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Persona 5/Room Decorations: Difference between revisions

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Room Decoration Items

The following is a list containing the models and object IDs for every room decoration item in Persona 5.

Room Decoration Items List
Name Item ID Object Model
Swan Boat 0453 m003_130.GMD
Ramen Bowl 0450 m003_131.GMD
Night Pennant 0451 m003_132.GMD
Nude Statue 0452 m003_133.GMD
Sky Tower Lamp 0454 m003_134.GMD
Giant Spatula 0455 m003_135.GMD
Shumai Cushion 0478 m003_136.GMD
Balloons 0424 m003_137.GMD
I <3 Tokyo Shirt 0461 m003_138.GMD
Idol Poster 0456 m003_139.GMD
Star Stickers 0457 m003_140.GMD
King Piece 0458 m003_141.GMD
Hero Figure 0459 m003_142.GMD
Hamaya 0460 m003_143.GMD
Gi-Nyant Doll 0479 m003_144.GMD
Sushi Mug 0480 m003_145.GMD
Choco Fountain 0481 m003_146.GMD
Kumade 0477 m003_147.GMD
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