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Persona 5 Dancing in Starlight/data.cpk/dance/player/p5/hair
Location data.cpk
Contains GMD

Persona 5: Dancing Star Night (P5D) keeps its Persona 5 player models and animations in the Dance/player/p5 directory of its data.cpk. Within that directory is the hair folder, containing GMD models of each character's hair

Hair models

Filename Character Costume Image
pc201_h00.GMD Ren Amamiya Regular Hair krJsvRQ.png
pc201_h09.GMD Ren Amamiya Velvet Room Hat uCXzIGs.png
pc201_h10.GMD Ren Amamiya Harry Potter WH5E5YR.png
pc201_h11.GMD Ren Amamiya Yakuza Hair LMoWIkv.png
pc201_h12.GMD Ren Amamiya Crossdressing Hair (hat) gM5yS9F.png
pc201_h15.GMD Ren Amamiya Featherman Helmet N0IJ78q.png
pc201_h16.GMD Ren Amamiya Christmas Hat u2yWk7X.png
pc201_h21.GMD Ren Amamiya Phantom Thief Mask on top of Head g3lLvgu.png
pc201_h26.GMD Ren Amamiya Phantom Thief Mask 9OElCIQ.png
pc201_h99.GMD Ren Amamiya Crossdressing Hair Ya7bxvj.png
pc202_h00.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Regular Hair oGso8LH.png
pc202_h01.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Sunglasses on Head 11jnfac.png
pc202_h09.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Velvet Room Hat 1isdbJu.png
pc202_h10.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Halloween Hat YmmDS4c.png
pc202_h11.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Yakuza Hair 2mpj574.png
pc202_h12.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Crossdressing Hair CHGmedb.png
pc202_h13.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto SMT Hair/headwear VUjahSk.png
pc202_h15.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Featherman Helmet 2pdZGIg.png
pc202_h16.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Christmas Hat O9Kw30r.png
pc202_h21.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Phantom Thief Mask on top of Head 8ENMCaD.png
pc202_h26.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Phantom Thief Mask A7AWpbB.png
pc202_h27.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Catherine Outfit NwhuuLc.png
pc203_h00.GMD Morgana Regular Head zhp3Cn6.png
pc203_h01.GMD Morgana Crown on Head Sjl8hAh.png
pc203_h08.GMD Morgana Maid Headwear ijnMAUW.png
pc203_h09.GMD Morgana Igor Glasses yXUGNsa.png
pc203_h10.GMD Morgana Halloween Mask (Hat) rKxVxsF.png
pc203_h11.GMD Morgana Sonic Mask 6p2DG17.png
pc203_h15.GMD Morgana Featherman Helmet Ug39rtT.png
pc203_h16.GMD Morgana Christmas Hat 1xr6kCt.png
pc203_h19.GMD Morgana Teddie Head K2OEr6d.png
pc203_h20.GMD Morgana Aigis Head ujsHwtZ.png
pc203_h27.GMD Morgana Catherine Outfit 7L4HDK4.png
pc203_h28.GMD Morgana SMT Hat o3uOGPN.png
pc203_h29.GMD Morgana Halloween Head 2 Upx4Yqn.png
pc203_h30.GMD Morgana Valentines Outfit qjJPmzC.png
pc203_h31.GMD Morgana Cat Head UqkUw0X.png
pc203_h99.GMD Morgana Halloween Mask NCVjqGF.png
pc204_h00.GMD Ann Takamaki Regular Hair M700FUl.png
pc204_h01.GMD Ann Takamaki Hat nxHHb04.png
pc204_h08.GMD Ann Takamaki Maid Headwear 27lPvvK.png
pc204_h09.GMD Ann Takamaki Velvet Room Hat FSluwNW.png
pc204_h10.GMD Ann Takamaki Halloween Hat xEYLaQm.png
pc204_h11.GMD Ann Takamaki Yakuza Hair UlXZn91.png
pc204_h12.GMD Ann Takamaki Goggles on Head J87nR34.png
pc204_h15.GMD Ann Takamaki Featherman Helmet 38WGomi.png
pc204_h16.GMD Ann Takamaki Christmas Hat nVeNbow.png
pc204_h18.GMD Ann Takamaki Battle Panties Headwear AVXL5Ao.png
pc204_h21.GMD Ann Takamaki Phantom Thief Mask on top of Head LrSCIyx.png
pc204_h26.GMD Ann Takamaki Phantom Thief Mask k0YgUG2.png
pc204_h32.GMD Ann Takamaki Sexy Hat en8XONS.png
pc204_h90.GMD Ann Takamaki Hair Highlight npcdxGe.png
pc204_h91.GMD Ann Takamaki Long Hair gO4WTcM.png
pc205_h00.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa Regular Hair ExdocyY.png
