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Persona 5/ps3.cpk/sound/battle/spt02.awb
Format AWB
Size 22,7 MB
Contains ADX


File Line
1 You're surrounded! Three enemies!
2 Watch out! Strong enemies, and they've got you surrounded!
3 You're surrounded by weaklings! What, did they sneak up on you?
4 Ugh... We don't have time for this!
5 Four Shadows, and they've got the drop on you!
6 They ambushed us! It's four tough enemies!
7 Four enemies! You're surrounded, but they're pretty weak!
8 Just get around them! Gah, you're surrounded!
9 You're cornered... Just try to survive, OK?
10 There are five strong ones around you! We need some kinda miracle!
11 Don't worry! You're surrounded, but they're all kinda pathetic.
12 Awww, how'd this happen!? We don't have time for a big brawl!
13 Now's our chance! Beat 'em up!
14 We've got them surrounded. Now whoop 'em!
15 Surprise attack: successful! Now just don't lose.
16 You've got them surrounded! Now smash 'em!
17 We've got the advantage! Don't rush this!
18 We've rounded them up! Now take 'em out!
19 As long as we got them surrounded, we might as well beat them!
20 You know, you could always run!
21 This chump is down! Let's get 'em!
22 Scatter them!
23 Finish 'em off!
24 Whoa, this Shadow looks strong!
25 Is that a rare one!? Don't let it get away!
26 One enemy! Everyone do your best!
27 It's strong, but there's just one! Don't get sloppy now!
28 One enemy, and it's weak! This'll be a slaughter!
29 Just one enemy. Beat it and move on!
30 Two foes. You can take this nice and easy.
31 Two enemies! They're strong, so watch out!
32 Enemies! Don't worry, though. They're no big deal.
33 Two enemies! We can't waste time on these guys!
34 There's three Shadows. Good luck!
35 Three enemies, and they're all pretty strong. Be careful!
36 Three enemies. They're weak, but don't let your guard down!
37 We don't have time to fight three whole enemies! What do we do!?
38 Four enemies! There's a lot of 'em... C'mon, do something!
39 Four enemies, and they're strong! This really sucks...!
40 Four enemies! They're pretty pathetic, but stay on guard!
41 There's four enemies. You should probably just run!
42 Five enemies! You guys are outnumbered. Be careful!
43 Five strong Shadows... Brace yourselves, guys!
44 Five Shadows! They're weak, but don't relax yet!
45 Five of them!? We don't have time for this!
46 Do they have some treasure?
47 Hiding something from us?
48 Hrm! I smell treasure...
49 We've got casualties! This is bad!
50 Joker!? No... Answer me!
51 No...! Hey, Joker! Joker... you have to wake up...!
52 Joker, why!? This isn't happening...
53 Skull's out! Someone help him!
54 Mona got knocked out! Someone give him some support!
55 Panther's down! She needs treatment!
56 Fox got taken out! Medic!
57 Queen's been taken out! You gotta cover for her!
58 Noir's been defeated! Can someone heal her?
59 Crow's down! We need backup here!
60 No! Come on, wake up!
61 Everyone, are you OK? Focus on healing up!
62 Joker, are you all right!?
63 Skull's in trouble!
64 Mona's health is low!
65 Watch Panther's health!
66 Fox is swaying!
67 Queen's in danger!
68 Noir doesn't have much health left!
69 Crow's life is in danger!
70 Your health is low! Watch out!
71 J-Just hold on and push through! We can come back from this!
72 Joker got knocked down!
73 Skull fell down! Hang in there!
74 Mona's down! Ooohh, not good!
75 Panther's on the ground! Are you OK?
76 Fox got knocked down! Come on, stay together!
77 Queen's on the ground! You can't fail now!
78 Noir! Are you OK?
79 Crow got knocked down! He needs cover!
80 Ah, you got knocked down!
81 Whoooaaa... That was awesome!
82 Nice, Joker! Just at the last second!
83 Skull's pretty good!
84 That was awesome, Mona!
85 And Panther dodges with grace!
86 Nice moves, Fox!
87 All right, Queen!
88 Noir dodged the enemy's attack!
89 Crow's got some moves!
