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Persona 5/ps3.cpk/sound/battle/spt01.awb
Format AWB
Size 21,9 MB
Contains ADX


File Line
1 We're surrounded! Three enemies!
2 We've been surrounded by three enemies... Strong ones!
3 They took us by surprise! These three are weak, but be careful!
4 Three enemies! We don't have time to waste!
5 Wh-- A surprise attack!? Four enemies!
6 Four enemies! They're formidable!
7 We're surrounded! They've got numbers... Wait for your chance!
8 We don't have time to hang around here fighting!
9 An enemy ambush! Let's see, there's... five of them!?
10 Five strong enemies...! We just have to take them one at a time!
11 Gah, shoot! They're weak, but they have us outnumbered! Hang on!
12 Don't panic! Stay cool, and blaze through them!
13 All right! The first move is ours!
14 Now's our chance to strike! Go!
15 This'll be over in a flash!
16 All right, we got the drop on them! Let's hit them hard!
17 Round them up and thrash them!
18 Don't bother with these guys! Just finish the job!
19 Move! You're in the way!
20 Let's beat them quick and go straight for our target!
21 OK, they're off balance!
22 Nice one! Keep it up!
23 You got them flinching! Go get them!
24 What!? This one's a real threat!
25 Hey that's a rare one! Don't let it escape!
26 One enemy! Let's do it!
27 One enemy, but it's pretty strong!
28 This'll be a cinch!
29 Now's not the time to stick around and fight!
30 There's two enemies! Don't underestimate them!
31 Two enemies! They're pretty strong!
32 Two weaklings! Beat 'em in one fell swoop!
33 We don't have time for these small fries! Clean 'em up!
34 Three enemies! Let's do it!
35 Three powerful foes! Stay on guard!
36 There's three of them, but we're the better team!
37 Tch, they caught us...! Let's thrash them!
38 Four foes! Don't lose here!
39 Four enemies here...! They're no pushovers!
40 Four enemies! Don't worry, though. They're still nothing special!
41 Multiple enemies! Rrgh, this is getting annoying!
42 Five foes! Just hang in there!
43 F-Five of them! And they're all really tough!
44 Outnumbering us isn't gonna help!
45 So, the enemy's on high alert...
46 0
47 0
48 0
49 Wh-What!? We've got several casualties! This is bad!
50 Joker!? H-Hey... Answer me!
51 How could they be this strong...?
52 Joker! Get up! No... JOKER!
53 Skull's out! We've gotta help him!
54 Gah... I got too reckless... I'll back out and focus on support!
55 Panther's been taken out! Someone treat her!
56 Fox is unconscious! This is bad!
57 Queen's injured! She needs some help!
58 Noir's been knocked out! Someone look after her!
59 They took out Crow! Someone cover him!
60 Hey! You have to hang on, OK?
61 Everyone OK!?
62 Joker! Are you OK!?
63 Skull's in trouble! Someone fix him up!
64 I-I could use a hand here...
65 Panther! Hang in there!
66 Gah, not good! Fox is in bad shape!
67 They're attacking Queen! Pay attention!
68 Noir's in a tight spot! Keep an eye on her!
69 Crow's at low health! Be careful!
70 Watch your health! When you get some breathing room, heal!
71 This just got worse... Brace yourselves!
72 Joker's down...! Come on, you gotta hold on!
73 Oh no! Skull's been knocked flat!
74 Owww!
75 Panther's off her feet! Are you all right!?
76 Fox got knocked off balance! You have to recover!
77 Queen's been knocked down! Keep it together!
78 Noir! Are you OK!?
79 Crow's been knocked down! Stand your ground!
80 Hey! Are you OK!?
81 Whoa-ho! THAT'S how true phantom thieves do it!
82 All right, Joker! Very smooth!
83 I guess you ARE good for something, Skull!
84 Not bad, if I say so myself...
85 Yeah! Nice one, Panther!
86 Good one, Fox!
87 All right, Queen! Beautifully dodged!
88 Now you've got it, Noir!
