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Persona 5 Royal/dataR.cpk/model/character/0001

From Amicitia Wiki
Location dataR.cpk
Contains GMD GAP

The dataR.cpk file found in Persona 5 Royal contains a GMD model folder, Model (P5R). Each folder is categorized by character ID number. See Model (P5R) for a full list of ID number with character names and descriptions. 0001 refers to P5R's Main Character, and contains 62 GMD models related to him. The directory also contains folders organizing GAP animations by purpose (life, field, battle, event).

DataR.cpk Models

Checkmarks indicate animation compatibility. No checkmarks = untested

ID Filename Costume Description Battle Event Field Life Image Preview
1 c0001_001_00.GMD White T-Shirt School Uniform (Summer) 21cKNrN.png
2 c0001_002_00.GMD School Uniform Black suit with plaid pants DUTp6i2.png
3 c0001_003_00.GMD summer Casual White jacket, black t-shirt, jeans QVCRTiM.png
4 c0001_004_00.GMD winter Casual Black jacket, white v-neck, jeans MLiuZO4.png
5 c0001_005_00.GMD midwinter uniform Black suit with plaid pants, in a coat 4SWGVQ8.png
6 c0001_006_00.GMD midwinter casual outfit Jeans, Coat ULWOa94.png
48 c0001_048_00.GMD Title Screen Model Cannot preview in GFD Studio because the bounding box is too big. Has embedded animations. ZEGvM5K.png
51 c0001_051_00.GMD Battle Costume Masked Phantom Thief Outfit w0tUfrE.png
52 c0001_052_00.GMD Battle Costume Unmasked Phantom Thief Outfit ko35pY8.png
61 c0001_061_00.GMD Track Outfit Red Track Team Uniform OH2hH9r.png
63 c0001_063_00.GMD Swimsuit Shirtless, swimming trunks Y3IYTWA.png
64 c0001_064_00.GMD loungewear Black shirt, olive green sweatpants qxm2Q9l.png
65 c0001_065_00.GMD Towel Sauna Outfit FIrMCXN.png
66 c0001_066_00.GMD Pink 777 Outfit Part-Time Job AaqpzhW.png
67 c0001_067_00.GMD Blue & Orange Apron and Hat Part-Time Job bxpGUcj.png
69 c0001_069_00.GMD Shirtless with sweatpants Workout outfit (Wooden dummy training in GYM) 4LfprHS.png
71 c0001_071_00.GMD Nighttime Casual White New South Wales 1797 Shirt, tan pants cW7kEpy.png
72 c0001_072_00.GMD Track Outfit casual Black Tracksuit zCcy9fd.png
73 c0001_073_00.GMD december hoodie Grey hoodie, black jacket, jeans gcRcl4e.png
99 c0001_099_00.GMD Mouse Masked Mouse for Dungeon puzzle fPCgNSB.png
101 c0001_101_00.GMD Velvet Prison Outfit Black/white stripes, shackles qNDSPbc.png
102 c0001_102_00.GMD Interrogation Scene Outfit School uniform, beaten up (with face gradient) TH5jZNF.png
103 c0001_103_00.GMD Battle Costume Cutscene model, some face junk data with maxscript AyQJUTp.png
104 c0001_104_00.GMD Velvet Prison Outfit Shackles, ball and chain, masked K02XWnX.png
106 c0001_106_00.GMD Awakening Scene School Uniform, sweat on face QrrpqsW.png
107 c0001_107_00.GMD Velvet Prison Ball and chains K02XWnX.png
110 c0001_110_00.GMD Interrogation Scene 2 School Uniform, beat up, no glasses szia0Lw.png
111 c0001_111_00.GMD mementos fusion cutscene Black jacket with white cylinder wrapping the left sleeve, white v-neck, jeans, black left hand eebKmsg.png
112 c0001_112_00.GMD Nighttime Casual 2 Black shirt, olive sweatpants, barefoot, no glasses 4VbYJqS.png
114 c0001_114_00.GMD Interrogation Scene 2 School Uniform, beat up, no glasses TgLs1Yd.png
116 c0001_116_00.GMD Casual 2 Black jacket, white v-neck, jeans eebKmsg.png
117 c0001_117_00.GMD Velvet Prison Outfit again Used for a dream when entering alternate reality (?) AANWaDI.png
118 c0001_118_00.GMD Copy of Title Screen model No known use, but seems to be loaded on game boot as well 4Dyp1KR.png
119 c0001_119_00.GMD Battle Costume (Cutscene?) - Copy Unknown purpose vqeHoOq.png
151 c0001_151_00.GMD Metaverse Summer Shujin Uniform School Uniform (Summer) zbdlLQD.png
152 c0001_152_00.GMD Metaverse Winter Shujin Uniform Black suit with plaid pants DUTp6i2.png
153 c0001_153_00.GMD Metaverse Summer Casual White jacket, black t-shirt, jeans QVCRTiM.png
154 c0001_154_00.GMD Metaverse Winter Casual Black jacket, white v-neck, jeans MLiuZO4.png
155 c0001_155_00.GMD Metaverse Track Outfit Red Track Team Uniform OH2hH9r.png
156 c0001_156_00.GMD Metaverse Swimsuit Shirtless, swimming trunks Y3IYTWA.png
157 c0001_157_00.GMD Nighttime Casual 2 Black shirt, olive sweatpants, barefoot, no glasses qxm2Q9l.png
158 c0001_158_00.GMD SEES Outfit P3 DLC oKMsNsk.png
159 c0001_159_00.GMD Yasogami High Uniform P4 DLC cnQBBFX.png
160 c0001_160_00.GMD St. Hermelin Uniform P1 DLC SKQ2090.png
161 c0001_161_00.GMD Tatsuya Outfit P2 DLC 8VEZyG6.png
162 c0001_162_00.GMD Catherine DLC Costume Vincent Outfit tRfYsKE.png
163 c0001_163_00.GMD SMT If Outfit SMT If DLC 0Kv2Jxq.png
164 c0001_164_00.GMD Butler DLC Costume dcHC2NC.png
165 c0001_165_00.GMD Christmas DLC Costume K4kuulN.png
166 c0001_166_00.GMD P4 Dancing All Night DLC Costume juTPZfO.png
167 c0001_167_00.GMD P4 Arena DLC Costume WvhLwwZ.png
168 c0001_168_00.GMD SMTIV DLC Costume HzEfeyX.png
169 c0001_169_00.GMD Raidou DLC Costume TEybLk5.png
170 c0001_170_00.GMD P5D Outfit zbyXDSP.png
171 c0001_171_00.GMD Phantom Suit copy BKSH9M0.png
172 c0001_172_00.GMD Velvet Room DLC outfit 4vlI7Mt.png
173 c0001_173_00.GMD Neo Featherman outfit DrM9ozl.png
174 c0001_174_00.GMD Strange Journey DLC Costume jOSIbkt.png
175 c0001_175_00.GMD Strange Journey DLC Costume with no mask zXwpskN.png
176 c0001_176_00.GMD Persona Q2 DLC Costume ZFnXIbx.png
177 c0001_177_00.GMD Phantom Suit copy BKSH9M0.png
201-3 c0001_201_03.GMD Casual 1 (Cafe) Same as 3 but with apron 6CtcC1D.png
201-4 c0001_201_04.GMD Casual (Cafe) Tan long sleeve V-neck shirt, jeans, apron aI7e9PU.png


Category Filename Description Animation ID Model ID
emt emt0001.GAP Used for blinking?
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