90 Ooh, nice dodge!
91 An enemy ran off! Four left!
92 Enemy escaped! Three remaining!
93 Ooh, an enemy ditched! That leaves two!
94 One enemy ran, so that leaves just one!
95 They ran away... and then there were none!
96 Joker, your attack's down!
97 Skull, your attack has dropped!
98 Mona's offense has been lowered!
99 Panther, your attack power's lowered!
100 Fox, your offense is down!
101 Queen, your attack's been lowered!
102 Noir, your offense's been decreased!
103 Crow's offense is lowered!
104 Your attack's lowered!
105 Joker, your defense's decreased!
106 Skull's defense is down!
107 Mona's defense has dropped!
108 Panther, your defense has dropped!
109 Fox, your defense's been lowered!
110 Queen, your defense's been lowered!
111 Noir, you have lower defense right now!
112 Crow's defense is low right now!
113 Your defense has dropped! Be careful!
114 Joker's speed has been lowered!
115 Uh-oh! Skull's agility is down!
116 Mona, your speed is lowered!
117 Your speed's decreased, Panther!
118 Fox's speed has dropped!
119 Queen, your agility's been lowered!
120 Noir! Don't forget your speed's been lowered!
121 Crow's agility is currently down!
122 Noir, don't forget your speed's been lowered!
123 Five left! Take'em down one at a time!
124 Five enemies! They still outnumber us...!
125 Four remaining! Hang in there!
126 There's four enemies left! Stand your ground!
127 Three enemies remaining! You can do it!
128 There's still three enemies. Keep it up!
129 Two enemies left. Don't mess this up!
130 That makes two! Don't lose!
131 One enemy remaining! Just a little more!
132 Last one! Get 'em!
133 Everyone's health is really low! Can someone heal!?
134 Joker, your health is low! Watch out!
135 Skull, are you OK? Keep an eye on your health.
136 Mona's in trouble! He's hurt bad!
137 Panther's in bad shape! Watch out!
138 Fox's health is really low! You have to be careful!
139 Queen's in trouble! It looks bad!
140 Ah! Noir's health! She needs help!
141 Crow doesn't have much health left! Someone heal him!
142 Your health is dangerously low! Hurry up and heal!
143 Joker's burning! That's going to keep hurting!
144 Skull's on fire! Don't move around or you'll make it worse!
145 Mona's burning! Put it out, or it'll keep hurting him!
146 Panther's on fire! Hurry up and put it out!
147 Fox is on fire! The flames are wearing him down!
148 Queen's burning! W-We gotta put it out!
149 Noir's on fire! She can't take much more of this!
150 Crow's burning! He'll lose health!
151 You're burning! The pain's going to keep coming!
152 Joker's frozen! Someone help him, or he can't move!
153 Skull's on ice! He can't move!
154 Mona's frozen! He can't move!
155 Panther's frozen! She won't be able to move!
156 Fox is frozen solid! He can't make any moves!
157 Queen's on ice! This isn't good... She can't move!
158 Noir's frozen! She can't move like that!
159 Crow's frozen. He can't move!
160 Noir's frozen! She can't move like that!
161 Joker's electrified! His body's seizing up!
162 Skull's been shocked! He can't move as well now!
163 Mona's been shocked! He won't be able to move that well!
164 Panther's been shocked! She might not be able to move!
165 Fox's been shocked! Just tough it out for now!
166 Queen's been shocked! There's something wrong with her movement!
167 She's been shocked, and she can't move! Someone help Noir!
168 Crow's been shocked and can't move! Just hold on!
169 Agh, you've been shocked! You might not be able to move!
170 Joker, you're dizzy! It's gonna be hard to hit it with anything!
171 Skull's dizzy! He might not be able to land a hit!
172 Mona's dizzy! His accuracy is down!
173 Panther's accuracy is down... She's too dizzy! Watch out!
174 Fox is dizzy! His attacks are going to miss a lot more!
175 Queen's dizzy! Her attacks won't connect!
176 Noir! Your accuracy's down from your dizzy spell!
