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Persona Q2/Armors
Table init/itemtbl.bin


ID (Dec.) ID (HEX) Name Description
0000 0000 Armor Start 防具 0x300 1行目 防具 0x300 2行目
0001 0001 Novelty Hoodie A hoodie with a movie's logo on the back.  
0002 0002 Staff Sweater A fancy sweater that keeps out the cold.  
0003 0003 Armor 0x303 A jacket made for arm mobility.
0004 0004 Puffy Down Coat A large, downy coat with a lot of feathers. Max HP +5%
0005 0005 Fitted Chainmail Sturdy iron chainmail.  
0006 0006 Aramid Vest Light vest made with special fibers.  
0007 0007 Survival Guard A sturdy vest made to ensure survival. Max HP +10%
0008 0008 Camo Poncho A camouflaged poncho. Blends into nature. Ag +1
0009 0009 Armor 0x309 防具 0x309 1行目 防具 0x309 2行目
0010 000A Enhanced Armor Armor made to resist debilitation. Low chance to resist all ailments
0011 000B Hard Armor Armor made with metal.  
0012 000C (prov) Unisex 6 防具 0x30C 1行目 防具 0x30C 2行目
0013 000D Hope Shirt A T-shirt with "Now hiring" printed on it. Increase item drop rate
0014 000E Soul Vest A vest knitted with love. Max SP +10%
0015 000F Opera Coat A dignified coat for a proud commander. Ma +2
0016 0010 Egoist Coat A mystic coat overflowing with faith. Max HP +15%
0017 0011 Vogue Vest An avant-garde vest for a new age of fashion. Ag +2 / Lu +3
0018 0012 Akashic Shirt Its wearer becomes a font of energy. Max HP & SP +10%
0019 0013 Kaiser Armor Armor made for a king of kings. St +3 / Ag +3
0020 0014 Papal Robe A robe said to flood the world with compassion. Max SP +15% / Ma +3
0021 0015 Armor 0x315 防具 0x315 1行目 防具 0x315 2行目
0022 0016 Resistance Armor Armor for defiers of the world's rules. Low chance of resisting all Binds
0023 0017 Unity Shirt Emblazoned with the word "Brothers." Moderately raise Party Meter gains
0024 0018 Growth Shirt The back is printed with "In Training." Increase EXP +15%
0025 0019 Trendy Shirt An undershirt with a fancy design. Increase EXP +10%
0026 001A (prov) D2 Spd Amr 防具 0x31A 1行目 防具 0x31A 2行目
0027 001B (prov) D2 Res Amr 防具 0x31B 1行目 防具 0x31B 2行目
0028 001C Armor 0x31C 防具 0x31C 1行目 防具 0x31C 2行目
0029 001D Armor 0x31D 防具 0x31D 1行目 防具 0x31D 2行目
0030 001E Armor 0x31E 防具 0x31E 1行目 防具 0x31E 2行目
0031 001F Armor 0x31F 防具 0x31F 1行目 防具 0x31F 2行目
0032 0020 Armor 0x320 防具 0x320 1行目 防具 0x320 2行目
0033 0021 Armor 0x321 防具 0x321 1行目 防具 0x321 2行目
0034 0022 Armor 0x322 防具 0x322 1行目 防具 0x322 2行目
0035 0023 Armor 0x323 防具 0x323 1行目 防具 0x323 2行目
0036 0024 Armor 0x324 防具 0x324 1行目 防具 0x324 2行目
0037 0025 Armor 0x325 防具 0x325 1行目 防具 0x325 2行目
0038 0026 Armor 0x326 防具 0x326 1行目 防具 0x326 2行目
0039 0027 Armor 0x327 防具 0x327 1行目 防具 0x327 2行目
0040 0028 Armor 0x328 防具 0x328 1行目 防具 0x328 2行目
0041 0029 Armor 0x329 防具 0x329 1行目 防具 0x329 2行目
0042 002A Armor 0x32A 防具 0x32A 1行目 防具 0x32A 2行目
0043 002B Armor 0x32B 防具 0x32B 1行目 防具 0x32B 2行目
0044 002C Armor 0x32C 防具 0x32C 1行目 防具 0x32C 2行目
0045 002D Armor 0x32D 防具 0x32D 1行目 防具 0x32D 2行目
0046 002E Armor 0x32E 防具 0x32E 1行目 防具 0x32E 2行目
0047 002F Armor 0x32F 防具 0x32F 1行目 防具 0x32F 2行目
0048 0030 Armor 0x330 防具 0x330 1行目 防具 0x330 2行目
0049 0031 Armor 0x331 防具 0x331 1行目 防具 0x331 2行目
0050 0032 Armor 0x332 防具 0x332 1行目 防具 0x332 2行目
0051 0033 Armor 0x333 防具 0x333 1行目 防具 0x333 2行目
0052 0034 Shoulder Vest A vest with a spiked shoulder pad. St +2
0053 0035 Wire Jacket A jacket made with wires.