89 All right, Crow! Keep that up!
90 Nice one! They can't land a hit!
91 An enemy's run off! You've got four left!
92 The enemy's running! Let's keep up the pressure!
93 The enemy ran! There's still two!
94 The enemy's escaped! Only one left!
95 There it goes! We must've really scared 'em!
96 Joker's attack is down!
97 Skull, your attack power's been lowered!
98 My power...
99 Panther's attack power is low right now!
100 Fox, your attack power's gone down!
101 Queen, your attack has been lowered!
102 Noir, your attack power's down!
103 Crow's offense is down!
104 Your attack's been lowered!
105 Joker, your defense got lowered!
106 Skull, your defense has dropped!
107 My defense is low right now...
108 Panther, your defense has been lowered!
109 Fox, your defense is down!
110 Queen, your defenses are down. Be careful!
111 Noir, your defense has dropped!
112 Crow, your defense is low!
113 Your defense is down!
114 Joker, your speed's been lowered!
115 Skull, your agility's down!
116 My incredible speed, lowered?
117 Panther, your agility is lowered!
118 Fox, your speed's been decreased!
119 Queen, your speed's lowered!
120 Noir, your agility's down!
121 Crow, your agility is currently down!
122 Your speed's been lowered!
123 Five left! Let's calm down and deal with them!
124 Five foes! We're outnumbered!
125 Four left! Hang in there!
126 Four enemies! Hold your ground!
127 Three remaining! We can do it!
128 There are three enemies! Let's get them!
129 Two enemies remaining! Don't let your guard down!
130 Two foes left! Let's do this!
131 One enemy remaining! This is the last one!
132 Only one more! Let's go!
133 Everyone, watch your health!
134 Joker, you're hurt! Don't get reckless now!
135 Skull, are you OK? Watch your health!
136 Dammit... I don't have much health left...
137 Panther's in trouble! Someone heal her!
138 Fox, your health is low! Watch out!
139 Queen, you're in danger! Someone take care of her!
140 Noir, are you OK? We need a heal, stat!
141 Crow's health is dangerously low! We need a heal!
142 Hey, you're in danger! Pull back and heal!
143 Joker's on fire! He can't take much more of this!
144 Skull's burning! We gotta put out that fire!
145 Hot! Hot hot HOT!
146 Panther's burning up! Someone put that out!
147 Fox is on fire! That's going to keep hurting him!
148 Queen's on fire! She's taking damage!
149 A fire!? Noir, are you OK!?
150 Crow's burning! The pain's gonna keep building if we don't fix it!
151 You're on fire!
152 Joker's frozen! He can't move like this!
153 Shoot! Skull's been frozen!
154 I'm frozen stiff...!
155 Panther's frozen! She can't move!
156 Fox is frozen! He can't move like that!
157 Queen's frozen!? She's stuck!
158 Noir's frozen! This isn't good!
159 Crow's frozen and can't move!
160 You're frozen! You can't move while you're stuck like that!
161 Joker's electrified!
162 Skull, you're electrified! Moving's gonna be a problem!
163 I-I got shocked... Can't move...!
164 Panther's shocked! She can't move!
165 Fox got shocked! He can't move!
166 You can't move while you're electrified! Hang in there, Queen!
167 Noir's electrified! She can't move like this!
168 Crow's been shocked! He can't move that easily now!
169 Gah, you got shocked! You can't move as well now!
170 Joker's dizzy! His accuracy's going to be worse now!
171 Skull's dizzy! He's going to miss a lot more now!
172 I'm dizzy... Can't see straight...
173 Panther's dazed! Her attacks won't hit as often!
174 Fox is dizzy! He'll have trouble landing his attacks!
175 Queen is dizzy! It'll be a lot harder to land attacks now!
176 Noir, you're dizzy! Your accuracy's down, and you're more vulnerable!
177 Crow's dizzy! Accuracy's down, and if he gets hit now, it'll hurt!