pc205_h07.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa Regular Hair 2 y8lelEp.png
pc205_h09.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa Velvet Room Hat asA8Rjx.png
pc205_h10.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa Halloween Hat 4JF6gm2.png
pc205_h11.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa Yakuza Hair ETrMFF7.png
pc205_h12.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa Crossdressing Hair 3nPfXic.png
pc205_h13.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa SMT Hair/headwear WlTrttY.png
pc205_h15.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa Featherman Helmet zXp47JV.png
pc205_h16.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa Christmas Hat YFg11A4.png
pc205_h21.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa Phantom Thief Mask on top of Head FSFKs0a.png
pc205_h26.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa Phantom Thief Mask sHkRAux.png
pc206_h00.GMD Makoto Niijima Regular Hair taNDpIc.png
pc206_h08.GMD Makoto Niijima Maid Headwear zfisJlS.png
pc206_h09.GMD Makoto Niijima Velvet Room Hat rLhwWJT.png
pc206_h10.GMD Makoto Niijima Halloween Hat GAUnNNG.png
pc206_h12.GMD Makoto Niijima Goggles on Head NvcXLJ8.png
pc206_h15.GMD Makoto Niijima Featherman Helmet nNpiHRg.png
pc206_h16.GMD Makoto Niijima Christmas Hat r7dvf4D.png
pc206_h18.GMD Makoto Niijima Battle Panties Headwear ncT5sTe.png
pc206_h21.GMD Makoto Niijima Phantom Thief Mask on top of Head RWFCT3B.png
pc206_h26.GMD Makoto Niijima Phantom Thief Mask do5sYnr.png
pc206_h32.GMD Makoto Niijima Sexy Hat qQDsXf3.png
pc207_h00.GMD Haru Okumura Regular Hair wmH9MKS.png
pc207_h01.GMD Haru Okumura Hair Tie q6BCJbG.png
pc207_h07.GMD Haru Okumura Hat RRZkLQF.png
pc207_h08.GMD Haru Okumura Maid Headwear VV20qAB.png
pc207_h09.GMD Haru Okumura Velvet Room Hat qPy7aGw.png
pc207_h10.GMD Haru Okumura Halloween Hat wWiACD6.png
pc207_h12.GMD Haru Okumura Goggles on Head omfktyq.png
pc207_h13.GMD Haru Okumura SMT Hair/headwear EMHgDm3.png
pc207_h15.GMD Haru Okumura Featherman Helmet QiL8FpW.png
pc207_h16.GMD Haru Okumura Christmas Hat MrwDslz.png
pc207_h17.GMD Haru Okumura Cheerleader Hair 7b4N2oP.png
pc207_h21.GMD Haru Okumura Phantom Thief Mask on top of Head 259RJi3.png
pc207_h26.GMD Haru Okumura Phantom Thief Mask FQlSygS.png
pc207_h27.GMD Haru Okumura Catherine Outfit 2F7QJy8.png
pc207_h32.GMD Haru Okumura Sexy Hat vNe8ZnM.png
pc208_h00.GMD Futaba Sakura Regular Hair Xc0OcJr.png
pc208_h01.GMD Futaba Sakura Headphones over Head kdGfapy.png
pc208_h07.GMD Futaba Sakura No Headphones MPU9iUx.png
pc208_h08.GMD Futaba Sakura Maid Headwear aH2bMyn.png
pc208_h09.GMD Futaba Sakura Velvet Room Hat iImKAMp.png
pc208_h10.GMD Futaba Sakura Halloween Mask bjHp9pt.png
pc208_h15.GMD Futaba Sakura Featherman Helmet APGRiDP.png
pc208_h16.GMD Futaba Sakura Christmas Hat telk3c9.png
pc208_h17.GMD Futaba Sakura Cheerleader Hair ZxqXweX.png
pc208_h18.GMD Futaba Sakura Battle Panties Headwear p1WDqkc.png
pc208_h21.GMD Futaba Sakura Phantom Thief Mask on top of Head KHSqLeB.png
pc208_h24.GMD Futaba Sakura Different Headphones Eeaspgz.png
pc208_h26.GMD Futaba Sakura Phantom Thief Mask uBqfkLv.png
pc208_h27.GMD Futaba Sakura Catherine Outfit Wmzq5LC.png
pc208_h32.GMD Futaba Sakura Sexy Hat CRxejUK.png
pc209_h00.GMD Goro Akechi Regular Hair p2kOw1t.png
pc209_h07.GMD Goro Akechi Sunglasses on Head kAmwbv8.png
pc209_h09.GMD Goro Akechi Velvet Room Hat ltqijH5.png
pc209_h21.GMD Goro Akechi Phantom Thief Mask on top of Head 1ID9OTf.png
pc209_h26.GMD Goro Akechi Phantom Thief Mask qP5kx9T.png
pc210_h00.GMD Caroline Regular Hair s0Yj6LA.png
pc210_h01.GMD Caroline No Hat W4ceCKy.png
pc211_h00.GMD Justine Regular Hair o1Re86L.png
pc211_h01.GMD Justine No Hat SFaNzr7.png
pc212_h00.GMD Lavenza Regular Hair VdfHw6V.png
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