0054 0036 Armor 0x336 防具 0x336 1行目 防具 0x336 2行目
0055 0037 Hero Tights Tights filled with the power of justice. Max HP +5% / Ag +2
0056 0038 Manly Jinbei A jinbei that fills the wearer with a true warrior's instinct. St +3
0057 0039 Armor 0x339 防具 0x339 1行目 防具 0x339 2行目
0058 003A Tigerhide Belt A belt made from the skin of a beast. St +2 / Ag +2
0059 003B Armor 0x33B 防具 0x33B 1行目 防具 0x33B 2行目
0060 003C Lion Happi A happi with a lion drawn on the back. Max HP +10%
0061 003D Doumaru Practical armor; simplistic, but durable. Ag +4
0062 003E Gigas Vest A man's vest, resilient enough to withstand a giant's stomp. St +3
0063 003F Armor 0x33F 防具 0x33F 1行目 防具 0x33F 2行目
0064 0040 Passion Sweats A jersey that has absorbed the sweat of youthful exuberance. Max HP +10%
0065 0041 Crusader Plate The consecrated armor of a holy knight. Resist Instant Kill
0066 0042 Hero's Knickers Briefs worn by manly heroes of old. Max HP +10% / St +2
0067 0043 Desperate Plate A chestplate for those who defy death. Increases all Bind resistance
0068 0044 Full Jin-Baori Made for men with an iron will. Greatly resist Instant Kill
0069 0045 Hallowed Plate Armor of a savior who gives hope to all. All stats +2
0070 0046 Armor 0x346 防具 0x346 1行目 防具 0x346 2行目
0071 0047 Armor 0x347 防具 0x347 1行目 防具 0x347 2行目
0072 0048 Purple Suit Made of brilliant, painfully-shiny cloth. Max SP +10% / Ma +3
0073 0049 Superstar Attire An outfit filled with all the power of the age of glitz and glamour. All stats +1
0074 004A Armor 0x34A 防具 0x34A 1行目 防具 0x34A 2行目
0075 004B Armor 0x34B 防具 0x34B 1行目 防具 0x34B 2行目
0076 004C Armor 0x34C 防具 0x34C 1行目 防具 0x34C 2行目
0077 004D Armor 0x34D 防具 0x34D 1行目 防具 0x34D 2行目
0078 004E Armor 0x34E 防具 0x34E 1行目 防具 0x34E 2行目
0079 004F Armor 0x34F 防具 0x34F 1行目 防具 0x34F 2行目
0080 0050 Master Thief Iconic green suit of a master phantom thief. Nullifies all ailments
0081 0051 Gold Sneak Suit Overalls set with a gleaming skull. Nullifies all ailments
0082 0052 Shajinbaori Clothing depicting Mount Fuji erupting. Nullifies all ailments
0083 0053 White Regalia Pristine attire that cleanses one's heart. Nullifies all ailments
0084 0054 King Collar A school uniform proudly sporting a high collar. Nullifies all ailments
0085 0055 Fuuma Outfit The traditional garb of the Fuuma Clan. Nullifies all ailments
0086 0056 Gold Tokkoufuku A golden school uniform. It inspires terror. Nullifies all ailments
0087 0057 Magnet Bearsuit Uses natural polarities to resist shock. Nullifies all ailments
0088 0058 Monarch Jacket A mysterious jacket that empowers the chosen one. Nullifies all ailments
0089 0059 Brave Scale Empowers those who overcame weakness. Nullifies all ailments
0090 005A Sirius Suit A beacon of hope, like a guiding lodestar. Nullifies all ailments
0091 005B Hero Hoodie A blessed hoodie, sewn one prayer at a time. Nullifies all ailments