178 You're dizzy! It'll be a lot harder to land a hit!
179 Joker's confused!? Hey, calm down!
180 Skull's confused! There's no telling what he might do!
181 Whaa...? What's going on...?
182 Panther's confused! Just calm down and stay still!
183 Fox is confused! He might try anything!
184 Queen's completely confused! Don't move, OK?
185 Noir's confused! She's going wild!
186 Crow's confused! He's not listening to anyone!
187 Hey, calm down! You're confused!
188 Joker's terrified!
189 Skull's shivering! He's so scared, he might make a break for it!
190 Waaaaaah! Get away from meeeee!
191 Panther's scared! It's OK--don't run away!
192 Fox is scared! He might bolt!
193 Queen is really scared! She might run if it comes down to it!
194 Noir's shaking! If she's that scared, she might try to run!
195 Crow's scared... I hope he doesn't run!
196 Oh no! You're scared out of your mind!
197 Joker can't call his Persona! He's forgotten everything!
198 Skull's got amnesia!?
199 ...Huh? Uh... What was I doing again?
200 Panther's forgotten how to summon her Persona!
201 Fox can't use his Persona! He's forgotten how!
202 Queen's forgotten how to call her Persona!
203 Noir's lost her memory! She can't use her Persona!
204 Crow's forgotten how to summon his Persona!
205 Wait... Did you forget how to summon your Persona!?
206 Joker's hungry!? He's losing his strength!
207 Skull's powered down. He's way too hungry! Is there a beef bowl anywhere!?
208 I'm out of energy... I need a snack...
209 Panther's starving! Her attack power is plummeting!
210 Fox is hungry! He's losing power!
211 Queen's too hungry! Her attack power is down!
212 Noir's out of energy! She needs food!
213 Crow's starving! He's powered down!
214 You've hit the wall! Eat some food and you won't feel weak!
215 Joker's asleep!? Not good... He's vulnerable!
216 Skull's fallen asleep! He can't defend himself!
217 Zzz... Finally, I'm... human...
218 Panther's fallen asleep! Hey, rise and shine!
219 Fox is asleep! If they go for him now, it'll hurt!
220 Queen, wake up! It'll be a problem if you get attacked now!
221 Noir's sleeping! This could get dangerous!
222 Crow's fallen asleep! He can't defend himself!
223 Hey, come on! Wake up!
224 Joker's losing his cool! He's getting too reckless!
225 Skull's enraged!? Hey, just calm down! Listen to me!
226 Rrraaaaah! I'm pissed, dammit!!
227 Panther's mad!? W-Wait, calm down!
228 Fox is going berserk! Hey, listen to us!
229 Queen's snapped! She's being too reckless!
230 Noir's lost it! Someone stop her before she gets herself hurt!
231 Crow's lost his temper! Hey, come to your senses!
232 Hey, don't lose your head!
233 Joker's in despair! We can't just leave him like this!
234 Skull's losing heart! We have to save him!
235 It's hopeless... I'm gonna be a cat for the rest of my life...
236 Panther's despondent! We can't just ignore her!
237 We have to help Fox! The despair is overwhelming him!
238 Queen's in despair! Come on, snap out of it!
239 Noir's depressed! Isn't there anything we can do!?
240 Crow looks miserable... We need to save him from this!
241 Hey! Don't give up now... Hang in there!
242 Joker's brainwashed! He can't tell who's who!
243 Skull's been brainwashed! We're the good guys, genius!
244 Meow? M-Meeeeyyoooow!?
245 Panther's brainwashed!? Wake up!
246 Fox is brainwashed! He can't tell friend from foe!
247 Queen's been brainwashed! No, we're teammates!
248 Noir's been brainwashed! She's helping the enemy!
249 Crow's brainwashed! He's going rogue!
250 You're brainwashed! Can't you tell who's on your side!?
251 Joker's been turned into a mouse!
252 Skull's a mouse! He's helpless!
253 *squeak squeak squeeeaaak*!