177 Crow's completely dizzy! His accuracy is low!
178 You're dizzy! Your attacks might not connect!
179 Joker's confused! He's going rogue!
180 Skull's confused!? Hey, don't flail around like that!
181 Mona's confused! Hey, stop doing your own thing!
182 Panther's confused right now! C-Calm down!
183 Fox is confused! He's not listening to you!
184 Queen, you're confused! Don't do anything drastic!
185 Noir's confused! Just calm down and we can talk this out!
186 Crow's confused! You have to think before you act!
187 Calm down! You're confused!
188 Joker's afraid!
189 Skull's all shaken up! He might just run for it!
190 Mona's scared! He might make a break for it!
191 Panther's really scared! Please, don't run!
192 Fox is terrified! He might run any second!
193 Queen's trembling! Just... don't run!
194 Noir's scared! Don't run away now!
195 Crow's shaking! Come on, don't run away!
196 Hey, don't run away! You don't have to be scared!
197 Joker's forgotten everything! He can't summon his Persona!
198 Skull's memory is gone! He can't call his Persona!
199 Mona's lost his memory! He can't summon his Persona!
200 Panther can't remember anything! Her Persona's unusable!
201 Fox's forgotten how to call his Persona!
202 Queen's lost her memory! Her Persona's been sealed!
203 Noir's forgetting everything! Be careful; she can't use her Persona!
204 Crow's memory is gone! He can't summon his Persona!
205 You lost your memory!? Don't you remember your Persona?
206 Joker's hungry! He's powered down!
207 Skull's really hungry! He doesn't have the energy to hit hard!
208 Mona's really hungry! His attack is a lot lower!
209 Panther's starving! She can't use her full strength!
210 Fox has hit a wall! His offense is way down!
211 Queen needs food! Her offense is really low!
212 Noir's weaker than before... It's 'cause she's hungry!
213 Crow's really hungry! He's not at full strength anymore!
214 You're too hungry to fight! Your power's down!
215 Joker's fast asleep! He can't defend himself!
216 Skull's sleeping! He's in danger!
217 Is Mona sleeping!? Hey, you have to wake up!
218 Panther's asleep! If she takes a hit now, it'll hurt!
219 Fox has fallen asleep! Wake up; you're defenseless!
220 Queen's fallen asleep...! She's defenseless!
221 Noir's asleep! If she takes a hit now...!
222 Crow's sleeping! He's in danger!
223 Hey, no sleeping on the job! Wake up already!
224 Joker's angry!? He's taking unnecessary risks!
225 Skull's really mad... Hey, listen to me!
226 Mona's completely lost it! You gotta calm down!
227 Panther's upset!? She won't listen to me!
228 Fox is angry... Calm down! Listen!
229 Queen's mad... and really scary! Please, calm down!
230 Noir looks really angry! She's not listening to anyone!
231 Crow's ticked off!? Hey, listen to me!
232 Don't lose your cool! Just calm down!
233 Joker's losing hope! We have to be there for him!
234 Skull's in despair! Leaving him like that is asking for trouble!
235 Mona's losing heart! Any damage will affect his body AND mind!
236 Panther's depressed! She needs to get back in the fight!
237 Fox's despairing! He'll be in danger like that!
238 Queen's in anguish! W-We have to do something...
239 The despair's getting to Noir! We need to save her!
240 Crow's desperate! It's dangerous leaving him like that!
241 You need to deal with the despair! It's bad to just ignore it!
242 Joker's been brainwashed! He can't tell friend from foe!
243 Skull's brainwashed! He thinks we're the enemies!
244 Mona's been brainwashed! We're the good guys!
245 Panther's brainwashed!? She doesn't know who's who!
246 Fox's brainwashed! The bad guys are over there!
247 Queen's been brainwashed! Come on, we're on your side!
248 Noir's brainwashed! She can't tell who's her team!
249 Crow's brainwashed! He's mixed up who's who!
250 You're brainwashed!? W-We're not your enemies!
251 Joker's a mouse! He's cuter, but he can't do anything!
