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Persona 5 Royal/ps4 movieR.cpk

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Unlike the previous games, USM files are placed into a whole different CPK and seems like they are also encrypted stream entries. Few USM files are without audio stream and most likely it's due to being simple objects or pre-rendered elements.

WARNING: This page contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the sake of indexing

List of files on "/movie" path:

File size (bytes) File name Summary
298700320 mov000.usm Wake up, get up, get out there (Vanilla OP)
116298720 mov001.usm Casino Intro
106378368 mov004.usm Waking up in the velvet room for the first time
221977568 mov005.usm Train psychotic breakdown
382086560 mov006.usm Riding the train to Yongen-Jaya
131950944 mov007.usm Ann gets a ride from Kamoshida in the rain
105100896 mov008.usm Ryuji and Joker discover Kamoshida's palace on accident
200780736 mov009.usm Joker awakens to Arsene
134844320 mov010.usm Volleyball event at the school
73207680 mov011.usm Kamoshida's palace collapses
148731328 mov012.usm Yosuke follows Ann from the train station
106593792 mov013.usm Principle Kobayakawa gets hit by a truck
111430816 mov015.usm The thieves drive the Mona Bus to Futaba's palace
71315072 mov016.usm Futaba's palace collapses
111575360 mov017.usm Rain ruins a fireworks show
142300928 mov018.usm The thieves go to the beach
69854048 mov020.usm The thieves start to infiltrate Sae's palace
340541504 mov021.usm The thieves react to Joker's reported death
86641792 mov024.usm Introduction to Shido's palace
264442496 mov025.usm The thieves hack the TVs in Shibuya to display their calling card
196684064 mov026.usm Shido's palace collapses
175861184 mov029.usm The world goes back to normal and Morgana accends to heaven or something
112747872 mov031.usm Ann talks about her problems with Kamoshida after chasing her down
110397312 mov032.usm The thieves discover the Holy Grail's true form
133040576 mov033.usm Plane ride to Hawaii
87261696 mov034.usm The world goes into chaos mode with bones popping up everywhere and red rain
127887040 mov035.usm
59805408 mov036.usm Joker gets released from prison
76347552 mov037.usm Akechi ""wins"" and "closes the case"
56100512 mov039.usm Joker meets back up with his friends in LeBlanc
250307488 mov040.usm Joker sneaks around Sae's palace to explore but gets caught
72802464 mov041.usm People in the casino notice Joker sneaking around
48409600 mov042.usm Akechi leaves Joker's body in the cell
48905728 mov043.usm Joker's body dissolves after Akechi leaves
197983488 mov044.usm Duplicate of mov020.usm
741498240 mov045.usm Credits
215163008 mov050.usm Colors Flying High (Royal OP)
305160096 mov058.usm Credits (Accepting Maruki's Reality)
27893472 mov059.usm Ren coming back to Leblanc
56324672 mov060.usm Accidental entering into Maruki's Palace
126913056 mov061.usm Yoshizawa Dancing on School Festival
100620448 mov063.usm 1/1 with Yoshizawa
187464896 mov064.usm Kasumi's Death
228796128 mov065.usm Maruki's Palace collapsing
1044981344 mov066.usm Royal True Ending (with Maruki taking you away)
57020896 mov068.usm Final cutscene true ending sans ""Akechi""
63445408 mov069.usm Final cutscene true ending with ""Akechi""
49201440 mov070.usm Persona 5 The Day Breakers PV (Japanese)
231676736 mov072.usm Brand new days (PERSONA MUSIC FES 2013)
158306752 mov073.usm Best friends (PERSONA MUSIC FES 2013)
356446368 mov074.usm Medley P4Arena The Junes Hero/Shadows Of The Labyrinth/Heartful Cry -in Mayonaka Arena-/Spirited Girl (PERSONA MUSIC FES 2013)
153721984 mov075.usm Dance (PERSONA SUPER LIVE 2015)
171666528 mov076.usm Maze of Life (PERSONA SUPER LIVE 2015)
187822336 mov077.usm Shadow World (PERSONA SUPER LIVE 2015)
137065728 mov078.usm Beneath the Mask (Persona Super Live P-Sound Bomb!!!! 2017)
333711424 mov079.usm Medley Poem of Everyone's Souls/聖槍騎士団 - Knights of the Holy Spear/Mistic/Heaven/Our Beginning (Persona Super Live P-Sound Bomb!!!! 2017)
166271584 mov080.usm Persona Dancing Medley (Persona Super Live P-Sound Bomb!!!! 2017)
874016 mov084.usm Flashback Ren being sued by Shido
874016 mov085.usm same as 084
166996160 mov086.usm Persona 5 PV 4 (Japanese)
52840960 mov090.usm My Palace Showtime Ann & Morgana
66760000 mov091.usm My Palace Showtime Makoto & Ryuuji
70328480 mov092.usm My Palace Showtime Yusuke & Ryuuji
80546880 mov093.usm My Palace Showtime Yusuke & Ann
53645696 mov094.usm My Palace Showtime Morgana & Haru
76368992 mov095.usm My Palace Showtime Makoto & Haru
62488032 mov096.usm My Palace Showtime Ren & Goro
82085504 mov097.usm My Palace Showtime Ren & Sumire
3376864 mov100.usm Flashback like 084 but longer
27949888 mov101.usm Debug Event Entering into Kamoshida's Palace via Navi
14281248 mov102.usm Debug Event Fade-out after Phantom Thieves' disappear
16388896 mov103.usm Debug Event 424_002 - People clapping for Shadow Shido and before battle
67244960 mov104.usm Debug Event Begone, Yaldabaoth!
31243552 mov105.usm Debug Event "Are Phantom Thieves Just? 100%" (PS3)
8242656 mov106.usm Debug Event Okumura's Death
58440672 mov250.usm Violet's Awakening's pre-rendered cutscene
177093792 mov251.usm Pre-rendered(?) Azathoth's evolution into Adam Kadmon
254219232 mov252.usm Pre-rendered(?) Maruki's getting into Adam Kadmon
321951232 mov253.usm Pre-rendered(?) Adam Kadmon striking a fist but got blocked by Phantom Thieves
874016 mov254.usm again same as 084
108343936 mov297.usm Debug Event Awakening Satanael
1877152 mov298.usm Pre-rendered Shadow Kaneshiro's eyes on boss' cutscene
12817536 mov299.usm Debug Event Shadow Madarame on boss' cutscene
8849856 mov302.usm Shibuya's big screen on Christmas
1533248 mov303.usm Train News Flash screen animation
4595328 mov308.usm Shadow Sae's big screen
1840480 mov309.usm Phantom Thieves TV news
4268960 mov310.usm Shido's Interview
3255808 mov311.usm Shido's Press Interview on confessing his crimes
2384608 mov312.usm Isekai/MetaVerse Navi on Ren's Phone
5932864 mov313.usm Sae's laptop's downloading data screen
4209984 mov314.usm Spawning Shadows after having defeated Shadow Sae
29234176 mov316.usm Big Screen on Maruki's Palace before movXXX.usm
7411488 mov317.usm Taking a photo on Royal Normal Ending (Accepting Maruki's World)
2497920 mov318.usm Isekai/MetaVerse Navi on third semester
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