254 Panther's a mouse now! Oh, she doesn't stand a chance like that!
255 Fox is just a mouse now! He can't do much like that!
256 Queen's a mouse! We have to help her!
257 Noir's been turned into a mouse! She's powerless!
258 Crow's a mouse! He's at the enemy's mercy!
259 You've been turned into a mouse! This isn't good!
260 All right, time for a counterattack!
261 Skull's back up! Let's give them some payback!
262 Time for my comeback with style and grace!
263 All right, Panther's back!
264 Fox! It's time to turn the tables!
265 Queen's back on the front lines! Time to return the favor!
266 Noir's back up! All right!
267 Crow's gotten up! It's time to fight back!
268 All right! Now's our chance!
269 The battle's turned in our favor! Let's attack!
270 Now's our chance!
271 We're on the defensive! Watch out!
272 The enemy's still got the advantage. Give it all you've got!
273 You can hit the enemy's weakness if you perform a Baton Pass here!
274 Performing a Baton Pass now might help you knock them down!
275 This is the perfect time for a Baton Pass!
276 Don't you think now's a good opportunity for a Baton Pass?
277 You can knock down more of them if you use a Baton Pass!
278 Yes! A clean hit!
279 Nice one! They're at your mercy!
280 Nice! Your gambit worked!
281 Great! Nice move!
282 Heh heh... All according to plan!
283 0
284 0
285 0
286 0
287 0
288 0
289 0
290 0
291 0
292 All enemies defeated! Just what I'd expect from you, Joker!
293 We wiped them out! That was incredible, Skull!
294 What did you think? Graceful? Stylish?
295 Nice job, Panther! We took them all out!
296 That's all of them! Not bad, Fox!
297 Enemies annihilated! Queen, you're so awesome!
298 No more foes! Noir, that was fantastic!
299 No more enemies! Nicely done, Crow!
300 Looks like we cleaned up here!
301 Well done, Joker! That's four enemies down!
302 Not bad, Skull! Four enemies in one go!
303 Four foes slain! Sometimes I even impress myself!
304 Outstanding, Panther! Four enemies: gone!
305 Nice work, Fox! Four enemies defeated!
306 Queen's a real terror! She got four enemies in one fell swoop!
307 Noir defeated four enemies!
308 Amazing, Crow! Four enemies defeated!
309 Four enemies defeated! Incredible!
310 Three ememies defeated! Good one, Joker!
311 Three foes defeated! Skull, keep it up!
312 Three enemies, gone! Did you see that?
313 Three enemies defeated! Looking good, Panther!
314 That's three down! Good one, Fox!
315 Three enemies defeated! Queen, you're so cool!
316 Noir got three enemies! Now let's finish them off!
317 That's three gone! Nice one, Crow!
318 That's three less to worry about! Not bad!
319 Keep up the pace! That's two enemies down for Joker!
320 Good job, Skull! That's two we don't need to worry about!
321 Two birds with one stone! And I'm not done yet!
322 All right, Panther! That's two out of the way!
323 Fox defeated two foes! Don't stop now!
324 Queen, that was amazing! Two enemies defeated!
325 That's the spirit, Noir! Two foes defeated!
326 Excellent work, Crow! Two enemies defeated!
327 Nice one! Two enemies down!
328 Joker took one out! All right!
329 An enemy defeated! Skull, gimme more!
330 Got 'em! That was just a taste of my power!
331 Wiped 'em out! You're so gorgeous, Panther!
332 Enemy down! Keep it going, Fox!
333 Queen defeated an enemy!
334 One enemy down! Keep it coming, Noir!
335 Enemy defeated! Nice one, Crow!
336 OK! Scratch one enemy!
337 They're all knocked down! That was incredible, Joker!
338 They're on the ground! Nice going, Skull!
339 That was pure skill!
340 They're on the floor! You're the best, Panther!
341 We got them on the ground! I knew you could do it, Fox!
342 They're knocked down, Queen! You have them on the ropes!
343 Wonderful, Noir! The enemy's fallen!
344 The enemies are on the floor! Crow's got this!
345 You did it! They've fallen flat!
346 Four knocked down! Nice, Joker!
347 Four on the floor! Keep it up, Skull!
348 That's four knocked down! How did you like that!?
349 Oh, Panther! Four enemies knocked flat!