252 Skull's a mouse! Just keep running!
253 Whoa! You're a cat AND a mouse!? Crazy!
254 Panther's a mouse! You're helpless... Just run!
255 Fox got turned into a mouse! Just run!
256 Queen's become a mouse! The only thing you can do is run!
257 Noir's a mouse! She can't do anything! Run!
258 Crow's been mousified! All he can do is run!
259 You can't do anything as a mouse! Just run away!
260 OK, time for a comeback!
261 Skull's back in action! Payback time!
262 Mona's back up!
263 Panther got back up! Start the counterattack!
264 Fox! It's time for revenge!
265 Queen's back! Make 'em pay!
266 Time to make up for that little slip!
267 Crow's up again! It's payback time!
268 Aw yeah! Now it's payback time!
269 We've got the advantage! Let's win this!
270 We can beat them in an instant!
271 This doesn't look good! Be careful!
272 They've still got the advantage... Just hold out!
273 A Baton Pass'll help you hit the enemy's weakness!
274 You'll be able to knock the enemy down if you pass the baton!
275 It's Baton Pass time!
276 Now's your chance! Pass the baton!
277 Pass that baton! Go for a knockdown!
278 Ooh, awesome!
279 Nice!
280 Huh! Not too shabby!
281 Whoa... You did that with style!
282 Ooh, nice attack!
283 My Futaba sense is tingling! Let me handle this!
284 They got you, huh? Guess it's my turn to shine!
285 Leave this to me!
286 I can handle this! You guys regroup!
287 I've got this! Persona!
288 Activating emergency shift!
289 Member swap complete!
290 Good luck!
291 And done!
292 Enemies defeated! All right, Joker!
293 Shadows annihilated! Skull's got this!
294 Nice job, Mona!
295 Yeah, Panther! You got them all!
296 Enemies: annihilated! You're pretty good, Fox!
297 Wiped out! Good work, Queen!
298 That's all of them! You did great, Noir!
299 You obliterated them! Nice job, Crow!
300 No more enemy signals. Good job, guys!
301 Amazing, Joker! That's four Shadows gone!
302 Nice one, Skull! That's four less to deal with!
303 Nice one, Mona! You got four of 'em!
304 Panther beat four enemies with just one skill!
305 That was great, Fox! Four enemies off the list!
306 Queen, you're so awesome! Four enemies taken care of!
307 Noir defeated four Shadows!
308 Crow, that was incredible! Four enemies down!
309 You took down four with one move! Impressive!
310 Three enemies wiped out! That was great, Joker!
311 That's three more down! Keep hitting them, Skull!
312 Three Shadows defeated! Looking good, Mona!
313 That's three less to worry about! You're on a roll, Panther!
314 Three foes defeated! Nice one, Fox!
315 Queen got three of them! So cool!
316 That's three outta the fight! Keep it coming, Noir!
317 Three more down! Nice going, Crow!
318 OK, that's three less! Awesome!
319 Lookin' good! Joker beat two enemies!
320 You got 'em, Skull! That's two down!
321 Two foes gone for good! Keep the pressure up, Mona!
322 Woo, Panther! Two enemies defeated!
323 Fox took out two of them! Go get 'em!
324 Wow! You got two of them, Queen!
325 Noir, keep that up! Two enemies down!
326 Great job, Crow! Two enemies out of the way!
327 Two enemies gone! Looking good!
328 Nice! Joker took one out!
329 One enemy gone! Do it again, Skull!
330 Mona took out a Shadow! Good stuff!
331 One enemy shot down! Panther's rockin' it!
332 One enemy crushed! Keep that up, Fox!
333 One enemy defeated! Go get 'em, Queen!
334 Noir crushed it! Keep that up!
335 One enemy taken out! Good one, Crow!
336 OK, scratch one enemy!
337 Ooh! Joker, you're looking cool!
338 Skull, you sure showed me!
339 Not bad, Mona!
340 Amazing, Panther!
341 You did it, Fox!
342 That's our Queen!
343 Oooh! Not bad, Noir!
344 Crow! Looking good!
345 Now! Surround 'em!
346 Four enemies knocked down! Joker's awesome!
347 Four enemies knocked down! Skull's got the right idea!
348 Four enemies on the floor! Lookin' good, Mona!
349 Four enemies knocked flat! Awww yesss, Panther!
