Persona 5

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Persona 5
P5 logo.png
Platform PS3, PS4
Released September 15, 2016 (JP)
April 4, 2017 (EU/US)
Format PKG
Size 16.1 GB

Persona 5 is a main title in the Persona franchise. It's the long awaited sequel to Persona 4, featuring a new cast of characters who have the ability to "steal the hearts" of their adversaries. It uses a brand new engine with updated graphics and gameplay. Some features from Persona 2 also make a return.

Files[edit | edit source]

In the USDIR directory of Persona 5's PKG file:

In the USDIR directory of the PS3 Blu-Ray disc release:

In the Japanese version's Update PKG files:

In the EU/US version's DLC PKG files:

In the PS4 version's PKG file:

In the USRDIR of Persona 5 for modding:

Filetypes[edit | edit source]

  • CPK (archive)
  • AWB (sound archive)
    • ADX (sound format)
  • DDS (textures)
  • GAP (3d animation files)
  • GMD (model format)
  • BF (scripts)
  • TBL (data tables)
  • PLG (vector images)
  • EPL (particles)
  • ENV (environmental effects)
  • USM (pre-rendered video)
  • DAT (unknown)

Modding[edit | edit source]

Like Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable, multiple CPK archives comprise Persona 5's filesystem. You can either modify an existing CPK or modify the EBOOT to load a new CPK that has priority over the contents of all other CPKs. (see mod.cpk).

Persona 5's CPK files do not need to be compressed.
The only requirement is that you must keep the filesystem structure intact. For instance, if you want to replace ps3.cpk/sound/bgm.awb, make a folder in your new cpk called sound and place the new bgm.awb inside.

It should be noted that there are duplicates/redundancies of things found in the files. Some of these files aren't used at all.

Recommended Pages[edit | edit source]

Models[edit | edit source]

Sound[edit | edit source]

  • sound - A list of all files contained inside the sound folder
  • BGM - A list of all the background music files in the game
  • Battle quotes - A list of all files containing battle voice clips

Name/Id Tables[edit | edit source]

Misc[edit | edit source]

  • Field - List of all field maps in the game
  • Event - List of events in the game
  • Bustup - A list of all the bustups in the game
  • Flags - A list of all bit flags that can be toggled in P5
  • ENV - A list of all .env files and their version numbers
  • Fadeouts - A list of all fadeouts (to be used with FADEOUT flowscript command)