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Persona 5/data.cpk/model/character/0008/field

From Amicitia Wiki
Location Data.cpk (P5)
Contains GAP

The data.cpk file found in Persona 5 contains a GMD model folder, Persona 5/data.cpk/model/character. Each folder is categorized by character ID number. See Persona 5/data.cpk/model/character for a full list of ID number with character names and descriptions. 0008 refers to Futaba, and several GMD models related to them. The directory also contains folders organizing GAP animations by purpose (field, battle, event).

The below table is for describing the animations in the GAP files found in Futaba's field directory.


Filename Description
af0008_002.GAP Description
be0008_101.GAP Description
bf0008_001.GAP Description
bf0008_051.GAP Description
bf0008_200.GAP Description
bf0008_201.GAP Description
bf0008_210.GAP Description
bf0008_251.GAP Description
bf0008_252.GAP Description
bf0008_253.GAP Description
bf0008_254.GAP Description
bf0008_281.GAP Description
bf0008_291.GAP Description
bf0008_400.GAP Description
bf0008_410.GAP Description
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