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Persona 5 Dancing in Starlight/vita.cpk/sound/dance

From Amicitia Wiki

Folder containig voice lines used in dance and in logos as well some unused voices (even in voice section in game) in AT9 format inide of ACB and AWB files. This folder contains 7337 AT9 files. Almost all files are named like this 00005_streaming.at9 but 12 files of Caroline and Justine talking together are named like this 00002.at9.

AT9 Files

Character Name AT9 Files
Makoto Yuki 310 files from 00000_streaming.at9 to 00309_streaming.at9
Yukari Takeba 305 files from 00310_streaming.at9 to 00615_streaming.at9
Junpei Iori 301 files from 00616_streaming.at9 to 00917_streaming.at9
Akihiko Sanada 316 files from 00918_streaming.at9 to 01234_streaming.at9
Mitsuru Kirijo 331 files from 01235_streaming.at9 to 01566_streaming.at9
Fuuka Yamagishi 305 files from 01567_streaming.at9 to 01872_streaming.at9
Aigis 319 files from 01873_streaming.at9 to 02192_streaming.at9
Ken Amada 310 files from 02193_streaming.at9 to 02503_streaming.at9
Shinjiro Aragaki 187 files from 02504_streaming.at9 to 02691_streaming.at9
Elizabeth 317 files from 02692_streaming.at9 to 03008_streaming.at9
Theodore 255 files from 03009_streaming.at9 to 03264_streaming.at9
Labrys 234 files from 03265_streaming.at9 to 03499_streaming.at9
Sho Minazuki 169 files from 03500_streaming.at9 to 03695_streaming.at9
Margaret 119 files from 03696_streaming.at9 to 03815_streaming.at9
Ren Amamiya 458 files from 03816_streaming.at9 to 04154_streaming.at9
Ryuji Sakamoto 335 files from 04155_streaming.at9 to 04490_streaming.at9
Morgana 326 files from 04491_streaming.at9 to 04817_streaming.at9
Ann Takamaki 305 files from 04818_streaming.at9 to 05123_streaming.at9
Yusuke Kitagawa 332 files from 05124_streaming.at9 to 05456_streaming.at9
Makoto Niijima 316 files from 05457_streaming.at9 to 05773_streaming.at9
Haru Okumura 327 files from 05774_streaming.at9 to 06101_streaming.at9
Futaba Sakura 316 files from 06102_streaming.at9 to 06424_streaming.at9
Goro Akechi 205 files from 06425_streaming.at9 to 06630_streaming.at9
Justine 292 files from 06631_streaming.at9 to 06923_streaming.at9
Caroline 302 files from 06924_streaming.at9 to 07226_streaming.at9
Lavenza 97 files from 07227_streaming.at9 to 07324_streaming.at9
Caroline and Justine 12 files from 00000.at9 to 00011.at9
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