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Persona 4 Golden/data.cpk/model/persona
Location data.cpk
Size 174 MB
Contains PAC

Persona folder is a directory found in the data.cpk\model of Persona 4 Golden. It contains all persona models (besides awakenings those are in npc2)


File Name Persona
ps000.amd 0
ps001.amd Izanagi
ps002.amd Tzitzimitl
ps003.amd Flauros
ps004.amd Loki
ps005.amd Ishtar
ps006.amd Pyro Jack
ps007.amd Jack Frost
ps008.amd Scathach
ps009.amd Rangda
ps00a.amd Hachiman
ps00b.amd Cu Chulainn
ps00c.amd Ose
ps00d.amd Kusi Mitama
ps00e.amd Apsaras
ps00f.amd Ardha
ps010.amd Parvati
ps011.amd Kikuri-Hime
ps012.amd Zaou-Gongen
ps013.amd Sarasvati
ps014.amd Yatsufusa
ps015.amd Cybele
ps016.amd Sraosha
ps017.amd Neko Shogun
ps018.amd Kali
ps019.amd Obariyon
ps01a.amd Ukobach
ps01b.amd Lamia
ps01c.amd Odin
ps01d.amd King Frost
ps01e.amd Oukuninushi
ps01f.amd Undine
ps020.amd Sylph
ps021.amd Forneus
ps022.amd Alraune
ps023.amd Mithra
ps024.amd Daisoujou
ps025.amd Ananta
ps026.amd Futsunushi
ps027.amd Triglav
ps028.amd Raphael
ps029.amd Titania
ps02a.amd Oberon
ps02b.amd 02B
ps02c.amd Sandman
ps02d.amd Leanan Sidhe
ps02e.amd Pixie
ps02f.amd Uriel
ps030.amd Surt
ps031.amd Throne
ps032.amd Ares
ps033.amd Titan
ps034.amd 34
ps035.amd Ara Mitama
ps036.amd Valkyrie
ps037.amd Melchizedek
ps038.amd Dominion
ps039.amd Siegfried
ps03a.amd Virtue
ps03b.amd Power
ps03c.amd Archangel
ps03d.amd Angel
ps03e.amd Hitokotonusi
ps03f.amd Ippon-Datara
ps040.amd Nebiros
ps041.amd Decarabia
ps042.amd Belphegor
ps043.amd Yomotsu-Shikome
ps044.amd Vetala
ps045.amd Norn
ps046.amd Atropos
ps047.amd Pazuzu
ps048.amd Lachesis
ps049.amd Saki Mitama
ps04a.amd Eligor
ps04b.amd Clotho
ps04c.amd Fortuna
ps04d.amd Thor
ps04e.amd Mokoi
ps04f.amd Abaddon
ps050.amd Belial
ps051.amd Hanuman
ps052.amd Yoshitsune
ps053.amd Mahakala
ps054.amd Attis
ps055.amd Vasuki
ps056.amd Orthrus
ps057.amd Tam Lin
ps058.amd Jinn
ps059.amd Mada
ps05a.amd White Rider
ps05b.amd Alice
ps05c.amd Seth
ps05d.amd Mot
ps05e.amd Samael
ps05f.amd Gdon
ps060.amd Gorgon
ps061.amd Dis
ps062.amd Michael
ps063.amd Byakko
ps064.amd Suzaku
ps065.amd Seiryuu
ps066.amd Nigi Mitama
ps067.amd Genbu
ps068.amd Beelzebub
ps069.amd Mother Harlot
ps06a.amd Shiki-Ouji
ps06b.amd Lilith
ps06c.amd Incubus
ps06d.amd Succubus
ps06e.amd Lilim
ps06f.amd Phoenix
ps070.amd Shiva
ps071.amd Masakado
ps072.amd Ikusa
ps073.amd Yamatano-Orochi
ps074.amd Anzu
