Persona 5 Dancing Star Night

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Persona 5: Dancing Star Night
Persona 5 Dancing Star Night logo
Platform PS Vita, PlayStation 4
Released May 24, 2018 (JP)
Format PKG
Size 3.12 GB

Persona 5: Dancing Star Night (P5D) is a spinoff title in the Persona franchise and serves as a sequel to Persona 4 Dancing All Night. It launched alongside Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night. The model and animation formats (GAP and GMD respectively), as well as the sound format and overall file structure is very similar (if not identical) to P4D's.


In the data directory of P5D's PKG file:

In the patch directory of the update PKG file:


  • CPK (archive)
  • AWB (sound archive)
    • AT9 (sound format)
  • USM (video format)
  • DDS (textures)
  • TGA (textures)
  • GFS (environment models)
  • GAP (3D animation files)
  • GMD (models)
  • BF (scripts)


The P3 and P5 Dancing titles require firmware 3.67 or higher to run. The only currently viable method of running mods is to use the h-encore exploit to install henkaku on either 3.67 or 3.68. The original method of placing modded CPK files in ux0:patch/GAMEID/data (which previously worked for Persona 4 Golden and Persona 4 Dancing All Night on 3.60) has unfortunately been patched to require that the contents be encrypted.

The best workaround is to use the rePatch redux0 plugin to add unencrypted, modified files to the game's filesystem, overriding the original (just like the ux0:patch directory previously functioned on 3.60)


ux0:rePatch/PCSG01030/data is a directory you can use instead that will still support unencrypted files as long as you meet the following requirements:

  1. You have VitaShell installed via h-encore on firmware 3.68 or lower
  2. You have henkaku running through the h-encore exploit
  3. You have the rePatch redux plugin installed

It is recommended to install the latest game update (currently 1.02) for easier patching, as this will allow the loading of 2 external new cpk files:

  1. patch1.cpk (currently unused), you may make a completely new cpk and name it patch1.cpk, then place it in the repatch directory for the game, however, the game update uses patch2.cpk and thus has a higher loading priority in case of conflicting files.
  2. Alternatively, decrypt the original patch2.cpk from the update, rename it to patch1.cpk and place it in the repatch directory to keep all the update files, while using the now free patch2.cpk name for all your new mods.
  3. It is also possible to simply extract the update contents from patch2.cpk, and rebuild a new patch2.cpk with both the update contents and your own new modded files.

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