0092 005C Moon Haori A haori that evokes the dark unease of twilight. Nullifies all ailments
0093 005D Armor 0x35D 防具 0x35D 1行目 防具 0x35D 2行目
0094 005E Armor 0x35E 防具 0x35E 1行目 防具 0x35E 2行目
0095 005F Armor 0x35F 防具 0x35F 1行目 防具 0x35F 2行目
0096 0060 Armor 0x360 防具 0x360 1行目 防具 0x360 2行目
0097 0061 Armor 0x361 防具 0x361 1行目 防具 0x361 2行目
0098 0062 Armor 0x362 防具 0x362 1行目 防具 0x362 2行目
0099 0063 Armor 0x363 防具 0x363 1行目 防具 0x363 2行目
0100 0064 Armor 0x364 防具 0x364 1行目 防具 0x364 2行目
0101 0065 Armor 0x365 防具 0x365 1行目 防具 0x365 2行目
0102 0066 Primary Cat Suit A catsuit with a black cat on the chest. Ag +2
0103 0067 Armor 0x367 防具 0x367 1行目 防具 0x367 2行目
0104 0068 Enchanted Cami A camisole designed with magic runes. Max SP +10%
0105 0069 Steel Bunny Suit A bulletproof bunny suit made with steel. Lu +3
0106 006A Armor 0x36A 防具 0x36A 1行目 防具 0x36A 2行目
0107 006B Utility Apron An all-purpose apron good for cooking or hard labor. All stats +1
0108 006C Primal Bikini A beast-hide bikini. Stirs primal power. Max HP +10% / St + 2
0109 006D Armor 0x36D 防具 0x36D 1行目 防具 0x36D 2行目
0110 006E Witchy Dress A dress soaked in the sultry haze of city nightlife. Max SP +5% / Ma +2
0111 006F Futuristic Tights Thin tights that provide warmth and protection. Ag +3
0112 0070 Capital Robe A glittering robe that seems speckled with stars. Max HP +10% / Lu +3
0113 0071 (prov) Female 7 防具 0x371 1行目 防具 0x371 2行目
0114 0072 Breeze Tutu A cute tutu that turns boys' heads. Ag +2
0115 0073 Spiked Bra A bra adorned with countless spikes. St +3
0116 0074 Rune Dress An elegant dress with protective glyphs sewn in. Max SP +10% / Ma +3
0117 0075 Invincible Mini Fabric that blocks impacts despite little volume. Max HP +15% / En +2
0118 0076 Haten Robe Protects wearer from hidden dangers. Ma +2 / Ag +3
0119 0077 Eternity Dress A pure white dress that promises eternal happiness. All stats +2
0120 0078 Armor 0x378 防具 0x378 1行目 防具 0x378 2行目
0121 0079 Armor 0x379 防具 0x379 1行目 防具 0x379 2行目
0122 007A 7-Fold Yukata A yukata with seven layers of special fabric. St +2 / Ma +2
0123 007B New Year Kimono A kimono that represents the divinity of the new year. Nullifies Instant Kill
0124 007C Armor 0x37C 防具 0x37C 1行目 防具 0x37C 2行目
0125 007D Armor 0x37D 防具 0x37D 1行目 防具 0x37D 2行目
0126 007E Armor 0x37E 防具 0x37E 1行目 防具 0x37E 2行目
0127 007F Armor 0x37F 防具 0x37F 1行目 防具 0x37F 2行目
0128 0080 Crimson Leotard A leotard dyed a red color of singular, incomparable beauty. Nullifies all Binds
0129 0081 Lord's Dress A dress made to increase the power of the chosen one. Nullifies all Binds
0130 0082 Beauty Thief Beauty Thief's outfit. Loved by all girls. Nullifies all Binds
0131 0083 Wasteland Robe Vestments of a true conqueror. Nullifies all Binds
0132 0084 Solar Robe Beautiful garb enhanced by luminous gems. Nullifies all Binds
0133 0085 Ruby Kimono An elegant kimono set with glorious gems. Nullifies all Binds
0134 0086 Black Dress A regal dress studded with warding gems. Nullifies all Binds
