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Persona 5 Royal/Ranged Weapons

From Amicitia Wiki
Decimal Hexadecimal Ranged Weapon Name User Save Data offset
0000 0x0000 Blank None 0x33FC
0001 0x0001 Unused All (Handgun icon) 0x33FD
0002 0x0002 Unused Skull 0x33FE
0003 0x0003 Unused Mona 0x33FF
0004 0x0004 Unused Panther 0x3400
0005 0x0005 Unused Fox (Handgun icon) 0x3401
0006 0x0006 Unused All (Handgun icon) 0x3402
0007 0x0007 Unused All (Handgun icon) 0x3403
0008 0x0008 Unused All (Handgun icon) 0x3404
0009 0x0009 Unused All (Handgun icon) 0x3405
0010 0x000A Unused Joker 0x3406
0011 0x000B Unused All (Handgun icon) 0x3407
0012 0x000C Unused All (Handgun icon) 0x3408
0013 0x000D Unused All (Handgun icon) 0x3409
0014 0x000E Unused All (Handgun icon) 0x340A
0015 0x000F Unused All (Handgun icon) 0x340B
0016 0x0010 Tkachev Joker 0x340C
0017 0x0011 Governance Joker 0x340D
0018 0x0012 RESERVE Joker 0x340E
0019 0x0013 Riot Police Joker 0x340F
0020 0x0014 RESERVE Joker 0x3410
0021 0x0015 Makaronov Joker 0x3411
0022 0x0016 Nataraja EX Joker 0x3412
0023 0x0017 RESERVE Joker 0x3413
0024 0x0018 RESERVE Joker 0x3414
0025 0x0019 RESERVE Joker 0x3415
0026 0x001A RESERVE Joker 0x3416
0027 0x001B Jig 227 Joker 0x3417
0028 0x001C RESERVE Joker 0x3418
0029 0x001D RESERVE Joker 0x3419
0030 0x001E Tyrant Pistol EX Joker 0x341A
0031 0x001F Model Gun Joker 0x341B
0032 0x0020 Levinson M31 Skull 0x341C
0033 0x0021 RESERVE Skull 0x341D
0034 0x0022 Granelli M3 Skull 0x341E
0035 0x0023 RESERVE Skull 0x341F
0036 0x0024 RESERVE Skull 0x3420
0037 0x0025 Bianchi SBAS Skull 0x3421
0038 0x0026 RESERVE Skull 0x3422
0039 0x0027 Fireworks Skull 0x3423
0040 0x0028 Pumpkin Buster Skull 0x3424
0041 0x0029 Megido Blaster Skull 0x3425
0042 0x002A RESERVE Skull 0x3426
0043 0x002B RESERVE Skull 0x3427
0044 0x002C Pumpkin Bomb Skull 0x3428
0045 0x002D RESERVE Skull 0x3429
0046 0x002E Masterkey Skull 0x342A
0047 0x002F RESERVE Skull 0x342B
0048 0x0030 RESERVE Skull 0x342C
0049 0x0031 RESERVE Skull 0x342D
0050 0x0032 RESERVE Skull 0x342E
0051 0x0033 RESERVE Skull 0x342F
0052 0x0034 RESERVE Skull 0x3430
0053 0x0035 RESERVE Skull 0x3431
0054 0x0036 RESERVE Skull 0x3432
0055 0x0037 RESERVE Skull 0x3433
0056 0x0038 RESERVE Skull 0x3434
0057 0x0039 RESERVE Skull 0x3435
0058 0x003A Reversion Skull 0x3436
0059 0x003B RESERVE Skull 0x3437
0060 0x003C RESERVE Skull 0x3438
0061 0x003D RESERVE Skull 0x3439
0062 0x003E Hellfire Skull 0x343A
0063 0x003F RESERVE Skull 0x343B
0064 0x0040 Slingshot Mona 0x343C
0065 0x0041 RESERVE Mona 0x343D
0066 0x0042 RESERVE Mona 0x343E
0067 0x0043 RESERVE Mona 0x343F
0068 0x0044 Shrike Mona 0x3440
0069 0x0045 RESERVE Mona 0x3441
0070 0x0046 Cat Buster Mona 0x3442
0071 0x0047 Comet 3 Mona 0x3443
0072 0x0048 RESERVE Mona 0x3444
0073 0x0049 Sudarshana EX Mona 0x3445
0074 0x004A RESERVE Mona 0x3446
0075 0x004B RESERVE Mona 0x3447
0076 0x004C RESERVE Mona 0x3448
0077 0x004D RESERVE Mona 0x3449
0078 0x004E RESERVE Mona 0x344A
0079 0x004F RESERVE Mona 0x344B
0080 0x0050 RESERVE Mona 0x344C
