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Persona 4 Golden/data.cpk/model/weapon
Location data.cpk
Size 174 MB
Contains PAC

The model/weapon folder is a directory found in the data.cpk of Persona 4 Golden. It contains all the weapons models for all characters, in the form of AMD models.


Model Character Weapon
wp000.amd Yu Blank
wp001.amd Yu Golf Club
wp002.amd Yu Titanium Club
wp003.amd Yu 5 Iron
wp004.amd Yu Imitation Katana
wp005.amd Yu Musashi Shinai
wp006.amd Yu Long Sword
wp007.amd Yu Zweihander
wp008.amd Yu Iai Katana
wp009.amd Yu Bastard Sword
wp00a.amd Yu Gothic Sword
wp00b.amd Yu Type 98 Gunto
wp00c.amd Yu Downpour Sword
wp00d.amd Yu Edge
wp00e.amd Yu Kage-Dachi
wp00f.amd Yu Great Sword
wp010.amd Yu Midair Hamon
wp011.amd Yu Anglaise
wp012.amd Yu Kakitsubata
wp013.amd Yu Gardenia Sword
wp014.amd Yu Kenka
wp015.amd Yu Krieg
wp016.amd Yu Kijintou
wp017.amd Yu Number One
wp018.amd Yu Gaia Sword
wp019.amd Yu Tsubaki-Otoshi


Myth-Like Sword
wp01b.amd Yu Shichisei-Ken
wp01c.amd Yu El Caliente
wp01d.amd Yu Yahiro Sword
wp01e.amd Yu Triumph
wp01f.amd Yu Tajikarao Sword
wp020.amd Yu Futsuno Mitama
wp021.amd Yu Soul Crusher
wp022.amd Yu Wooden Bat
wp023.amd Yu Metal Bat
wp024.amd Yu Blade of Totsuka
wp027_l.amd Yosuke Monkey Wrench
wp027_r.amd Yosuke Monkey Wrench
wp028_l.amd Yosuke Titanium Wrench
wp028_r.amd Yosuke Titanium Wrench
wp029_l.amd Yosuke Skill Spanner
wp029_r.amd Yosuke Skill Spanner
wp02a_l.amd Yosuke Hunting Nata
wp02a_r.amd Yosuke Hunting Nata
wp02b_l.amd Yosuke Kunai
wp02b_r.amd Yosuke Kunai
wp02c_l.amd Yosuke Poison Kunai
wp02c_r.amd Yosuke Poison Kunai
wp02d_l.amd Yosuke Reign Skinner
wp02d_r.amd Yosuke Reign Skinner
wp02e_l.amd Yosuke Santou
wp02e_r.amd Yosuke Santou
wp02f_l.amd Yosuke Kozuka
wp02f_r.amd Yosuke Kozuka
wp030_l.amd Yosuke Throwing Kunai
wp030_r.amd Yosuke Throwing Kunai
wp031_l.amd Yosuke Kris Naga
wp031_r.amd Yosuke Kris Naga
wp032_l.amd Yosuke Kaiken
wp032_r.amd Yosuke Kaiken
wp033_l.amd Yosuke Bashin
wp033_r.amd Yosuke Bashin
wp034_l.amd Yosuke Yashioori Dagger
wp034_r.amd Yosuke Yashioori Dagger
wp035_l.amd Yosuke Yashima
wp035_r.amd Yosuke Yashima
wp036_l.amd Yosuke En-Giri
wp036_r.amd Yosuke En-Giri
wp037_l.amd Yosuke Bloody Kunai
wp037_r.amd Yosuke Bloody Kunai
wp038_l.amd Yosuke Fearful Kunai
wp038_r.amd Yosuke Fearful Kunai
wp039_l.amd Yosuke Castilla Knife
wp039_r.amd Yosuke Castilla Knife
wp03a_l.amd Yosuke Ohorinomikoto
wp03a_r.amd Yosuke Ohorinomikoto
wp03b_l.amd Yosuke Flying Kato
wp03b_r.amd Yosuke Flying Kato
wp03c_l.amd Yosuke Basho
wp03c_r.amd Yosuke Basho
wp03d_l.amd Yosuke Thief Dagger
wp03d_r.amd Yosuke Thief Dagger
wp03e_l.amd Yosuke Fuuma Kotaro
wp03e_r.amd Yosuke Fuuma Kotaro
wp03f_l.amd Yosuke Militia Dagger
wp03f_r.amd Yosuke Militia Dagger
wp040_l.amd Yosuke Blitz Knife
wp040_r.amd Yosuke Blitz Knife
wp041_l.amd Yosuke Hattori
wp041_r.amd Yosuke Hattori
wp042_l.amd Yosuke Ogre Tooth
wp042_r.amd Yosuke Ogre Tooth
wp043_l.amd Yosuke Rappa
wp043_r.amd Yosuke Rappa
wp044_l.amd Yosuke Kashin Koji
wp044_r.amd Yosuke Kashin Koji
