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Persona 5 EX

From Amicitia Wiki
Persona 5 EX
Game Persona 5
Author DeathChaos
Released July 4, 2021
Download [1]

Persona 5 EX is a mod for the PS3 version of Persona 5 that is a series of patches that aim to both backport new features from persona 5 Royal and generally improve the game by adding brand new quality of life improvements for modders and players.

This mod introduces a new method of modding P5, which is custom SPRX loading. While similar to the current patch.yml method of injecting custom code into the EBOOT, SPRX files are more like DLLS: external, precompiled libraries. The mod is only available for Aemulus Package Manager.

Changes and additions


  • Several features that were used to be hardcoded now have been unhardcoded. These features include:
    • The ability for enemies other than Akechi during his specific encounter to use personas.
    • Navigator dialog.
  • Futaba's DLC outfits are now used during battle. She previously only dons her regular Thief outfit regardless of what you equip her with and only wears her DLC outfits outside dungeons and in safe rooms.
  • The Phantom Thieves will wear their DLC outfits during cutscenes. They previously would revert to their regular Thief outfits regardless of what they were equipped with.
  • Several quality of life improvements have been added for modders:
    • Navigator text now loads externally from BMD files found in battle/message/ rather than embedded in the EBOOT.
    • Better File Access Logging that covers more stuff without spamming your TTY Log.
    • You can store up to 512 COUNT values (temporary variables while the game is running).
    • Enemies with Unit ID > 350 can now use Personas (if Encounter ID > 830)
    • New AtlusScriptCompiler Library with 7 brand new useful functions for BF Scripting.
    • Optional Enhanced Debug Log that prints when bit flags are enabled and disabled etc.
    • Enemies above Unit ID 350 also load a combat Cutin when one is available, as well as motionse .acb and .dat files which allow for custom SFX per animation.
    • Unhardcoded weapon model tables allow custom weapons to be added.
    • Personas with ID > 220 will always use the model with the _ps filename, no more _psz.
    • New enemy units can be added, theoretically up to ID 999.
    • Commands can be typed into the RPCS3 TTY tab, for a list you can check the tab when you start the game.
    • A BF script that runs every frame (script/
  • There is now support for multiple Mod CPKs

Backported from Royal

  • The battles against Lavenza and the protagonists of Persona 3 and 4 return.
  • The new DLC outfits introduced in Royal return.
  • The battle theme Take Over returns from Royal and plays when ambushing enemies.
    • This does not override DLC outfit music.
  • Black Mask Akechi, complete with his Persona, lines, animations, UI elements, and All-Out-Attack has been backported.
  • The ability to toggle Auto Advance by pressing L3 has been packported. Previously, it was required to go into the game’s settings to turn Auto Advance on and off in the PS3 version.
  • The Mementos BGM from Royal, which change the more you progress has been added.
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