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Persona 5 Royal/dataR.cpk/model/character/4091

From Amicitia Wiki

The dataR.cpk file found in Persona 5 Royal contains a GMD model folder, Model (P5R). Each folder is categorized by character ID number. See Model (P5R) for a full list of ID number with character names and descriptions. 4091 refers to Female Masked Student, and contains 3 GMD models related to her.


ID FIlename Costume Description Image Preview
1 c4091_001_00.GMD Summer Shujin Shujin summer uniform with a mask unknown.png
2 c4091_002_00.GMD Winter Shujin Shujin winter uniform with a mask unknown.png
5 c4091_005_00.GMD Midwinter Shujin Shujin midwinter uniform with a mask unknown.png
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