0135 0087 Sakura Robe A pink-dyed robe with a soft floral scent. Nullifies all Binds
0136 0088 Empress Fur Noble fur that amplifies the wearer's style. Nullifies all Binds
0137 0089 Armor 0x389 防具 0x389 1行目 防具 0x389 2行目
0138 008A Armor 0x38A 防具 0x38A 1行目 防具 0x38A 2行目
0139 008B Armor 0x38B 防具 0x38B 1行目 防具 0x38B 2行目
0140 008C Armor 0x38C 防具 0x38C 1行目 防具 0x38C 2行目
0141 008D Armor 0x38D 防具 0x38D 1行目 防具 0x38D 2行目
0142 008E Armor 0x38E 防具 0x38E 1行目 防具 0x38E 2行目
0143 008F Armor 0x38F 防具 0x38F 1行目 防具 0x38F 2行目
0144 0090 Armor 0x390 防具 0x390 1行目 防具 0x390 2行目
0145 0091 Armor 0x391 防具 0x391 1行目 防具 0x391 2行目
0146 0092 Armor 0x392 防具 0x392 1行目 防具 0x392 2行目
0147 0093 Armor 0x393 防具 0x393 1行目 防具 0x393 2行目
0148 0094 Armor 0x394 防具 0x394 1行目 防具 0x394 2行目
0149 0095 Armor 0x395 防具 0x395 1行目 防具 0x395 2行目
0150 0096 Armor 0x396 防具 0x396 1行目 防具 0x396 2行目
0151 0097 Cat Sweater A warm sweater made for cats.  
0152 0098 Breeze Scarf A light and comfortable scarf. Ag +1
0153 0099 Steel Scarf A scarf made with steel fabric.  
0154 009A Red Scarf A red scarf that flutters even without wind. Max SP +5%
0155 009B Grassland Scarf The wearer is followed by a gentle breeze. Increases resistance to all Binds
0156 009C E-Collar A collar made to strengthen queenly necks. Ma +2 / Lu +1
0157 009D Beast's Scarf A scarf with the power of the beast king. Max HP +10%
0158 009E Flowing Scarf This scarf imparts preternatural reflexes. Increase evasion
0159 009F Artistic Scarf An enchanted scarf, light and mobile. Lu +3
0160 00A0 Magical Scarf A colorful scarf worn by magicians. Max SP +5% / Ma +2
0161 00A1 Solar Wind Scarf A scarf of solar light. Dampens static energy. Max HP +5% / St +2
0162 00A2 Id Collar Makes the wearer more self-conscious. Slightly raise Party Meter gains
0163 00A3 Memorial Collar A collar infused with dear memories. Max HP & SP +5%
0164 00A4 Master's Scarf A scarf infused with the will of the harbinger. Increase EXP +15%
0165 00A5 Killer Collar A collar for a vanquisher of evildoers. St +3
0166 00A6 Sublime Collar A luxurious collar. Cat-lover approved. Max SP +10% / Ma +2
0167 00A7 Gorgeous Collar A classy collar with a gorgeous ornament. Max HP +10% / St +3
0168 00A8 Nekomata Coat+ Dubious greaves once worn by a nekomata. All stats +2
0169 00A9 Armor 0x3A9 防具 0x3A9 1行目 防具 0x3A9 2行目
0170 00AA Guard Scarf A scarf worn by a warrior in cold weather. Max HP +5%
0171 00AB Trendy Scarf A fashionable, gossamer thin scarf. Increase EXP +10%
0172 00AC Fluffy Scarf A scarf so soft, you could pet it for centuries. All stats +1
0173 00AD Armor 0x3AD 防具 0x3AD 1行目 防具 0x3AD 2行目
0174 00AE Armor 0x3AE 防具 0x3AE 1行目 防具 0x3AE 2行目
0175 00AF Armor 0x3AF 防具 0x3AF 1行目
0176 00B0 Archangel Scarf Scarf of an archangel who speaks truth to mortals. Nullifies all ailments
0177 00B1 Armor 0x3B1 防具 0x3B1 1行目 防具 0x3B1 2行目
0178 00B2 Armor 0x3B2 防具 0x3B2 1行目 防具 0x3B2 2行目
