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Persona 5 Dancing in Starlight/vita.cpk/movie
Format CPK
Size GB
Contains PAC BF GAP

The vita.cpk is a CPK file found in Persona 5 Dancing in Starlight.

Below is a list of directories from Vita's vita.cpk and other patches and a summary of their purpose.


Video Description Preview
p3d001.usm Persona 3 Dancing in Moonlight's logo animation h9GGpu9.png
p5d000.usm This game's opening cutscene G2QxLEE.png
p5d001.usm This game's logo animation kAiealm.png
pv218.usm Our Beginning song prerendered background olwLNQL.png
pv219.usm Last Surprise song r6E87g2.png
pv220.usm Life Will Change song JbvbLCI.png
pv221.usm GROOVY playable song r0nga3H.png
pv222.usm GROOVY full ver. OCpU3Iv.png
pv223.usm Rivers In The Desert LIVE goVJw4T.png
pv224.usm Persona 5 ending song 46ImUqW.png
pv225.usm Persona 5 AMV nhtB41H.png

Various Patches

Video Description Preview
pv126.usm Featherman DLC 1rrIPIg.png
pv127.usm Tanaka DLC FAUw9yU.png
pv132.usm PQ Koromaru DLC rBYYYmz.png
pv134.usm P3 Movie DLC QEL2MB1.png
pv135.usm P3 Movie DLC lee4Ejh.png
pv141.usm P4D Opening 0aY4nCb.png
pv142.usm Our Moment, Full lzfksqT.png
pv237.usm P5 Opening kwvNBHV.png
pv242.usm GROOVY, Full qbvDLJ3.png
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