350 Nice, Fox! That's four enemies on the ground!
351 Four enemies off balance! Keep it up, Queen!
352 Four foes knocked down! All right, Noir!
353 Four enemies knocked down! Good work, Crow!
354 We've got four enemies knocked down! Now's our chance!
355 Three enemies knocked down! Nice one, Joker!
356 Three enemies knocked down! Skull, you did it!
357 Three foes toppled! How's that?
358 That's three knocked to the ground! Panther, you got this!
359 Three enemies, knocked flat! You're doing great, Fox!
360 Queen's doing great! Three enemies knocked to the floor!
361 Three enemies off balance! Keep it up, Noir!
362 Crow's knocked down three of them! Keep it up!
363 All right! That's three brought down!
364 Great move, Joker! That's two knocked flat!
365 Two enemies knocked to the ground! Go, Skull, go!
366 Two enemies knocked down! There's more where that came from!
367 Looking good, Panther! Two foes on the ground!
368 Fox got two of them off balance! You have some nice technique!
369 That's two on the floor! Go get 'em, Queen!
370 Two enemies fell down! Noir's at full force!
371 You're doing great, Crow! That's two knocked down!
372 Two enemies prone! Keep the pressure up!
373 Whoooaaa! Looking cool, Joker!
374 You did it, Skull!
375 Ha! It's almost scary how good I am!
376 Let's see that again, Panther!
377 Ooh, nice one, Fox!
378 All right, Queen!
379 Good one, Noir!
380 Excellent, Crow!
381 Nice! The enemy's down!
382 Nice, Joker! Right in their weak spot!
383 Skull nailed their weak spot! Not bad at all!
384 I hit their weakness! It's all too easy!
385 Hit confirmed! You got their weakness, Panther!
386 That hit its weak point! Keep it going, Fox!
387 Queen hit their weakness! Nice!
388 Straight to their weak spot! Great job, Noir!
389 Weak point, locked on! Nice one, Crow!
390 That hit their weakness!
391 A smash hit! Joker, that was cool!
392 Not bad! Skull got in a solid hit!
393 Ahhh, that felt good!
394 Wow, Panther...! I'm in love all over again!
395 A clean hit! Looking cool, Fox!
396 I felt that from here! You're amazing, Queen!
397 Great attack, Noir!
398 A critical hit! Nice one, Crow!
399 Now that's a hit!
400 You missed!? Come on, Joker!
401 Oh Skull... You're pathetic...
402 I missed!? Really!?
403 Panther! Watch them carefully!
404 Fox, you gotta aim!
405 Queen! Get a hold of yourself!
406 Noir, aim carefully!
407 You gotta watch their movements, Crow!
408 What was that!? Focus!
409 H-Hey, Skull! Where are you going!?
410 I'm outta heeeeere!
411 Panther! Waaaaait!
412 Fox, don't run!
413 Queen, don't run away!
414 Noir! Hold on!
415 Crow!? Hey, come back!
416 Hey! Where are you going!?
417 0
418 0
419 0
420 0
421 0
422 0
423 Beat 'em down!
424 Attaaack!
425 Let's get 'em!
426 0
427 0
428 0
429 0
430 0
431 0
432 0
433 We're getting out of here! You ready!?
434 It's no use... We can't escape!
435 Hold on just a bit more! There's gotta be a way out of this.
436 Now! Let's get out of here!
437 All right! I'll look for a way out!
438 Don't rush me! I'm looking for an opening!
439 Gah... It's just not happening! We can't escape!
440 Finish 'em!
441 OK, guys! Let's do it!
442 This'll end it!
443 Maybe you can hit their weak point?
444 This is our chance! You can hit their weakness!
445 Ooh, you can aim for their weak spot!
446 We can't hit the enemy's weak spot right now...
447 I don't think you have any skills that'll hit its weakness...
448 Looks like hitting its weak point isn't an option...
449 The enemy's terrified! I think now's the time for that move!
450 Gunshots should hit its weakness!
451 If you do a Baton Pass, you might be able to hit their weakness!
452 This move should work!
453 Guns should work fine!
454 It's weak to Physical attacks!
455 Physical attacks should work!
456 We've got some options, but we'd better find a weakness.
457 I don't know their weakness... Guess we gotta try everything!
458 We should check its affinity...
459 0
460 0
461 0
462 Hrm! Nice work, team!
463 Yeah! Victory!
