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Persona 5/data.cpk/model/character/0001/battle

From Amicitia Wiki
Location Data.cpk (P5)
Contains GAP

The data.cpk file found in Persona 5 contains a GMD model folder, Persona 5/data.cpk/model/character. Each folder is categorized by character ID number. See Persona 5/data.cpk/model/character for a full list of ID number with character names and descriptions. 0001 refers to Protagonist, and several GMD models related to them. The directory also contains folders organizing GAP animations by purpose (field, battle, event).

The below table is for describing the animations in the GAP files found in Protagonist's battle directory.


Filename Type Description
ab0001_051.GAP Contains some idle animations
Animation 0 Idle animation, hands in pockets
Animation 1 Running animation
Animation 2 Idle animation (similar to Animation 0, positioned differently)
ab0001_051a.GAP Identical to ab0001_051a.GAP
bb0001_051.GAP Various battle animations
Animation 0 Idle animation, hands out of pockets
Animation 1 Taunting (?)
Animation 2 Low on health
Animation 3 Hit by enemy attack
bb0001_051_051a.GAP Identical to bb0001_051.GAP
bb0001_051_051b.GAP Blank aside from Animation 3
Animation 3 Hit by enemy attack (identical to Animation 3 of bb0001_051.GAP)
bb0001_051_051c.GAP Identical to ab0001_051.GAP
bb0001_051_052a.GAP Identical to bb0001_051.GAP
bb0001_051_052b.GAP Identical to bb0001_051_051b.GAP
bb0001_051_052c.GAP Identical to ab0001_051.GAP
bb0001_051_151a.GAP Animations are the same as bb0001_051.GAP until Animation 6
Animation 6 Slightly slower running animation, most likely used ingame
Animation 11 Idle animation, crouched slightly with hands curled
Animation 22 Backflip dodge
Animation 23 Knocked down
bb0001_051_151b.GAP Identical to bb0001_051_051b.GAP
bb0001_051_151c.GAP Slower idle animation, not including Animation 1, which is a copy of the one in ab0001_051.GAP. The rest of the data contains exact copies of Animation 0
Animation 0 A much slower and smoother idle animation. Left hand in pocket. Seems to be the one used ingame, with 80 frames before looping compared to the faster animation's 40 frames
bb0001_051_152a.GAP Identical to bb0001_051.GAP
bb0001_051_152b.GAP Identical to bb0001_051_051b.GAP
bb0001_051_152c.GAP Identical to bb0001_051_151c.GAP
bb0001_051_153a.GAP Nearly identical to bb0001_051_151a.GAP aside from the faster version of Animation 6
bb0001_051_153b.GAP Identical to bb0001_051_051b.GAP
bb0001_051_153c.GAP Identical to bb0001_051_151c.GAP
bb0001_051_154a.GAP Identical to bb0001_051_151a.GAP
bb0001_051_154b.GAP Identical to bb0001_051_151a.GAP
bb0001_051_154c.GAP Identical to bb0001_051_151c.GAP
bb0001_051_155a.GAP Identical to bb0001_051.GAP
bb0001_051_155b.GAP Identical to bb0001_051_051b.GAP
bb0001_051_155c.GAP Identical to bb0001_051_151c.GAP
bb0001_051_156a.GAP Description
bb0001_051_156b.GAP Description
bb0001_051_156c.GAP Description
bb0001_051_157a.GAP Description
bb0001_051_157b.GAP Description
bb0001_051_157c.GAP Description
bb0001_051_158a.GAP Description
bb0001_051_158b.GAP Description
bb0001_051_158c.GAP Description
bb0001_051_159a.GAP Description
bb0001_051_159b.GAP Description
bb0001_051_159c.GAP Description
bb0001_051_160a.GAP Description
bb0001_051_160b.GAP Description
bb0001_051_160c.GAP Description
bb0001_051_161a.GAP Description
bb0001_051_161b.GAP Description
bb0001_051_161c.GAP Description
bb0001_051_162a.GAP Description
bb0001_051_162b.GAP Description
bb0001_051_162c.GAP Description
bb0001_051_163a.GAP Description
bb0001_051_163b.GAP Description
bb0001_051_163c.GAP Description
bb0001_051_164a.GAP Description
bb0001_051_164b.GAP Description
bb0001_051_164c.GAP Description
bb0001_051_165a.GAP Description
bb0001_051_165b.GAP Description
bb0001_051_165c.GAP Description
bb0001_051_166a.GAP Description
bb0001_051_166b.GAP Description
bb0001_051_166c.GAP Description
bb0001_051_167a.GAP Description
bb0001_051_167b.GAP Description
bb0001_051_167c.GAP Description
bb0001_051_168a.GAP Description
bb0001_051_168b.GAP Description
bb0001_051_168c.GAP Description
bb0001_051_169a.GAP Description
bb0001_051_169b.GAP Description
bb0001_051_169c.GAP Description
bb0001_052.GAP Description
bb0001_099.GAP Description
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