0081 0x0051 RESERVE Mona 0x344D
0082 0x0052 RESERVE Mona 0x344E
0083 0x0053 Dreamstone Mona 0x344F
0084 0x0054 RESERVE Mona 0x3450
0085 0x0055 RESERVE Mona 0x3451
0086 0x0056 RESERVE Mona 0x3452
0087 0x0057 RESERVE Mona 0x3453
0088 0x0058 RESERVE Mona 0x3454
0089 0x0059 Falcon Mona 0x3455
0090 0x005A Catnap Mona 0x3456
0091 0x005B RESERVE Mona 0x3457
0092 0x005C RESERVE Mona 0x3458
0093 0x005D Northern Light Mona 0x3459
0094 0x005E Shooting Star Mona 0x345A
0095 0x005F Star Slayer Mona 0x345B
0096 0x0060 Replica SMG Panther 0x345C
0097 0x0061 RESERVE Panther 0x345D
0098 0x0062 RESERVE Panther 0x345E
0099 0x0063 Trooper Panther 0x345F
0100 0x0064 RESERVE Panther 0x3460
0101 0x0065 RESERVE Panther 0x3461
0102 0x0066 Blitz MG Panther 0x3462
0103 0x0067 RESERVE Panther 0x3463
0104 0x0068 RESERVE Panther 0x3464
0105 0x0069 RESERVE Panther 0x3465
0106 0x006A RESERVE Panther 0x3466
0107 0x006B RESERVE Panther 0x3467
0108 0x006C No Mercy Panther 0x3468
0109 0x006D RESERVE Panther 0x3469
0110 0x006E Western SMG Panther 0x346A
0111 0x006F RESERVE Panther 0x346B
0112 0x0070 RESERVE Panther 0x346C
0113 0x0071 RESERVE Panther 0x346D
0114 0x0072 RESERVE Panther 0x346E
0115 0x0073 H. Renhappou Panther 0x346F
0116 0x0074 RESERVE Panther 0x3470
0117 0x0075 RESERVE Panther 0x3471
0118 0x0076 RESERVE Panther 0x3472
0119 0x0077 RESERVE Panther 0x3473
0120 0x0078 RESERVE Panther 0x3474
0121 0x0079 Balalaika Panther 0x3475
0122 0x007A Sterlidge Panther 0x3476
0123 0x007B Brain Shot Panther 0x3477
0124 0x007C Pink Buster Panther 0x3478
0125 0x007D Gungnir Panther 0x3479
0126 0x007E Tarantula Panther 0x347A
0127 0x007F RESERVE Panther 0x347B
0128 0x0080 Replica AR Fox 0x347C
0129 0x0081 Black Assault Fox 0x347D
0130 0x0082 RESERVE Fox 0x347E
0131 0x0083 Heavy Assault Fox 0x347F
0132 0x0084 RESERVE Fox 0x3480
0133 0x0085 RESERVE Fox 0x3481
0134 0x0086 RESERVE Fox 0x3482
0135 0x0087 RESERVE Fox 0x3483
0136 0x0088 RESERVE Fox 0x3484
0137 0x0089 RESERVE Fox 0x3485
0138 0x008A RESERVE Fox 0x3486
0139 0x008B Annihilator Fox 0x3487
0140 0x008C RESERVE Fox 0x3488
0141 0x008D AR-X Fox 0x3489
0142 0x008E RESERVE Fox 0x348A
0143 0x008F Hizutsu Fox 0x348B
0144 0x0090 RESERVE Fox 0x348C
0145 0x0091 K. Gouhou EX Fox 0x348D
0146 0x0092 Providence Fox 0x348E
0147 0x0093 RESERVE Fox 0x348F
0148 0x0094 RESERVE Fox 0x3490
0149 0x0095 RESERVE Fox 0x3491
0150 0x0096 RESERVE Fox 0x3492
0151 0x0097 RESERVE Fox 0x3493
0152 0x0098 K. Gouhou Fox 0x3494
0153 0x0099 RESERVE Fox 0x3495
0154 0x009A Rebel Rifle Fox 0x3496
0155 0x009B RESERVE Fox 0x3497
0156 0x009C Star-H Fox 0x3498
0157 0x009D RESERVE Fox 0x3499
0158 0x009E Ryuraihou Fox 0x349A
0159 0x009F Heaven's Gate Fox 0x349B
0160 0x00A0 Replica Revolver Queen 0x349C
0161 0x00A1 Peacemaker Queen 0x349D
0162 0x00A2 RESERVE Queen 0x349E
0163 0x00A3 RESERVE Queen 0x349F
0164 0x00A4 RESERVE Queen 0x34A0
0165 0x00A5 Ling Xing Queen 0x34A1
0166 0x00A6 RESERVE Queen 0x34A2
0167 0x00A7 RESERVE Queen 0x34A3
0168 0x00A8 RESERVE Queen 0x34A4
0169 0x00A9 RESERVE Queen 0x34A5