464 A spectacular victory!
465 Now, let's go take the Treasure!
466 Phew... We don't have time to sit around!
467 Ignore these small fry! We're here for one thing: the Treasure!
468 N-No! Wake up!
469 Joker, get up!
470 This is a joke, right...!? Wake up!
471 0
472 0
473 0
474 0
475 0
476 0
477 0
478 Finally, we can take on Kamoshida himself... Everyone, let's do this!
479 Joker, don't lose focus! There's no telling what he'll try!
480 Get 'em, Joker! This moneygrubber's getting a one-way ticket to redemption!
481 0
482 0
483 0
484 0
485 0
486 0
487 0
488 Attack Kamoshida! Keep him busy!
489 It feels like he's gonna attack! Keep your guard up!
490 Now's our chance! Attack the main body!
491 You're covered in paint! I don't like the look of this...
492 Careful, a big one's coming!
493 Dummy btlSupportMsg_MORGANA
494 0
495 0
496 0
497 0
498 0
499 0
500 0
501 0
502 0
503 0
504 0
505 0
506 0
507 0
508 0
509 0
510 0
511 There's no end to them... What's their problem!? All this over some cash?
512 The enemy's flustered! Hit them and create an opening!
513 Use the move you learned from that kid! Guns out!
514 0
515 0
516 0
517 0
518 0
519 0
520 0
521 0
522 0
523 0
524 0
525 0
526 H-Hey, Joker! These two are...!
527 Y-You... You wanna fight them!?
528 These two are dangerous! I can tell!
529 Don't let their looks deceive you! They're on a whole other level!
530 0
531 The countdown's starting again... Take him down before it finishes!
532 Ngh...! The countdown is already halfway finished!
533 The countdown's getting low... Hurry up, there's not much time left!
534 0
535 0
536 0
537 0
538 0
539 0
540 0
541 0
542 0
543 0
544 0
545 0
546 0
547 0
548 0
549 0
550 0
551 0
552 0
553 0
554 0
555 0
556 0
557 0
558 0
559 0
560 0
561 0
562 0
563 Go! Zorro!
564 Zorrooooo!
565 Run, Mercurius!
566 Mercuriusss!
567 I don't see a weakness...
568 It's weak to Physical hits! Now's our chance!
569 Gun attacks will hit its weakness! Go, go, go!
570 Let's see, this one... is weak to Fire!
571 This Shadow's weakness is... Ice.
572 It's weak to Wind!
573 It's weak to Electricity. Let's go for that!
574 It's weak to Bless attacks! Do we have any ready?
575 This one's weak against Curse skills...
576 Its weakness is Nuclear power!
577 This enemy's weak to Psychokinesis! €€
578 Physical attacks won't work on this one!
579 This one's strong against gunshots! Don't waste your bullets!
580 Fire won't work! Be careful!
581 Ice is no good! Use something different!
582 Wind won't work here!
583 Electricity is ineffective! You got that!?
584 Bless attacks won't do anything! Find another way!
585 Curse skills won't work, so be careful!
586 No Nuclear attacks! Stay on your toes!
587 Psychokinesis won't work!
588 I don't see a weak spot...
589 Physical attacks are its weakness! We can use that!
590 It can't take gunfire! Lock and load!
591 It's weak to Fire skills.
592 Its weakness is... Ice!
593 Use Wind to hit its weak point!
594 This one's weak to Electricity!
595 Bless attacks will shut it down!
596 This one's weak to Curse attacks!
597 Its weakness is Nuclear skills!
598 The Shadow's weak against Psychokinesis! €€
599 Physical strikes won't work on that one!
600 It's impervious to gunfire!
601 Fire attacks are useless.
602 Don't use Ice skills!
603 Wind attacks won't work!
604 Electric moves won't work!
605 Don't use Bless attacks!
606 Curse attacks won't hurt it!
607 Make sure not to use Nuclear moves!
608 Psychokinesis skills are no good!
609 No weaknesses I can see.
610 Physical attacks are effective! Lucky us!
611 It's weak against gunfire! Bring out the artillery!
612 Hrm... so Fire is its weak point.
613 Ice is the Shadow's weak spot!
614 This enemy's weak to Wind!
615 Use Electric moves! Those are its weakness!
616 You got any Bless moves? It's weak against those!
617 Curse moves are effective...
618 Nuclear power is its weak point!
619 It's weak against Psychokinesis! €€
620 Careful, Physical attacks won't work.
621 Don't waste ammo on this one. Guns are useless.