wp045_l.amd Yosuke Kitchen Knife
wp045_r.amd Yosuke Kitchen Knife
wp046_l.amd Yosuke Malakh
wp046_r.amd Yosuke Malakh
wp04d.amd Yukiko Kyo Sensu
wp04e.amd Yukiko Silk Fan
wp04f.amd Yukiko Suzaku Feather
wp050.amd Yukiko Arazuyu Fan
wp051.amd Yukiko Tesseb
wp052.amd Yukiko Masquerade
wp053.amd Yukiko Akisame Fan
wp054.amd Yukiko Hanachirusato
wp055.amd Yukiko Madam's Charm
wp056.amd Yukiko Inversion Fan
wp057.amd Yukiko Amagyou Fan
wp058.amd Yukiko Mogari-Bue
wp059.amd Yukiko Fickle Madam
wp05a.amd Yukiko Ganar
wp05b.amd Yukiko Harlot's Mercy
wp05c.amd Yukiko Courtesia
wp05d.amd Yukiko Uhi Fan
wp05e.amd Yukiko Adoracion
wp05f.amd Yukiko Suzumushi
wp060.amd Yukiko Duchess
wp061.amd Yukiko Noblesse Oblige
wp062.amd Yukiko Hototogisu
wp063.amd Yukiko Secret Fan
wp064.amd Yukiko Kacho Fugetsu
wp065.amd Yukiko Pieta
wp066.amd Yukiko Yume no Ukihashi
wp067.amd Yukiko Noh Fan
wp068.amd Yukiko Boundless Sea
wp070.amd Chie Leather Shoes
wp071.amd Chie Red-Leaf Gusoku
wp072.amd Chie Shield Boots
wp073.amd Chie Nanman Gusoku
wp074.amd Chie Punk Shoes
wp075.amd Chie Hard Boots
wp076.amd Chie Skill Greaves
wp077.amd Chie Adios Shoes
wp078.amd Chie Nice Shoes
wp079.amd Chie Cowboy Boots
wp07a.amd Chie Heavy Heels
wp07b.amd Chie Bishamonten
wp07c.amd Chie Amami Legs
wp07d.amd Chie Furinkazan
wp07e.amd Chie Bucking Broncos
wp07f.amd Chie Sleipnir
wp080.amd Chie Four Beasts
wp081.amd Chie Vampire Shoes
wp082.amd Chie Mjolnir Boots
wp083.amd Chie Vidar's Boots
wp084.amd Chie Kintabi Gusoku
wp085.amd Chie Stella Greaves
wp086.amd Chie Hero Legs
wp087.amd Chie Demon Boots
wp088.amd Chie Kehaya
wp089.amd Chie Gigant Fall
wp08a.amd Chie Peerless Heels
wp08b.amd Chie Judgment Boots
wp08c.amd Chie Steel Slippers
wp08d.amd Chie Platform Sneaks
wp08e.amd Chie Moses Sandals
wp096.amd Kanji Folding Chair
wp097.amd Kanji Steel Plate
wp098.amd Kanji Hard Board
wp099.amd Kanji Photon Plate
wp09a.amd Kanji Power Plate
wp09b.amd Kanji Alloyed Plate
wp09c.amd Kanji Thunder Plate
wp09d.amd Kanji Gorgon Plate
wp09e.amd Kanji Scutum
wp09f.amd Kanji Barbarian Shield
wp0a0.amd Kanji Golden Plate
wp0a1.amd Kanji Demon Shield
wp0a2.amd Kanji Mega Buckler
wp0a3.amd Kanji Oni-Gawara
wp0a4.amd Kanji Bath Lid
wp0a5.amd Kanji Death Scudetto
wp0a6.amd Kanji Phalanx
wp0a7.amd Kanji Sol Breaker
wp0a8.amd Kanji Asturias
wp0a9.amd Kanji Black Targe
wp0aa.amd Kanji Aegis Shield
wp0ab.amd Kanji Dullahan
wp0ac.amd Kanji Christ Mirror
wp0ad.amd Kanji Yasogami Desk
wp0ae.amd Kanji Iron Plate
wp0af.amd Kanji Perun Plate
wp0b7.amd Naoto Nambu 2
wp0b8.amd Naoto Peacemaker
wp0b9.amd Naoto Raging Bull
wp0ba.amd Naoto Crimson Dirge
wp0bb.amd Naoto .44 Anaconda
wp0bc.amd Naoto Magatsu Kiba
wp0bd.amd Naoto Chrome Heart
wp0be.amd Naoto Jovian Thunder
wp0bf.amd Naoto Unlimited
wp0c0.amd Naoto Camel Red
wp0c1.amd Naoto Algernon
wp0c2.amd Naoto From Zero
wp0c3.amd Naoto Judge of Hell
wp0c4.amd Naoto Athena Kiss R
wp0c5.amd Naoto Black Hole
wp0d9.amd Teddie Spikey Punch
wp0da.amd Teddie Mewling Claw
wp0db.amd Teddie Bear Claw
wp0dc.amd Teddie Drunken Fist
wp0dd.amd Teddie Typhoon Claw