350 Whoaaa, Fox knocked down four enemies at once!
351 Queen, that was insane! That's four enemies fallen flat!
352 Four enemies hit the floor! Noir, you're doing great!
353 Four enemies knocked down! Excellent work, Crow!
354 Four enemies knocked down! Pretty good.
355 Three enemies on the floor! Nice, Joker!
356 Three enemies grounded! Keep it up, Skull!
357 Three foes floored! Awesome, Mona!
358 Three Shadows knocked down! But Panther's not done yet, right?
359 Three enemies got knocked down! Nice one, Fox!
360 Queen knocked down three Shadows! Let 'em have it!
361 That's three enemies knocked down! Way to go, Noir!
362 Three enemies knocked down! That's Crow for you!
363 Three enemies downed! You're looking good!
364 Two enemies floored! Not bad, Joker!
365 Two Shadows downed! Skull, that was on the money!
366 Mona, good job! Two enemies toppled!
367 That's two enemies knocked down! Panther, niiiiice!
368 Two enemies on the ground! Smooth one, Fox!
369 Queen floored two opponents! She's amazing!
370 Two Shadows knocked down! Go for broke, Noir!
371 Two enemies downed! Crow, keep it up!
372 Two enemies floored! That's the ticket!
373 Knocked 'em right off their feet! Nice, Joker!
374 That's one knocked down! Let 'em have it, Skull!
375 One enemy on the floor! Bona fide Monafied!
376 Panther knocked one down! Looking good!
377 You got 'em, Fox! One enemy hit the ground!
378 That's one downed! Go Queen, go!
379 Floored 'em! Keep it coming, Noir!
380 And there it goes! Good one, Crow!
381 OK! You knocked one down!
382 Nice one, Joker! You hit its weakness!
383 Right in the weak spot! Looking good, Skull!
384 That was their weak point! Keep up the pressure, Mona!
385 You got through their defenses! Keep going, Panther!
386 Got their weakness! You're on a roll, Fox!
387 Nice one, Queen! You hit their weak point!
388 You got 'em, Noir! Right in the weak spot!
389 Direct hit to their weakness! Nice work, Crow!
390 You got their weak spot!
391 Sha-boom! Joker, that was awesome!
392 Nice hit! Skull's at the top of his game!
393 Clean and stylish, Mona!
394 There we go! Ten out of ten, Panther!
395 Fox, that was an awesome hit!
396 A smash hit! Queen, you're so cool!
397 Now that's a hit! Keep that up, Noir!
398 A critical hit! Nice one, Crow!
399 Nice crit!
400 Joker, you missed!?
401 Skull, what're you doing!?
402 Mona! AIM!
403 Eyes up, Panther!
404 Fox! You gotta aim!
405 C'mon, Queen!
406 Noir! You gotta hit them!
407 Crow, you gotta watch them!
408 Ah! Your attack missed!
409 Skull, where're you going!?
410 Mona ran away! Hey!
411 Panther! Where are you going!?
412 Hey, Fox! Don't run!
413 Queen, don't run off!
414 Wait, Noir! You're not supposed to run!
415 Crow!? Where are you going!?
416 Huh? Hey! Don't run!
417 Huh!? No, don't! Awww...
418 Wait, what about the treasure!?
419 Hey! What are you doing?
420 Got the info!
421 Shadow analysis... done!
422 Sending data now!
423 All right, get 'em!
424 Beat 'em all at once!
425 Time for a beatdown!
426 Go! Power up!
427 This one! Defense up!
428 Here I go! Speeeed up!
429 Here come the buffs!
430 Super move! Ultraaaa Charge!
431 Support's on the way!
432 I'll do something about this!
433 If you're gonna run, now's your chance!
434 There's no openings! You can't get through them!
435 Just... hold on a sec! I know I can find SOMEthing...
436 Now! Run!
437 OK, I'm looking for a way out!
438 Don't rush me! I'm trying to find you an escape route!
439 It's no use... There's nowhere to run...
440 Beat 'em up!
441 They're done for!
442 All-out attack!
443 Ooh! You can hit their weakness!
444 This is your chance! Hit 'em where it hurts!
445 Hey, you can go for its weak spot!
446 Do you have something to hit their weakness...? Welp, guess not!
447 You don't have any skills that'll hit its weak spot.
448 Doesn't look like you can go for its weakness...
