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Persona 5 Royal/dataR.cpk/model/character/0001/field

From Amicitia Wiki
Location dataR.cpk
Contains GAP

The dataR.cpk file found in Persona 5 Royal contains a GMD model folder, Model (P5R). Each folder is categorized by character ID number. See Model (P5R) for a full list of ID number with character names and descriptions. 0001 refers to the Protagonist, and several GMD models related to them. The directory also contains folders organizing GAP animations by purpose (field, battle, event).

The below table is for describing the animations in the GAP files found in the Protagonist's field directory.


Filename Type Description
af0001_001.GAP Description
af0001_001a.GAP Description
af0001_002.GAP Description
af0001_010.GAP Description
af0001_011.GAP Description
af0001_012.GAP Description
af0001_020.GAP Description
af0001_021.GAP Description
af0001_022.GAP Description
af0001_030.GAP Description
af0001_031.GAP Description
af0001_032.GAP Description
af0001_040.GAP Description
af0001_041.GAP Description
af0001_042.GAP Description
af0001_043.GAP Description
af0001_044.GAP Description
af0001_045.GAP Description
af0001_051.GAP Description
af0001_052.GAP Backflip
af0001_053.GAP Description
af0001_054.GAP Description
af0001_055.GAP Description
af0001_056.GAP Description
af0001_057.GAP Description
af0001_058.GAP Description
af0001_060.GAP Metaverse (3)
0 Opening Door
1 Slamming Door
2 Kicking Door
af0001_061.GAP Description
af0001_062.GAP Description
af0001_080.GAP Pulling Lever
af0001_081.GAP Description
af0001_082.GAP Description
af0001_084.GAP Description
af0001_086.GAP Description
af0001_087.GAP Description
af0001_089.GAP Description
af0001_090.GAP Same as af0001_060 (0)
af0001_091.GAP Description
af0001_092.GAP Description
af0001_093.GAP Description
af0001_094.GAP Description
af0001_095.GAP Description
af0001_096.GAP Description
af0001_097.GAP Description
af0001_098.GAP Description
af0001_099.GAP Description
af0001_101.GAP Description
af0001_111.GAP Description
af0001_112.GAP Description
af0001_113.GAP Description
af0001_114.GAP Description
af0001_122.GAP Description
af0001_125.GAP Description
af0001_140.GAP Description
af0001_141.GAP Description
af0001_142.GAP Description
af0001_143.GAP Description
af0001_144.GAP Description
af0001_145.GAP Description
af0001_150.GAP Description
af0001_190.GAP Description
af0001_200.GAP Description
af0001_201.GAP Description
af0001_202.GAP Description
af0001_203.GAP Description
af0001_204.GAP Description
af0001_205.GAP Description
af0001_206.GAP Description
af0001_207.GAP Description
af0001_208.GAP Description
af0001_209.GAP Description
af0001_210.GAP Velvet Room (3)
0 Toilet Sit
1 Toilet Sit Idle
2 Toilet Sit Up
af0001_211.GAP Description
af0001_220.GAP Description
af0001_230.GAP Train Pass Scan
af0001_250.GAP Description
af0001_251.GAP Description
af0001_255.GAP Description
af0001_555.GAP School (2)
0 Sit Hand On Jaw Think
1 Sit Up
bf0001_001.GAP Description
bf0001_002.GAP Description
bf0001_030.GAP Description
bf0001_031.GAP Description
bf0001_040.GAP Description
bf0001_051.GAP Metaverse (60)
0 Field Idle
1 Field Walk
2 Field Run
3 Field Talk
4 Adjusting Gloves
5-15 [Doesn't Load]
16 On Knee, Look Around
19 On Knee
20 On Knee, Walk
21 Field Idle, Look Around
22 Field Sprint
23 Field Slash
Rest [Doesn't Load]
bf0001_099.GAP Description
bf0001_101.GAP Life, Rain (60)
0 Holding Umbrella
1 Walk Umbrella
2 Run Umbrella
3 Umbrella Talk
4 Umbrella Look
5 [Doesn't Load]
6 Umbrella, Idle to Walk
7-8 [Doesn't Load]
9 Umbrella, Walk to Idle
11 Umbrella, Idle to Run
bf0001_102.GAP Description
bf0001_200.GAP Description
bf0001_201.GAP Description
bf0001_251.GAP Description
bf0001_252.GAP Description
bf0001_253.GAP Description
bf0001_254.GAP Description
bf0001_261.GAP Description
bf0001_262.GAP Description
bf0001_271.GAP Description
bf0001_281.GAP (16) Origin Far Away
0 Reading through a Book
1 [Does Not Load]
2 Standing Up
bf0001_291.GAP Description
bf0001_351.GAP Description
bf0001_352.GAP Description
bf0001_353.GAP Description
bf0001_360.GAP (60)
0 One Hand in Pocket Idle
1 Walk
2 Run
3 One Hand In Pocket Idle
4 One Hand In Pocket Idle
5-18 [Doesn't Load]
19 Crouching, One hand on ground
20 Sneaking
21-59 [Doesn't Load]
bf0001_400.GAP Description
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