ps075.amd Helel
ps076.amd Sandalphon
ps077.amd Black Frost
ps078.amd Garuda
ps079.amd Sui-ki
ps07a.amd Ganesha
ps07b.amd Isis
ps07c.amd Cerberus
ps07d.amd Fuu-ki
ps07e.amd Setanta
ps07f.amd Girimehkala
ps080.amd Nozuchi
ps081.amd Legion
ps082.amd Berith
ps083.amd Saturnus
ps084.amd Vishnu
ps085.amd Barong
ps086.amd Andra
ps087.amd Horus
ps088.amd Narasimha
ps089.amd Senri
ps08a.amd Kin-ki
ps08b.amd Asura
ps08c.amd Metatron
ps08d.amd Satan
ps08e.amd Gabriel
ps08f.amd Hokuto Seikun
ps090.amd Trumpeter
ps091.amd Anubis
ps092.amd Nata Taishi
ps093.amd Ongyo-ki
ps094.amd High Pixie
ps095.amd Yaksini
ps096.amd Xiezhai
ps097.amd Thoth
ps098.amd Cu Sith
ps099.amd Mothman
ps09a.amd Oni
ps09b.amd Makami
ps09c.amd Rakshasa
ps09d.amd Matador
ps09e.amd Hell Biker
ps09f.amd Taowu
ps0a0.amd Taotie
ps0a1.amd Pabilsag
ps0a2.amd Mara
ps0a3.amd Kartikeya
ps0a4.amd Baal Zebul
ps0a5.amd Suparna
ps0a6.amd Lucifer
ps0a7.amd Orobas
ps0a8.amd Atavaka
ps0a9.amd Hariti
ps0aa.amd Skadi
ps0ab.amd Unicorn
ps0ac.amd Omoikane
ps0ad.amd Shiisaa
ps0ae.amd Principality
ps0af.amd Kurama Tengu
ps0b0.amd Yurlungur
ps0b1.amd Kaiwan
ps0b2.amd Jatayu
ps0b3.amd Slime
ps0b4.amd 0B4
ps0b5.amd 0B5
ps0b6.amd Arahabaki
ps0b7.amd Hua Po
ps0b8.amd Alilat
ps0b9.amd Kohryu
ps0ba.amd Ghoul
ps0bb.amd Queen Mab
ps0bc.amd Ganga
ps0bd.amd Izanagi-no-Okami
ps0be.amd Niddhoggr
ps0bf.amd Yatagarasu
ps0c0.amd Jiraiya
ps0c1.amd Susano-O
ps0c2.amd Tomoe
ps0c3.amd Suzuka Gongen
ps0c4.amd Konohana Sakuya
ps0c5.amd Amaterasu
ps0c6.amd Take-Mikazuchi
ps0c7.amd Rokuten Maoh
ps0c8.amd Himiko
ps0c9.amd Kanzeon
ps0ca.amd Kintoki-Douji
ps0cb.amd Kamui
ps0cc.amd Sukuna-Hikona
ps0cd.amd Yamato Takeru
ps0ce.amd Magatsu-Izanagi
ps0cf.amd Takehaya Susano-o
ps0d0.amd Haraedo-no-Okami
ps0d1.amd Sumeo-Okami
ps0d2.amd Takeji Zaiten
ps0d3.amd Kouzeon
ps0d4.amd Kamui-Moshiri
ps0d5.amd Yamato Sumeragi
ps0d6.amd 0D6
ps0d7.amd 0D7
ps0d8.amd 0D8
ps0d9.amd 0D9
ps0da.amd 0DA
ps0db.amd 0DB
ps0dc.amd 0DC
ps0dd.amd 0DD
ps0de.amd 0DE
ps0df.amd 0DF
ps0e0.amd Black Izanami
ps0e1.amd Okami
ps0e8.amd Kaguya
ps0e9.amd Pale Rider
ps0ea.amd Take-Minakata
ps0eb.amd Narcissus
ps0ec.amd Kumbhanda
ps0ed.amd Gurr
ps0ee.amd Baphomet
ps0ef.amd Loa
ps0f0.amd Chernobog
ps0f1.amd Quetzalcoatl
ps0f2.amd Ame-no-Uzume
ps0f3.amd Seiten Taisei
ps0f4.amd Kingu
ps0f5.amd Kushinada
ps0f6.amd Sati
ps0f7.amd Raja Naga
ps0f8.amd Laksmi
ps0f9.amd Magatsu-Izanagi
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