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This page contains CTPK textures with various colored patterns. It is present in both Persona Q and Persona Q2. To go back, see Persona Q/data.cpk or Persona Q2/data.cpk.

Textures[edit | edit source]

File Name Image
bb000.ctpk bb000.ctpk.00.png
bb001.ctpk bb001.ctpk.00.png
bb002.ctpk bb002.ctpk.00.png
bb003.ctpk bb003.ctpk.00.png
bb004.ctpk bb004.ctpk.00.png
bb005.ctpk bb005.ctpk.00.png
bb006.ctpk bb006.ctpk.00.png
bb007.ctpk bb007.ctpk.00.png