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Persona 5 Royal (PS4)

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Persona 5 Royal (PS4)
Platform PS4
Released October 31, 2019 (JP)

March 31, 2020(EU/US)

Format PKG
Size 30 GB

Persona 5 Royal is a re-release of Persona 5 that adds story content and game mechanics (similar to Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden). It features a new party member named Kasumi, a new dungeon, and a new semester during the life portion of the game.

A newer port of P5R to the Nintendo Switch and PC (as well as XBox Game Pass) exists, which has a few notable differences for modders.


In the USRDIR of the game's PKG:

DataR PlaygoR Language Notes:
dataR_F.cpk playgoR_F.cpk French Contains French Text/Button Translations
dataR_G.cpk playgoR_G.cpk German Contains German Text/Button Translations
dataR_I.cpk playgoR_I.cpk Italian Contains Italian Text/Button Translations
dataR_S.cpk playgoR_S.cpk Spanish Contains Spanish Text/Button Translations


Due to the game largely functioning the same as Persona 5, Persona 5 Royal has many of the same filetypes as the PS4 edition of Persona 5.

  • CPK (archive)
  • AWB (sound archive)
    • ADX (sound format)
  • DDS (textures)
  • GNF (textures)
  • GAP (3d animation files)
  • GMD (model format)
  • BF (scripts)
  • TBL (data tables)
  • PLG (vector images)
  • EPL (particles)
  • ENV (environmental effects)
  • USM (pre-rendered video)
  • DAT (unknown)


P5R is currently moddable on PS4 consoles with HEN-exploitable firmwares (5.05/5.07, 6.72, 7.02, 7.55, 9.00 and 11.00). A fake-signed PKG (aka FPKG) must be installed. In the case of 5.05, it must also be backported to that firmware. Note that you need to hold onto the base FPKG of the game on your PC to generate modded update PKGs from.

Using the Dumper payload hosted on most exploit pages that include HEN (such as this one), you can dump the unencrypted contents of the installed game PKG to your USB device and transfer to PC for extraction. To extract the CPK files, use CriPakGUI-P5R

Mod Compendium Method

Following this guide, you can use the Mod Compendium to generate a custom update PKG for P5R to be installed on the PS4. Using HEN, you can install the PKG on your PS4 via USB (in the console's Debug Settings) or over the network via a homebrew called Remote Package Installer. The update includes an EBOOT that automatically patches out the intro logos for quick startup.

Manual Method

To create an update PKG without using the Mod Compendium (due to technical difficulties or personal preference), you will need:

You can optionally edit the changeinfo.xml file in your update directory before building to include a changelog that will show up on the PS4 (convenient for remembering what mods are installed). The Mod Compendium method automatically fills this out: <![CDATA[YOURCHANGELOGTEXTHERE]]>

  • Create your custom CPK and replace the empty PATCH1R.CPK in the update folder's USRDIR folder. The same requirements apply to the patch CPK as do normally to mod.cpk.
  • Run the command prompt and run gengp4.exe with the only parameter being the path to your update directory, like so: "C:\Path\To\gengp4.exe" "C:\Path\To\CUSA08644-patch"
  • Run the following commands with orbis-pub-cmd.exe in the command prompt also: "C:\Path\To\orbis-pub-cmd.exe" img_create --oformat pkg --tmp_path "C:\Path\To\OutputFolder" "C:\Path\To\CUSA08644-patch.gp4" "C:\Path\To\OutputFolder" "C:\Path\To\CUSA08644-patch" (or use orbis-pub-gen for a GUI). First, open the GP4 in notepad to make sure the path to your original PKG is valid as it is required.
  • A PKG should eventually be generated which you can send to your PS4 for installation. It may take awhile to complete the integrity check since P5R's original PKG is massive. However, it is apparently optional as you can close the program once the CPK is created (and is at its full filesize) without any corruption. This is what the Mod Compendium does automatically to save time.

Recommended Pages



  • BGM - A list of all the background music files in the game
  • BGM_XX - A list of all the DLC background music files in the game


  • Bustup - A list of all the bustups in the game
  • Assist Bustup - A list of all the assist (navi) bustups in the game
  • Field - List of all field maps in the game
  • Flags - A list of all bit flags that can be toggled in P5R
  • Counters - A list of all counter values that can be changed in P5R
  • Event - A list of all events in the game
  • Room Decorations - A list of Joker's Room Decoration Items

Name/ID Tables

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