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Persona 5/ps3.cpk/movie

From Amicitia Wiki

The ps3.cpk in Persona 5 contains a movie directory, where anime cutscenes are stored in USM files. Each USM file can be

split into an M2V video file and ADX audio file.


In order to extract the audio and video tracks from each USM file, you can use VGMToolbox


Filename Order Scene Name
mov000.usm 1 Opening Cinematic
mov001.usm 2 The Phantom Thief Arrives
mov004.usm 5 Prison in Blue
mov005.usm 6 Psychotic Breakdowns?
mov006.usm 4 Past and Premonition
mov007.usm 7 Encounter in the Rain
mov008.usm 8 Tumble into the Metaverse
mov009.usm 9 The Name is Arsène
mov010.usm 11 The Volleyball Rally
mov011.usm 13 The Crumbling Palace
mov012.usm 14 Secret Admirer
mov013.usm 22 Accident or Incident
mov015.usm 18 Ruins in the Sand
mov016.usm 19 Collapsing Ruins
mov017.usm 17 Rained Out
mov018.usm 20 Summer Break Bliss
mov020.usm 24 A New Beginning
mov021.usm 29 Shocking News
mov024.usm 31 Vessel of Corruption
mov025.usm 32 It's Showtime!
mov026.usm 34 One Last Sprint
mov029.usm 40 Saying Goodbye
mov031.usm 12 Bottled Truths
mov032.usm 36 The God of Control
mov033.usm 21 School trip to Hawaii
mov034.usm 35 When Worlds Collide
mov035.usm 41 Freeing the Leader
mov036.usm 42 Freedom
mov037.usm 27 The Traitor
mov039.usm 43 Reunited
mov040.usm 3 The Arrest
mov041.usm 25 The Phantom Thief Arrives
mov042.usm 28 The End...?
mov043.usm 30 The Truth
mov044.usm 26 The Arrest
mov045.usm 44 True Ending
mov100.usm Flashback to first arrest
mov101.usm 10 Back to the Metaverse
mov102.usm When Worlds Collide in game cutscene
mov103.usm 33 The Beast of Hubris
mov104.usm 39 The Bullet of Rebellion
mov105.usm 37 True Rebels
mov106.usm 23 An Unexpected Crisis
mov297.usm 38 Satanael's Descent
mov298.usm 16 Gluttonous Fly
mov299.usm 15 Brush of Vanity
mov302.usm Christmas TV ad
mov303.usm Train news flash
mov308.usm Shadow Sae on a screen
mov309.usm News report
mov310.usm Shido talking
mov311.usm Shido's confession
mov312.usm Metaverse app on Ren's phone screen
mov313.usm Files being copied off of Sae's laptop
mov314.usm Shadows spawning in the casino
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