0170 0x00AA RESERVE Queen 0x34A6
0171 0x00AB RESERVE Queen 0x34A7
0172 0x00AC RESERVE Queen 0x34A8
0173 0x00AD Mirrirmina EX Queen 0x34A9
0174 0x00AE Judge End Queen 0x34AA
0175 0x00AF RESERVE Queen 0x34AB
0176 0x00B0 RESERVE Queen 0x34AC
0177 0x00B1 RESERVE Queen 0x34AD
0178 0x00B2 RESERVE Queen 0x34AE
0179 0x00B3 RESERVE Queen 0x34AF
0180 0x00B4 Unlimited Queen 0x34B0
0181 0x00B5 RESERVE Queen 0x34B1
0182 0x00B6 Mirrirmina Queen 0x34B2
0183 0x00B7 Wildborn Queen 0x34B3
0184 0x00B8 Baptism Queen 0x34B4
0185 0x00B9 Orochi Queen 0x34B5
0186 0x00BA Twilight Queen 0x34B6
0187 0x00BB Judge of Hell Queen 0x34B7
0188 0x00BC Fury Skull 0x34B8
0189 0x00BD Calamity Gun Skull 0x34B9
0190 0x00BE Kiraihou Skull 0x34BA
0191 0x00BF Megido Fire Skull 0x34BB
0192 0x00C0 GL Replica Noir 0x34BC
0193 0x00C1 Pawzooka Noir 0x34BD
0194 0x00C2 RESERVE Noir 0x34BE
0195 0x00C3 RESERVE Noir 0x34BF
0196 0x00C4 RESERVE Noir 0x34C0
0197 0x00C5 Scorcher Noir 0x34C1
0198 0x00C6 Paw-omber Noir 0x34C2
0199 0x00C7 RESERVE Noir 0x34C3
0200 0x00C8 RESERVE Noir 0x34C4
0201 0x00C9 RESERVE Noir 0x34C5
0202 0x00CA RESERVE Noir 0x34C6
0203 0x00CB Eraser Noir 0x34C7
0204 0x00CC Milkor Noir 0x34C8
0205 0x00CD Yagrush EX Noir 0x34C9
0206 0x00CE RESERVE Noir 0x34CA
0207 0x00CF RESERVE Noir 0x34CB
0208 0x00D0 RESERVE Noir 0x34CC
0209 0x00D1 RESERVE Noir 0x34CD
0210 0x00D2 RESERVE Noir 0x34CE
0211 0x00D3 RESERVE Noir 0x34CF
0212 0x00D4 Town Burner Noir 0x34D0
0213 0x00D5 RESERVE Noir 0x34D1
0214 0x00D6 Pandemonium Noir 0x34D2
0215 0x00D7 Yagrush Noir 0x34D3
0216 0x00D8 RESERVE Panther 0x34D4
0217 0x00D9 RESERVE Panther 0x34D5
0218 0x00DA Phantom Killer Panther 0x34D6
0219 0x00DB Wild Hunt Panther 0x34D7
0220 0x00DC RESERVE Mona 0x34D8
0221 0x00DD RESERVE Crow 0x34D9
0222 0x00DE RESERVE All (Handgun icon) 0x34DA
0223 0x00DF RESERVE All (Handgun icon) 0x34DB
0224 0x00E0 Moebius Crow 0x34DC
0225 0x00E1 RESERVE Crow 0x34DD
0226 0x00E2 Sirius Crow 0x34DE
0227 0x00E3 Red Five Crow 0x34DF
0228 0x00E4 Slingbow Mona 0x34E0
0229 0x00E5 RESERVE Mona 0x34E1
0230 0x00E6 Utopia Mona 0x34E2
0231 0x00E7 Sudarshana Mona 0x34E3
0232 0x00E8 RESERVE Joker 0x34E4
0233 0x00E9 RESERVE Joker 0x34E5
0234 0x00EA From Heaven Joker 0x34E6
0235 0x00EB Doomsday Crow 0x34E7
0236 0x00EC Ancient Day Crow 0x34E8
0237 0x00ED RESERVE Joker 0x34E9
0238 0x00EE RESERVE Joker 0x34EA
0239 0x00EF RESERVE Joker 0x34EB
0240 0x00F0 R.I.Pistol Joker 0x34EC
0241 0x00F1 Casino Start Joker 0x34ED
0242 0x00F2 Sahasrara Violet 0x34EE
0243 0x00F3 Sahasrara EX Violet 0x34EF
0244 0x00F4 Nataraja Joker 0x34F0
0245 0x00F5 RESERVE Joker 0x34F1
0246 0x00F6 Sand Hawk Joker 0x34F2
0247 0x00F7 Eliminator Joker 0x34F3
0248 0x00F8 Crimson Gun Joker 0x34F4
0249 0x00F9 Mauser Crow 0x34F5
0250 0x00FA Yellow Girl Violet 0x34F6
0251 0x00FB Cocytus Joker 0x34F7
0252 0x00FC Tyrant Pistol Joker 0x34F8
0253 0x00FD W Rifle Replica Violet 0x34F9
0254 0x00FE Casino Battle Gun Violet 0x34FA
0255 0x00FF Roosevelt Violet 0x34FB
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