449 There's an enemy that's scared! Now might be the perfect time...
450 Guns! You gotta use your guns!
451 Pass the baton and knock 'em down!
452 This should do it!
453 Gunshots are really good here!
454 You can hit its weakness with Physical attacks!
455 Physical attacks should do the trick!
456 You've got good moves, but maybe we should check for weaknesses first!
457 I dunno its weak point... It's trial-and-error time!
458 If I knew their affinity...! Just look for their weakness!
459 Hey, that one's got some treasure!
460 That enemy's got some loot of its own! Don't let it get away!
461 Hey, a rare drop!
462 Good work, everyone!
463 Just like I thought!
464 OK! Let's move on!
465 We got 'em, but we don't want to waste too much time.
466 All enemies defeated! You're still good to go, right?
467 Phew, that's a relief. Let's stay out of combat!
468 0
469 0
470 0
471 No... Hey, wake up! Please!
472 No, get up! Joker! Jokerrrrrrr!
473 Get up! It's not over yet! ...Jokerrrrr!
474 No, Joker... You can't lose to this guy...
475 You're joking, right? We've come so far... Please... get up!
476 No... You can't die... JOKEEERRRR!
477 Joker, no! Don't give up!
478 0
479 0
480 0
481 I'll provide backup. So... let's stop this thing.
482 His employees are shielding him... Let's break through and punch him right in the face!
483 There's a penalty for not spinning the roulette. What should we do?
484 His new Persona's power is unknown... Everyone, stay on guard!
485 Risking our lives to stop rotten adults... That's why we're phantom thieves!
486 This guy's behind everything... but we're all together! We can win!
487 They're kids, but... they've got the power levels of a final boss!
488 0
489 0
490 0
491 0
492 0
493 0
494 She's not coming yet! You're still OK!
495 She's here! Approaching fast!
496 He's trying to self-destruct!? Beat him now, or shield yourself!
497 Joker! T-Time's up...!
498 She's way more powerful than before! Don't underestimate her!
499 The enemy's power is rapidly increasing!
500 What did Akechi do!? The enemy's power is rising!
501 Something big's about to hit!
502 The enemy's offense is going way up! Focus on defense for now!
503 Power's increasing by the second! It's some kind of super move!
504 The enemy's charging... It's going to be a big one!
505 You're held down by chains! You can't move like that!
506 And they're Persona-users too!? Who ARE these girls!?
507 So powerful...! It's over if your weakness is hit.
508 Comparing power levels... No threat. Get 'em, Joker!
509 Everyone else, head to positions! Use Route B!
510 OK, pull out before their backup gets here.
511 0
512 0
513 Guns out! Blast 'em off their feet!
514 Everyone, hang in there! Focus on the enemy in front of you!
515 Run toward the ballista!
516 Change direction! Aim the tip at her!
517 Adjust vertical alignment!
518 All right, fire!
519 I can't... lose... here!
520 If we lose... the world...
521 I need... to stand...
522 I can't move...
523 Are we... finished...?
524 Is this... the end...?
525 This wasn't... supposed to... happen...
526 Huh? Who're these kids...?
527 Awww... Those little costumes look perfect! They're so cute! Can I take them home with--
528 Wait... What!?
529 Whoa... for real!? These power levels...!
530 Watch out! Those two are... monsters!
531 The countdown's starting again... Take him down before it finishes!
532 Ngh...! The countdown is already halfway finished!
533 The countdown's getting low... Hurry up, there's not much time left!
534 0
535 0
536 0
537 0
538 0
539 0
540 0
541 0
542 0
543 0
544 0
545 0
546 0
547 0
548 0
549 0
550 0
551 0
552 0
553 0
554 0
555 0
556 0
557 0
558 Nooo!
559 Look out!
560 Joker, you should answer it this way!
561 The answer it's looking for is... this one!
562 This is what it wants to hear!
563 Necronomicon!
564 Necronomicon, intercept!
565 Prometheus!
566 Prometheus, interfere!
567 This one's strong! Be careful!