0179 00B3 Armor 0x3B3 防具 0x3B3 1行目 防具 0x3B3 2行目
0180 00B4 Armor 0x3B4 防具 0x3B4 1行目 防具 0x3B4 2行目
0181 00B5 (prov) Koromaru 1 防具 0x3B5 1行目 防具 0x3B5 2行目
0182 00B6 (prov) Koromaru 2 防具 0x3B6 1行目 防具 0x3B6 2行目
0183 00B7 (prov) Koromaru 3 防具 0x3B7 1行目 防具 0x3B7 2行目
0184 00B8 (prov) Koromaru 4 防具 0x3B8 1行目 防具 0x3B8 2行目
0185 00B9 Dotted Dog Suit Cute polka-dotted dog clothes.  
0186 00BA Cross Dog Suit Dog clothes embroidered with a cross. Ma +2
0187 00BB Guard Dog Suit Dog clothes made with protective metal. Max HP +10%
0188 00BC Tech Dog Suit Dog clothes with gadgets built-in for mobility. St +2 / Ag +1
0189 00BD Metal Dog Suit A dog sweater made from titanium. Max HP +10%
0190 00BE Sky Dog Suit Blue dog clothes with white clouds sewn on. Ag +4
0191 00BF Marine Dog Suit Dog clothes with a deep azure hue. Max SP +10%
0192 00C0 Star Dog Suit Dog clothes with a giant decorative star. Ma +4
0193 00C1 Luna Dog Suit Dog clothes embroidered with moons. Max SP +10% / Ma +2
0194 00C2 Solar Dog Suit Dog clothes as red as a vivid sunset. Max HP +10% / St +2
0195 00C3 Cosmos Dog Suit Dog clothes speckled with glimmering stars. All stats +2
0196 00C4 Light Dog Suit Lightweight dog clothes. Ag +3
0197 00C5 Soft Mane A mane that fills you with confidence. All stats +1
0198 00C6 Ebony Dog Suit Dog clothes studded with oracular gems. Nullifies all ailments
0199 00C7 Armor 0x3C7 防具 0x3C7 1行目 防具 0x3C7 2行目
0200 00C8 Armor 0x3C8 防具 0x3C8 1行目 防具 0x3C8 2行目
0201 00C9 (prov) Aigis 1 防具 0x3C9 1行目 防具 0x3C9 2行目
0202 00CA (prov) Aigis 2 防具 0x3CA 1行目 防具 0x3CA 2行目
0203 00CB (prov) Aigis 3 防具 0x3CB 1行目 防具 0x3CB 2行目
0204 00CC (prov) Aigis 4 防具 0x3CC 1行目 防具 0x3CC 2行目
0205 00CD (prov) Aigis 5 防具 0x3CD 1行目 防具 0x3CD 2行目
0206 00CE TD Full Shell Theodore designed this for total coverage. Max HP +10%
0207 00CF Aigis Armor v1 Aigis' armor. Labeled with serial number 1. St +1 / Ag +2
0208 00D0 Aigis Armor v2 Aigis' updated armor: version 2.0. St +2 / Ag +2
0209 00D1 TD W Plate Theodore made this by lining up two indestructible plates. Max SP +10%
0210 00D2 Anti-Seal Armor Armor that dampens the shock of impact. Resist Instant Kill
0211 00D3 TD Full Body Theodore modded it for optimal protection. All stats +1
0212 00D4 Aigis Armor v3 Next-generation armor for Aigis. Max HP +15%
0213 00D5 Element Body Anti-elemental armor plating for Aigis. Increase all Binds resistance
0214 00D6 Aigis Armor v0 Armor for Aigis, but it's really off-concept. All stats +2
0215 00D7 D3 Aigis EX 防具 0x3D7 1行目 防具 0x3D7 2行目
0216 00D8 Frilled Armor Armor adorned with cute frills. Moderately raise Party Meter gains
0217 00D9 Aigis Armor v100 Grand golden armor made for Aigis. Nullifies all Binds
0218 00DA Armor 0x3DA 防具 0x3DA 1行目 防具 0x3DA 2行目
0219 00DB Armor 0x3DB 防具 0x3DB 1行目 防具 0x3DB 2行目
0220 00DC Default Armor 防具 0x3DC 1行目 防具 0x3DC 2行目
0221 00DD Dark Undershirt A black shirt with sleek chic style.  
