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Persona 5/data.cpk/model/character/0009

From Amicitia Wiki
Location Data.cpk (P5)
Contains GMD GAP

The data.cpk file found in Persona 5 contains a GMD model folder, Persona 5/data.cpk/model/character. Each folder is categorized by character ID number. See Persona 5/data.cpk/model/character for a full list of ID number with character names and descriptions. 0009 refers to Goro Akechi, and several GMD models related to them. The directory also contains folders organizing GAP animations by purpose (field, battle, event).


The below table was automatically generated based on similarities to other directories. Please remove this notice once inaccuracies have been corrected.


ID Filename Costume Description Battle Event Field
1 c0009_001_00.GMD Summer Uniform
2 c0009_002_00.GMD Winter Uniform Detective Outfit
3 c0009_003_00.GMD Winter Casual
4 c0009_004_00.GMD Winter Casual
49 c0009_049_00.GMD Title Screen Model
51 c0009_051_00.GMD Battle Costume Masked
81 c0009_081_00.GMD Battle Costume Masked
99 c0009_099_00.GMD Mouse
101 c0009_101_00.GMD Winter Uniform (cutscene) Detective outfit
102 c0009_102_00.GMD Battle Costume (cutscene) Blue overlay on mask
103 c0009_103_00.GMD Arms (cutscene - bad ending) Silhouette
104 c0009_104_00.GMD Battle Costume (cutscene- Shido's Palace) Pink overlay on mask, red outline
151 c0009_151_00.GMD Summer Uniform (Battle)
152 c0009_152_00.GMD Winter Uniform (Battle)
153 c0009_153_00.GMD Casual 1 (Battle)
154 c0009_154_00.GMD Casual 2 (Battle)
158 c0009_158_00.GMD SEES Outfit
159 c0009_159_00.GMD Yasogami High Uniform
160 c0009_160_00.GMD Lunarvale Uniform
161 c0009_161_00.GMD Seven Sisters Uniform
162 c0009_162_00.GMD Catherine DLC Costume
163 c0009_163_00.GMD SMTif Outfit
164 c0009_164_00.GMD Butler/Maid DLC Costume
165 c0009_165_00.GMD Christmas DLC Costume
166 c0009_166_00.GMD P4 Dancing All Night DLC Costume
167 c0009_167_00.GMD P4 Arena Ultimax DLC Costume
168 c0009_168_00.GMD SMTIV DLC Costume
169 c0009_169_00.GMD Raidou DLC Costume
205 c0009_205_01.GMD Summer Uniform (cutscene?)
205 c0009_205_02.GMD Winter Uniform (cutscene?) Detective outfit
205 c0009_205_03.GMD Winter Casual (cutscene?)
205 c0009_205_04.GMD Winter Casual (cutscene?)
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