568 Physical strikes will hit it hard! It's strong, but you can do it!
569 It's powerful, but weak to gunfire! You can handle this!
570 Fire is its weak point! It's powerful; hang in there!
571 This guy's weak to Ice! It's tough, but not unbeatable!
572 It's weak to Wind! Good luck!
573 Don't worry, just use Electricity attacks and you'll be fine!
574 Bless attacks'll do it! The bigger they are, the harder they fall!
575 It's strong, but Curse attacks should get through! You can do it!
576 Nukes are its weakness! It's strong, but you can take it!
577 Weak to... Psychokinesis! It's tough, but it's beatable!
578 This one's strong, and Physical attacks don't work!
579 No guns here! This one's gonna be tough!
580 It's a tough one! Don't use Fire attacks!
581 Don't use any Ice skills! Be careful here!
582 Avoid using Wind, and don't let your guard down!
583 This guy's strong! Electricity won't do a thing!
584 This Shadow's strong! Bless skills won't work at all!
585 Curse moves won't work, so be careful! It's a major threat!
586 It's strong, and Nuclear skills won't work. Keep your eyes open!
587 This one's powerful... And Psychokinetic stuff is useless!
588 All right, you can do it! This fight is ours!
589 It's weak to Physical hits! Knock 'em out!
590 Ooh, it's weak to gunfire! Ready... Aim...!
591 Weak to Fire! You can beat this guy!
592 Its weak point is Ice! Should be no problem!
593 Wind skills are effective! You can beat 'em!
594 Electricity should stop it! Go get 'em!
595 This guy's nothing special. It's weak to Bless attacks!
596 Curse skills oughta do it! Show 'em who's boss!
597 This one's weak to Nuclear!
598 Psychokinesis will mess this guy up!
599 Physical attacks won't work!
600 Gunshots will be ineffective!
601 Fire attacks are a no-go, so watch it!
602 FYI, it's strong against Ice!
603 Wind's not gonna work! Try something else!
604 No Electric attacks! Try something else!
605 Watch out! Bless skills won't work here!
606 Listen up! Don't use Curse moves!
607 Nukes won't work on this enemy!
608 Psychokinesis won't hurt this Shadow!
609 This guy's a joke! You could do this in your sleep!
610 Ooh, this one's easy. Just hit 'em with Physical strikes!
611 It can't take gunshots! Fill 'em with lead!
612 It's weak against Fire! Toasty!
613 It's weak to Ice! Turn 'em into a popsicle!
614 Wind works here! Let's clean 'em up!
615 Electricity's what you want. Fry their circuits.
616 Bless skills should work. Evil, begone!
617 Curses should help! Give 'em a one-way ticket to hell!
618 It can't take nuclear damage! Let's finish this off!
619 Psychokinesis works. Show 'em whatcha got.
620 It's a weakling, but Physical attacks won't work!
621 Guns won't work! But it's a total loser!
622 Fire won't help here... Ugh, but it's so pathetic!
623 Ice won't work? Wow, but it looks really weak.
624 Don't use Wind attacks! Otherwise, you're good!
625 This guy sucks. Oh, but don't use anything Electric.
626 Bless stuff won't work. Try something else!
627 Don't use Curse skills...! But really, it's totally weak.
628 Nuclear stuff won't work. Just use something else.
629 Psychokinesis is out, but you've got nothing to worry about!
630 Not bad!
631 You're amazing as always, Joker!
632 You didn't have that one yet, Joker!
633 That's another mask for you, Joker!
634 0
635 0
636 0
637 0
638 A Baton Pass'll help you hit the enemy's weakness!
639 You'll be able to knock the enemy down if you pass the baton!
640 It's Baton Pass time!
641 Now's your chance! Pass the baton!
642 Pass that baton! Go for a knockdown!
643 Watch out, the enemy's coming!
644 The enemy's gonna attack! Make sure you heal yourself!
645 Watch yourself! The Shadow's gonna make its move soon!
646 Whoa, it's about to attack! Check your health!
647 You need to heal before the enemy attacks!
648 The enemy's on fire! Stoke the flames with a Wind attack!