0222 00DE Printed T-Shirt A yellow shirt with a fancy printed design.  
0223 00DF 4-Leaf Hoodie A white long hoodie that matches rough styles.  
0224 00E0 White Shirt A white shirt with fine sleeves.  
0225 00E1 Formal Shirt A custom-made shirt to wear with suits.  
0226 00E2 Neckerchief A lemon-colored neckerchief. Made with mysterious materials.
0227 00E3 Noble Blouse A noble blouse for ladies.  
0228 00E4 Pink Top A pink top that goes with anything.  
0229 00E5 Turtleneck A long-sleeved turtleneck.  
0230 00E6 T-Shirt A simple crew-cut shirt with a design on the back.
0231 00E7 Green Sweats Unlike Yasogami High's sweats, these are easy to move in.
0232 00E8 Lace Blouse A blouse made from delicate material.
0233 00E9 Pretty Suit A cute suit with big red buttons.  
0234 00EA Skull T-Shirt A T-shirt with a skull on the front. It may not be store-bought.
0235 00EB Gothic Shirt A shirt with a playful design on its sleeves.
0236 00EC Long T-Shirt A V-neck bearing the Junes brand.
0237 00ED Plain Shirt A simple shirt with no patterns.  
0238 00EE Long Bolero A cardigan for women, with an open front.
0239 00EF Dress Shirt Still fashionable, even without a matching suit.
0240 00F0 Ruffled Blouse A frilly blouse favored by rich women.
0241 00F1 Fleece Vest A sleeveless vest made of fleece.  
0242 00F2 Silk Dog Suit Dog clothes made from soft silk.  
0243 00F3 Zip Hoodie A hooded sweatshirt with a zipper.  
0244 00F4 Long Pea Coat A coat that reaches the knees. It's good at keeping the cold out.  
0245 00F5 Aigis Armor Special armor made for Aigis.  
0246 00F6 Mods Coat 防具 0x3F6 1行目 防具 0x3F6 2行目
0247 00F7 Rise Armor 防具 0x3F7 1行目 防具 0x3F7 2行目
0248 00F8 Fuuka Armor 防具 0x3F8 1行目 防具 0x3F8 2行目
0249 00F9 Twin Tweeds 防具 0x3F9 1行目 防具 0x3F9 2行目
0250 00FA Armor 0x3FA 防具 0x3FA 1行目 防具 0x3FA 2行目
0251 00FB Armor 0x3FB 防具 0x3FB 1行目 防具 0x3FB 2行目
0252 00FC Armor 0x3FC 防具 0x3FC 1行目 防具 0x3FC 2行目
0253 00FD Armor 0x3FD 防具 0x3FD 1行目 防具 0x3FD 2行目
0254 00FE Armor 0x3FE 防具 0x3FE 1行目 防具 0x3FE 2行目
0255 00FF Armor 0x3FF 防具 0x3FF 1行目 防具 0x3FF 2行目
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