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From Amicitia Wiki
Persona 5/ps3.cpk
Format CPK
Size 10.9 GB
Contains AWB, ACB, USM

The ps3.cpk is a CPK file found in Persona 5. It has many folders named similarly to the data.cpk, but the files are different and are presumably formatted to work with the PS3 version of the game.

The movies, sound, and environment textures are found here, among other things.


Directory Name Description Notable Files
battle Contains the "analyze" folder with DDS images of boss names
bustup Contains various BINs that contain pairs of Bustup images in DDS format, each with separate blinking and talking frames. It seems they were split into layers to reduce compression artifacts. bustup (P5) (a list of bustups in Persona 5), bustup_param.dat (a file with parameters for the positioning of each image in a bustup)
calendar Contains DDS images of bosses for danger meters
camp Contains various DDS textures for the pause menu, such as the protagonist, tarot cards, confidants, and levelup images
combine Contains a PKG file for the velvet room functions, such as persona summoning and the compendium Notable Files
community Files relating to game over, confidant rankup and max, such as the DDS textures for the poems. Notable Files
cutin Contains tables and images for the closeup tear-away cutins of characters during cutscenes.
device Files related to saving the game, including the save icon Notable Files
event Just a single spd file p5_R1help.spd
facility DDS images of Tae and Iwai for their respective shop UIs, as well as location names and PAKs with the UI elements and BF scripts for each shop
field PAC files for fields, NPCs, and field types (dungeon, regular field, safe room...) as well as a panel directory with more useful stuff. panel (directory with some more UI elements like minimap, mission list, location names, and crowd/transition textures), dngPack.pac (a PAC file containing several dungeon related BMD, EPL and GMD files, as well as some BF scripts loaded with each dungeon), fldPack.pac (a PAC file with some regular field related EPL and GMD files, including a BF script loaded with each field)
font The game's main FNT files, as well as some BIN files containing Bustups (these bustups are smaller and not split up by compression). There's also the various response DDS cutin images for the protagonist, various small UI icons, and tutorial images, select (a folder containing the protag's dialog response cutin images), (various chatter effects for crowds of npcs), font0.fnt (the game's main font), (UI icons for weapon and armor types, enemy weaknesses, move types, item types, and social stats all in one DDS spritesheet)
image Various DDS image files that pop up onscreen during story events
init PAC files with icons for loading the game, such as the iconic "take your time"
minigame Description Notable Files
mission PAC file that contains textures for mementos mission received cards Notable Files
model Field textures for models from data.cpk
movie Anime cutscenes in USM format
network Description Notable Files
resident Description Notable Files
sound Various ACB/AWB pairs containing the game's sound effects, voices, and BGM in ADX format. bgm.awb (a list of BGM tracks in P5), system.awb (system SFX), title.awb (titlescreen SFX), voice_field_mob.awb (crowd npc voices), voice_singleword.awb (the protagonist and other playable character's-- as well as confidant's-- short voice clips)
staff_roll Description Notable Files
tex Various DDS images used as effects in cutscenes and flashbacks, as well as lesson images from in school.
title A PAC with title screen graphics and a PAC with the intro where Igor makes you agree that the game is a work of fiction. Also a USM cutscene for the franchise's 20th anniversary. titlle.pak, fiction.pak, p20th.usm, title_logo.spd
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