wp0de.amd Teddie Mail Duster
wp0df.amd Teddie Air Break
wp0e0.amd Teddie Poison Claw
wp0e1.amd Teddie Assault Spike
wp0e2.amd Teddie Gehenna Claw
wp0e3.amd Teddie Cute Assassin
wp0e4.amd Teddie Chain Glove
wp0e5.amd Teddie Fuuma Bundou
wp0e6.amd Teddie Strega Claw
wp0e7.amd Teddie Pure Assassin
wp0e8.amd Teddie Needle Spike
wp0e9.amd Teddie Seiryu Claw
wp0ea.amd Teddie Jakotsu Claw
wp0eb.amd Teddie Shitisei Jakotsu
wp0ec.amd Teddie Platinum Claw
wp0ed.amd Teddie The Ripper
wp0ee.amd Teddie Seireiga
wp0ef.amd Teddie Bare Hands
wp901.amd Yu Beach Parasol
wp902.amd Yu Cleaning Mop
wp903.amd Yu Light Sword
wp904.amd Yu Bass
wp905.amd Yu Skull Rod
wp906.amd Yu Cheering Flag
wp907.amd Yu Spiked Bat
wp908.amd Yu Bus Stop Sign
wp909.amd Yu Carbon Pole
wp90a.amd Yu Sharp Shovel
wp90b.amd Yu Bamboo Broom
wp916_l.amd Yosuke Grilled Corn
wp916_r.amd Yosuke Grilled Corn
wp917_l.amd Yosuke Feather Dagger
wp917_r.amd Yosuke Feather Dagger
wp918_l.amd Yosuke Happy Maracas
wp918_r.amd Yosuke Happy Maracas
wp919_l.amd Yosuke Pinwheel
wp919_r.amd Yosuke Pinwheel
wp91a_l.amd Yosuke Bone
wp91a_r.amd Yosuke Bone
wp91b_l.amd Yosuke Megaphone
wp91b_r.amd Yosuke Megaphone
wp91c_l.amd Yosuke Inaba Trout
wp91c_r.amd Yosuke Inaba Trout
wp91d_l.amd Yosuke Bowling Pin
wp91d_r.amd Yosuke Bowling Pin
wp91e_l.amd Yosuke Chinese Cleaver
wp91e_r.amd Yosuke Chinese Cleaver
wp929.amd Yukiko Flying Disc
wp92a.amd Yukiko Disco Fan
wp92b.amd Yukiko Feather Boomerang
wp92c.amd Yukiko Tambourine
wp92d.amd Yukiko Santa Fan
wp92e.amd Yukiko Festival Fan
wp92f.amd Yukiko Bat Saucer
wp930.amd Yukiko Table Tennis Racket
wp931.amd Yukiko Victory Fan
wp932.amd Yukiko Silver Tray
wp933.amd Yukiko Gothic Fan
wp93f.amd Chie Invisible Shoes
wp940.amd Chie Wrestling Boots
wp941.amd Chie Jet Boots
wp942.amd Chie Inline Skates
wp943.amd Chie Foot-Maces
wp944.amd Chie Metal Geta
wp945.amd Chie Loose Socks
wp946.amd Chie Animal Slippers
wp947.amd Chie Spring Boots
wp951.amd Kanji Bodyboard
wp952.amd Kanji Factory Sign
wp953.amd Kanji Feather Shield
wp954.amd Kanji 0x954
wp955.amd Kanji Big Cymbal
wp956.amd Kanji Christmas Wreath
wp957.amd Kanji Casket Lid
wp958.amd Kanji Colored Bench
wp959.amd Kanji Flat Taiko
wp95a.amd Kanji Guardian
wp95b.amd Kanji Dining Table
wp95c.amd Kanji Half-Sized Tatami
wp967.amd Naoto Water Gun
wp968.amd Naoto Feather Shot
wp969.amd Naoto Bat Magnum
wp96a.amd Naoto Flintlock
wp96b.amd Naoto Frost Shot
wp96c.amd Naoto Special Ray Gun
wp96d.amd Naoto Rubber Band Gun
wp96e.amd Naoto Machine Pistol
wp979.amd Teddie Beach Ball
wp97a.amd Teddie Animal Paw
wp97b.amd Teddie Feather Claw
wp97c.amd Teddie Reindeer Hoof
wp97d.amd Teddie Pyro Puppet
wp97e.amd Teddie Hyper Drill
wp97f.amd Teddie Crab Claw
wp980.amd Teddie Frost Puppet
wp982.amd Yu Strange Sword
wp983_l.amd Yosuke Strange Daggers
wp983_r.amd Yosuke Strange Daggers
wp984.amd Chie Strange Greaves
wp985.amd Yukiko Strange Fan
wp986.amd Kanji Strange Shield
wp987.amd Naoto Strange Firearm
wp988.amd Teddie Strange Claw
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