622 Fire attacks won't work.
623 Don't bother with Ice attacks!
624 Wind moves won't deal damage!
625 It's immune to Electric attacks!
626 Don't use Bless skills!
627 Something other than Curse moves! Those won't work!
628 Avoid Nuke attacks!
629 Psychokinesis won't work!
630 Not bad!
631 You're amazing as always, Joker!
632 You didn't have that one yet, Joker!
633 That's another mask for you, Joker!
634 0
635 0
636 0
637 0
638 You can hit the enemy's weakness if you perform a Baton Pass here!
639 Performing a Baton Pass now might help you knock them down!
640 This is the perfect time for a Baton Pass!
641 Don't you think now's a good opportunity for a Baton Pass?
642 You can knock down more of them if you use a Baton Pass!
643 Watch out! They're going to attack!
644 The Shadow is about to attack! Heal yourself, quickly!
645 Watch your health! The enemy is ready to strike!
646 They're about to attack! Make sure you're ready for it!
647 Recover quickly, before the enemy starts their attack!
648 An enemy's on fire! Hit it with a Wind attack for major damage!
649 There's a frozen enemy! A meaty Physical attack should break them apart!
650 The enemy is electrocuted! Melee attacks should work, but don't get electrocuted yourself!
651 An enemy's asleep! Now's our chance to strike!
652 There's a dizzy enemy! Follow up and knock them down!
653 Whoa, it's strong! Don't get careless, you guys!
654 Physical attacks are its weakness. Let's try to use this to our advantage.
655 It might be strong, but it's weak to Gun attacks. Just don't run out of ammo!
656 This is one tough enemy... It's weak to Fire though, so let's go for that!
657 It's really strong! Let's go after its Ice weakness!
658 This one's powerful, but it's weak against Wind attacks!
659 The enemy's tough, but if we can hit it with Electricity...
660 This Shadow is scary! Let's end this quickly with a Bless attack!
661 It's a powerful enemy, but it should be weak to Curse attacks!
662 It may be tougher than normal, but it's weak to Nuclear attacks. If we can hit it with those...
663 This enemy is susceptible to Psychokinesis, but watch out... it's still strong!
664 Not only is it formidable, but Physical attacks won't work! We can't force our way through!
665 Guns won't work against this strong enemy! Be careful!
666 It's a powerful foe... Fire's no good. Use something else!
667 Strong and resistant to Ice, huh?
668 We can't use Wind on this one! Keep your guard up--it's strong!
669 That's a tough one! Electricity won't be very effective, got that?
670 Our opponent is really strong. Bless attacks won't work on it!
671 Watch out, Curse skills are no good on this one!
672 It's not only tough, but immune to Nuclear attacks too...! Hold on!
673 It's way stronger than us! On top of that, Psychokinesis won't work!
674 We're about even... but don't let your guard down, OK?
675 It's weak to Physical attacks! This should be easy!
676 It can't handle Gun attacks! Just watch your ammo!
677 This opponent is our equal! Oh, and it's weak to Fire!
678 Ice is its weakness. Let's freeze it solid.
679 Wind attacks are the best route! You can handle this if you just stay calm!
680 There's not much difference between our strength levels! Oh, but it's weak to Electricity!
681 It's weak to Bless attacks! Do you have any?
682 Curse should work, huh? Maybe we can get an instant kill...
683 It's susceptible to Nuclear attacks. Let's aim for that!
684 Looks like this one is weak to Psychokinesis moves.
685 Physical attacks are no good. Don't accidentally use one!
686 Guns don't seem to work. Try something else.
687 Fire is no good!
688 So the enemy is resistant to Ice... Be careful.
689 Don't use Wind skills. You'll need to try something else!
690 Electric attacks won't do anything. Watch which moves you choose!
691 Bless attacks are ineffective. You'll have to find another route.
692 Watch out, Curse skills are a no-go!
693 So Nuclear attacks are worthless against this one... We'll have to keep that in mind.
