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Persona 5 Royal/dataR.cpk/model/character/1011

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The dataR.cpk file found in Persona 5 Royal contains a GMD model folder, Model (P5R). Each folder is categorized by character ID number. See Model (P5R) for a full list of ID number with character names and descriptions. 1011 refers to P5R's Yuuki Mishima, and contains 13 GMD model related to him. The directory also contains folders organizing GAP animations by purpose (field, event).


ID Filename Costume Description Event Field Image Preview
1 c1011_001_00.GMD Summer Shujin Shujin uniform worn in summer unknown.png
2 c1011_002_00.GMD Winter Shujin Shujin uniform worn in winter unknown.png
4 c1011_004_00.GMD Winter Casual Casual outfit worn during winter unknown.png
5 c1011_005_00.GMD Midwinter Shujin Shujin uniform worn in midwinter unknown.png
6 c1011_006_00.GMD Midwinter Casual Casual outfit worn during midwinter unknown.png
51 c1011_051_00.GMD Shadow Shadow Mishima found in Mementos unknown.png
61 c1011_061_00.GMD Shujin Track Shujin track outfit unknown.png
63 c1011_063_00.GMD Swimsuit Swimsuit worn at the beach unknown.png
71 c1011_071_00.GMD Bandaged Bandages from training with Kamoshida unknown.png
81 c1011_081_00.GMD Winter Shujin 2 Winter Shujin uniform unknown.png
101 c1011_101_00.GMD Winter Shujin 3 Winter Shujin uniform unknown.png
201-1 c1011_201_01.GMD Summer Shujin Sitting Summer Shujin uniform sitting at desk unknown.png
201-2 c1011_201_02.GMD Winter Shujin Sitting Winter Shujin uniform sitting at desk unknown.png


Category Filename Description Animation ID Model ID
emt emt1011.GAP
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