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Persona 5 Royal

From Amicitia Wiki
Persona 5 Royal
Platform PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS5
Released October 21, 2022
Format Exe
Size 39 GB

Persona 5 Royal is a re-release of Persona 5 that adds story content and game mechanics (similar to Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden). It features a new party member named Kasumi, a new dungeon, and a new semester during the life portion of the game.

This page refers to the version that was most recently ported to the Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox Game Pass. For the PS4 version, see Persona 5 Royal (PS4).


In the CPK folder of the game's install directory on PC:

  • BASE.CPK (non-language dependent assets)
  • EN.CPK (language-dependent assets)
  • MOVIE_JE.CPK (video files for both JP and EN)
  • SOUND_E.CPK (english sound)
  • SOUND_J.CPK (JP sound)

Depending on system language settings, additional CPKs for sound and language-dependent assets may be downloaded in place of SOUND_E.CPK and EN.CPK.

On Nintendo Switch, there are only 2 CPKs:

  • ALL_USEU.CPK (contents of BASE and EN combined)
  • PATCH1.CPK (updated assets)


Due to the game largely functioning the same as Persona 5, Persona 5 Royal has many of the same filetypes as the PS4 edition of Persona 5.

  • CPK (archive)
  • AWB (sound archive)
    • ADX (sound format)
  • DDS (textures)
  • GNF (textures)
  • GAP (3d animation files)
  • GMD (model format)
  • BF (scripts)
  • TBL (data tables)
  • PLG (vector images)
  • EPL (particles)
  • ENV (environmental effects)
  • USM (pre-rendered video)
  • DAT (unknown)


P5R is moddable on PC using Reloaded-II as a mod manager. This works with either the Steam or Xbox Game Pass editions, but Steam is preferred for maximum mod compatibility. When you first extract and run Reloaded-II.exe, you may be prompted to install a few .NET Framework runtimes. Once that is done, you can add P5R.exe from the game's install directory.

Using the built-in mod browser, search for and install Persona Essentials. Also install CRI Filesystem v2 Hook. Enable them both for P5R.

With this setup, you should be able to install most mods from Gamebanana for P5R without any issues. Any further dependencies should be automatically installed. If not, you can use the mod browser to search for them and install them when prompted.

For instructions on modding the Nintendo Switch version, see here.

Differences from PS4 version

While a lot of things are the same between the PS4 version of P5R and the new ports, there are some major differences you need to take into account. The most notable changes are:

  • The contents of most PAC files are now loosely distributed in the root of the CPKs.
  • File paths are in uppercase now, but the game will still load lowercase files/folders.
  • GNF textures (used for Thieves Den images, bustups, and field textures) are now DDS.
  • Texture .BIN files no longer use headerless DDS.
  • The audio format is still ADX, but ACB/AWB/USM encryption keys have changed.
  • There are additional flowscript functions.

Additional Reloaded Frameworks

The following mods can be enabled just like any other mods, but add quality of life changes for mod creators. Many mods may depend on these as they replicate features of Aemulus (i.e. deep merging). You can search for them in Reloaded-II's built-in mod browser, or let them auto-install when you run the game with mods that depend on them.

Recommended Pages



  • BGM - A list of all the background music files in the game
  • BGM_XX - A list of all the DLC background music files in the game


  • Bustup - A list of all the bustups in the game
  • Assist Bustup - A list of all the assist (navi) bustups in the game
  • Field - List of all field maps in the game
  • Flags - A list of all bit flags that can be toggled in P5R
  • Counters - A list of all counter values that can be changed in P5R
  • Event - A list of all events in the game
  • Room Decorations - A list of Joker's Room Decoration Items

Name/ID Tables

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