694 It blocks Psychokinesis!? What a troublesome enemy...
695 This one is weaker than us. We should win easy as long as we don't underestimate it!
696 So it's weak, plus it can't handle Physical attacks? Come on, let's rush it!
697 Gun shots will tear through it like paper! Let's do this!
698 We have the advantage here! Hit it with Fire!
699 Oh, it's weak against Ice. This should be easy... We're way stronger than this one!
700 The opponent is nothing compared to us! Let's clean up with some Wind attacks!
701 Electricity is super effective! This shouldn't take long!
702 Bless attacks are a great strategy against this one. Don't mess around with a weak enemy!
703 Curse attacks work well! This enemy is weak... Get it!
704 A good Nuclear attack should put an end to this quickly!
705 It's weak to Psychokinesis. Well, this shouldn't be a very tough battle to win.
706 It might be weak, but Physical attacks still won't work...
707 This one's particularly puny, but Gun attacks won't work on it. You need to try something else!
708 Fire attacks are no good... What a brazen enemy.
709 Ice skills won't work. It might be weak, but don't let your guard down.
710 It's just a weakling, but Wind attacks still won't be any good.
711 The enemy's not strong, but it can handle Electricity moves. Stay on your guard.
712 Bless skills are a no-go! Try a different type of move!
713 We can't use Curse skills on it! Don't let your guard down.
714 Nuclear attacks won't work...? It seems pretty weak...
715 No Psychokinesis skills! Give something else a shot!
716 There's an enemy on high alert! Watch out!
717 The security level's high... There's an enemy that's buffed up!
718 That dark enemy's all powered up! Be careful!
719 One of them's strong! Watch out for the darker enemy!
720 One enemy's a major threat! Stay alert while you fight it!
721 The enemy's got our number! The situation's grim!
722 Hey, now's not the time to be fighting! They're on high alert!
723 The security level's dangerously high! Don't attack head-on!
724 They're under heavy guard now! It's too dangerous to bother with them!
725 They're all out for blood! It won't end well if you choose to fight!
726 There's an enemy gunning for you! Watch the dark Shadow!
727 That darker Shadow is stronger than usual!
728 There's a high-powered enemy! If you're taking it on, stay focused!
729 They're on high alert! They sent out a really tough enemy!
730 There's an enemy keeping a close eye on us!
731 You already passed the baton to them!
732 They can't move right now. Try someone else!
733 I can't move... You want someone else...
734 That won't work right now!
735 Words aren't getting through!
736 Don't let your guard down!
737 Stay focused!
738 Whoa! Incredible, Joker!
739 Not bad! Excellent marksmanship!
744 All right! Pass the baton and follow up!
745 It's not over yet!
746 Pass it on to the second person!
747 Another Baton Pass!
748 And that's everyone! Nice strategy, team!
749 Everyone's done their job. Let's keep pushing!
750 You powered up from the Baton Pass!
751 All right! The Baton Pass made you stronger!
752 The second operative's up next! Your power keeps rising!
753 Keep passing that baton! You're getting stronger!
754 Everyone's gotten a chance now! Let's see all that power!
755 The baton's gone to everyone! Your power's as high as it'll go!
756 Yes! Marvelous!
757 Ooh, very nice! We got an item!
758 I guess those social skills are really paying off!
759 So diplomatic! You got another item!
760 It's trying to run! Watch out!
761 We can't let it escape now! Take it out!
762 It got away... Security's going to be tight from now on...
763 That's bad! It's going to contact its allies now!
764 We're breaking through their ranks! Just follow Joker!
781 Nice! Instant win! And look at all that cash!
782 Why you...!
783 Shoot...
784 Shoot...!
785 A powerful enemy! It's not wise to fight head-on!
786 That one's strong... I don't advise fighting it!
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