 1
em097.pac blank
em098.pac Rain Leg Musha
em099.pac Rain End Musha
em09a.pac Raindrop Musha
em09b.pac Rain Wind Musha
em09c.pac Daring Gigas
em09d.pac Beastly Gigas
em09e.pac Furious Gigas
em09f.pac Mythical Gigas
em0a0.pac Immortal Gigas
em0a1.pac Nizam Beast
em0a2.pac Enslaved Beast
em0a3.pac Mighty Beast
em0a4.pac Nemean Beast
em0a5.pac El Dorado Beast
em0a6.pac Inviting Nyogo
em0a7.pac Blossom Nyogo
em0a8.pac Valuing Nyogo
em0a9.pac Silent Nyogo
em0aa.pac Desirous Maya
em0ab.pac Submissive Basalt
em0ac.pac Rainy Sister 2
em0ad.pac blank
em0ae.pac Black Raven
em0af.pac Vicious Raven
em0b0.pac Sonic Raven
em0b1.pac Amenti Raven
em0b2.pac Phantom Mage
em0b3.pac Phantom Master
em0b4.pac Phantom Lord
em0b5.pac Phantom King
em0b6.pac Phantom Hero
em0b7.pac Death Seeker
em0b8.pac Fate Seeker
em0b9.pac Noble Seeker
em0ba.pac Acheron Seeker
em0bb.pac Shallow Okina
em0bc.pac Reckless Okina
em0bd.pac Reformed Okina
em0be.pac Moon Okina
em0bf.pac Imprudent Maya
em0c0.pac Accidental Basalt
em0c1.pac Rainy Brother 2
em0c2.pac blank
em0c3.pac Bronze Dice
em0c4.pac Iron Dice
em0c5.pac Silver Dice
em0c6.pac Platinum Dice
em0c7.pac Mind Dice
em0c8.pac Curse Dice
em0c9.pac Death Dice
em0ca.pac Reckoning Dice
em0cb.pac Flowing Sand
em0cc.pac Perpetual Sand
em0cd.pac Infinite Sand
em0ce.pac Eternal Sand
em0cf.pac Miss Gene
em0d0.pac Fail Gene
em0d1.pac Happy Gene
em0d2.pac Next Gene
em0d3.pac Bigoted Maya
em0d4.pac Convicted Basalt
em0d5.pac Rainy Sister 1
em0d6.pac blank
em0d7.pac Justice Sword
em0d8.pac Conviction Sword
em0d9.pac Judgment Sword
em0da.pac Doom Sword
em0db.pac Heat Balance
em0dc.pac Sky Balance
em0dd.pac World Balance
em0de.pac Light Balance
em0df.pac Order Giant
em0e0.pac Stasis Giant
em0e1.pac Harmony Giant
em0e2.pac Void Giant
em0e3.pac Steel Machine
em0e4.pac Dominating Machine
em0e5.pac Solemn Machine
em0e6.pac Heartless Machine
em0e7.pac Devious Maya
em0e8.pac Oppressive Basalt
em0e9.pac Rainy Brother 1
em0ea.pac blank
em0eb.pac Minotaur IV
em0ec.pac Minotaur III
em0ed.pac Minotaur II
em0ee.pac Minotaur I
em0ef.pac Neo Minotaur
em0f0.pac Jotun of Power
em0f1.pac Jotun of Blood
em0f2.pac Jotun of Evil
em0f3.pac Jotun of Grief
em0f4.pac Mighty Cyclops
em0f5.pac Mad Cyclops
em0f6.pac Fierce Cyclops
em0f7.pac Chaos Cyclops
em0f8.pac Brilliant Cyclops
em0f9.pac Rebellious Cyclops
em0fa.pac Protective Lexy
em0fb.pac Dry Dexy
em0fc.pac Earnest Calocy
em0fd.pac Successful Junecy
em0fe.pac Test Rare
em0ff.pac blank
em100.pac Shadow Yosuke
em101.pac Shadow Chie
em102.pac Shadow Yukiko
em103.pac Shadow Kanji
em104.pac Shadow Rise
em105.pac Shadow Teddie
em106.pac Shadow Mitsuo
em107.pac Shadow Naoto
em108.pac Kunino-sagiri
em109.pac Adachi
em10a.pac Ameno-sagiri
em10b.pac Izanami
em10c.pac Slipping Hablerie
em10d.pac Charming Prince
em10e.pac Izanami-no-Okami
em10f.pac Mitsuo the Hero
em110.pac Nice Guy
em111.pac Tough Guy
em112.pac Margaret
em113.pac ???
em114.pac Kusumi-no-Okami
em115.pac Marie
em116.pac blank
em117.pac blank
em118.pac blank
em119.pac blank
em11a.pac blank
em11b.pac blank
em11c.pac blank
em11d.pac blank
em11e.pac blank
em11f.pac blank
em120.pac The Reaper
em121.pac The Reaper
em122.pac The Reaper
em123.pac The Reaper
em124.pac The Reaper
em125.pac The Reaper
em126.pac The Reaper
em127.pac The Reaper
em128.pac The Reaper
em129.pac The Reaper
em12a.pac Wealth Hand
em12b.pac Treasure Hand
em12c.pac Supreme Hand
em12d.pac Opulent Hand
em12e.pac Luxury Hand
em12f.pac Glorious Hand
em130.pac Contrarian King
em131.pac Intolerant Officer
em132.pac Momentary Child
em133.pac Escapist Soldier
em134.pac Extreme Vessel
em135.pac Lost Okina
em136.pac Avenger Knight
em137.pac Daring Gigas
em138.pac Amorous Snake
em139.pac Killing Hand
em13a.pac Dominating Machine
em13b.pac World Balance
em13c.pac Chaos Fuzz
em13d.pac Envious Giant
em13e.pac Neo Minotaur
em13f.pac Sleeping Table
em140.pac blank
em141.pac blank
em142.pac blank
em143.pac blank
em144.pac blank
em145.pac blank
em146.pac blank
em147.pac blank
em148.pac Happiness Hand
em149.pac Isolated Hand
em14a.pac blank
em14b.pac blank
em14c.pac blank
em14d.pac blank
em14e.pac blank
em14f.pac blank
em150.pac Gauntlet Hand
em151.pac Reverent Table
em152.pac Lying Hablerie
em153.pac Wheeled Bambino
em154.pac Praying Papillon
em155.pac Emaciated Garcy
em156.pac Execution Sword
em157.pac Cursed Woman's Pot
em158.pac Stupendous Relic
em159.pac Gorgeous King
em15a.pac Spectral Raven
em15b.pac Praying Nyogo
em15c.pac Superstitious Okina
em15d.pac Lawless Fuzz
em15e.pac Stone Panzer
em15f.pac Harmonious Giant
em160.pac Snowfall Musha
em161.pac Calm Machine
em162.pac Clear Sky Musha
em163.pac Indignant Machine
em164.pac Heaven's Giant
em165.pac blank
em166.pac blank
em167.pac blank
em168.pac blank
em169.pac blank
em16a.pac blank
em16b.pac blank
em16c.pac blank
em16d.pac blank
em16e.pac blank
em16f.pac blank
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