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From Amicitia Wiki
Persona 5 Royal/dataR.cpk
Format CPK
Size 3.7 GB
Contains PAC BF GAP

The dataR.cpk is a CPK file found in Persona 5 Royal. The contents of the dataR.cpk are not that different from Persona 5.

Below is a list of directories and a summary of their purpose. Some of these directories can also be found in ps4R.cpk but contain different files.


Directory Name Description Notable Files
battle Contains battle related assets such as critical cutins, enemy AI, all out attack images, GUI elements, conversations and more. goodbye (all out attack finisher backgrounds), gui (all out attack character images) talk (enemy conversation scripts)
calendar Just contains cldWeather.bin cldWeather.bin
camera Contains several GMD files related to the camera for both fields and events.
camp Contains a few GMD files used by various game menus, and all of the text message conversations. chat (BF scripts for the protagonist's cellphone conversations)]]
community Various GMD and EPL files related to confidant rank-ups, as well as BMD messages
cutin Contains the frames and frame data for the tear-away eye closeups during conversations
device Contains some text for saving and loading the game. save_sequence.bmd (a BMD file containing save/load text)
effect A bunch of EPL files organized by battle, event, and field
env Environmental effects for different weather conditions, supposedly
event BF files for various cutscenes in the game organized in folders by their ID number range.
evtcmr BIN files with parameters involving event cameras.
facility Various files associated with the velvet room. Animations and models involved in Persona fusion, text related to fusion, etc. datMyth.bmd (the lore descriptions for each Persona in BMD format)
field Confidant text, TBL files related to missions and confidants, BIN files associated with the minimap, scripts related to bosses and tv
flsback DDS images related to the saferooms in dungeons where the real world location they're based on briefly fades onscreen
font Description font0.fnt - main font of the game
image Description Notable Files
init Some files that are loaded when the game begins facility.pak (contents are used instead of the identical files found in the facility folder)
minigame EPL and BMD files associated with the crossword puzzles, batting, and fishing minigames.
model Contains GAP animations and GMD/GFS models for various characters, fields, weapons, items, objects and personas. Persona 5 Royal/dataR.cpk/model/character (a list of character models and animations in P5R), Persona 5 Royal/Personas (a list of Persona models in P5R), Model/weapon (a list of weapon models and what weapons they're used for)
network A BMD file related to network saves PlayGO_message.bmd
resource Description Notable Files
scheduler BF files for each month of the game, seemingly associated with how the game schedules events for each day.
script BF files associated with each field in the game.
swordtrack Either contain or tell the game which particles to use for various melee weapons, but the animation's timing is dependent on the character attacking. Notable Files
tutorial BF files for various tutorial popups and events.
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