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Persona 5/data.cpk/battle/gui
Location data.cpk/battle
Size 365 MB


The gui folder contains files for the Game's user interface elements that are used in battle, like battle portrait sprite sheets, all out attack portraits and certain battle effects. Which include files in the PLG, DDS, EPL, GMD and SPD formats. The files included in this folder are as follows.


File Description
battle_active_pp.plg Black background of the Character Battle portraits
battle_rushstop.plg Rush sign in battle
batu.plg Cross. Unknown use.
btl_window.plg Panels, borders and other elements in the battle menu.
name_base.plg Text panels in the battle UI
name_base_02.plg Text panels in the battle UI

Visual Effects

File Description
bes_ui_holdup.EPL Visual effects used for the hold up screen.
bes_ui_p_advantage.EPL Visual effects used for the ambush mechanic.
bes_ui_pinch.EPL Visual effects used for the enemy advantage screen.
bes_ui_randam.EPL Visual effect that includes an unused "Let's Fire!" sign.
bksk_attack_switch_boss.EPL Unknown "Shattered Glass Effect"
buttonPush.EPL "Fire!" sign used in the final boss of the fourth palace.
UIenemy_effect.EPL "Warning!" signs used for the Enemy Advantage Screen.


File Description Joker's All Out Attack portrait Ryuji's All Out Attack portrait Morgana's All Out Attack portrait Ann's All Out Attack potrait Yusuke's All Out Attack portrait Makoto's All Out Attack portrait Haru's All Out Attack portrait Joker's All Out Attack portrait Akechi's All Out Attack portrait Transparent texture. Use unknown.


File Description
blocknoise_ts.GMD Unknown File
btl_e_wipe.GMD "smoke" wipe at the end of battle.
btl_e_wipe_loop.GMD White Plane, contains particle effects.

Sprite sheets

File Description
p5_battle_partypanel.spd Various battle UI elements, from field and battle portraits to ailment effects


Use Amicitia_(program) or Persona Editor to edit the DDS files and sprite placement data of SPD files. EPL Injector can be used to extract GMD files from EPL archives which can be viewed using GFD Studio.

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