649 An enemy's frozen! Shatter it with a Physical attack!
650 The enemy's electrocuted! Go smack 'em, but don't get shocked yourself!
651 It's asleep! Go, go, go!
652 One of 'em is dizzy! Knock that jerk down!
653 0
654 0
655 0
656 0
657 0
658 0
659 0
660 0
661 0
662 0
663 0
664 0
665 0
666 0
667 0
668 0
669 0
670 0
671 0
672 0
673 0
674 0
675 0
676 0
677 0
678 0
679 0
680 0
681 0
682 0
683 0
684 0
685 0
686 0
687 0
688 0
689 0
690 0
691 0
692 0
693 0
694 0
695 0
696 0
697 0
698 0
699 0
700 0
701 0
702 0
703 0
704 0
705 0
706 0
707 0
708 0
709 0
710 0
711 0
712 0
713 0
714 0
715 0
716 There's an enemy out to get us! Be careful!
717 The security level is higher! We've got a tough enemy ahead!
718 That dark enemy's powered up! Watch out!
719 That dark one's a super-strong version! Don't underestimate it!
720 That one's powered up! If you're gonna try to beat it, be careful!
721 They're totally on to us! Things are dangerous right now!
722 They're on full alert! Maybe we shouldn't be fighting!
723 Security's on the lookout for you! Don't fight them head on!
724 They're on total lockdown! If we try and fight, this'll never end!
725 This isn't good! They've got eyes on us!
726 There's an enemy on high alert! Look out for that darker one!
727 That dark enemy's stronger than the usual guys!
728 There's a powerful enemy on the field! Watch out!
729 One of the enemies is really tough! It's out to get you guys!
730 Watch out for the darker Shadow! It's no ordinary enemy!
731 They've already gone! Switch with someone else!
732 If you're gonna pass it, pass it to someone who hasn't had a turn!
733 0
734 It's no good! You can't talk to it!
735 We can't talk right now!
736 The enemies recovered. Look out!
737 Aww, it's better now. Don't let your guard down!
738 Everyone's in danger!
739 I won't let you!
740 Leave it to me!
741 Time for my power...!
742 Amazing, Joker!
743 Ooooh, that was cool...
744 All right! On to the next!
745 Not done yet!
746 Next up! Get them!
747 A second Baton Pass! Nice!
748 Everyone's had a shot! Nice combos!
749 Everyone passed the baton! That was perfect!
750 The Baton Pass powered you up!
751 OK, that pass brought your power even higher!
752 Handed it off again! You're powering up!
753 A two-pass combo! Your power's going up!
754 Everyone passed the baton! You're at max power; go get 'em!
755 Everyone's had the baton! Your power is through the roof!
756 Nice!
757 Ooh! Free stuff.
758 I guess you know how to keep people talking!
759 You got extra? You're pretty good with words.
760 That guy's trying to run! Watch out!
761 It'll be bad if we let it escape! Move quickly!
762 Oh, it got away... Security's gonna be tight now...
763 Not good! It's going to put everyone on alert!
764 It's a surge of lust! The fantasies are blocking everything out!
765 Oh no! The lust effect might keep you from moving!
766 Wrath!? No! You gotta listen to me!
767 It's a surge of wrath! You hafta try to calm down!
768 It's a surge of envy! It's trying to make you fight each other...
769 You're filled with envy!? Hey! Don't go against each other!
770 A surge of gluttony? Persona summoning might take more effort...
771 Gluttony! Watch out when you use your Personas!
772 If you attack now, you'll be countered! Be careful!
773 Pride...! Don't attack, or you'll get countered instantly!
774 Hey! You need to focus on the battle!
775 Hey! Now's not the time to get distracted!
776 Hey! Calm down! We're on your side!
777 Hey! We can't afford to fight amongst ourselves!
778 I told you not to attack!
779 Oh no... A counterattack!
780 We're breaking through them! Follow Joker's lead!
781 Oooh! An instant win. Sounds like free cash!
782 That punk!
783 Be careful!
784 This weakling...!
785 It's powerful. If you're gonna try to beat it, be careful!
786 It's powerful. Don't underestimate it!
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