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Persona Q2/data.cpk
Format CPK
Size 2.62 GB

The data.cpk is a CPK archive in Persona Q2. This archive contains all of the game's files.


Directory Name Description Notable Files
attraction Contains various TBL files and a single GSD file. TBD
battle Contains files for enemy AI, battle models, skill effects, battlefields, and other miscellaneous battle data. TBD
blank_board Contains CTPK texture files with colored patterns. (PQ Leftovers) TBD
bustup Contains multiple PAC files with character models used for event dialogue. TBD
camp Contains files for UI elements, like persona portraits, character bustups, menu sprites, etc. TBD
dungeon Contains field models, scripts, and other files for the game's dungeons. TBD
dungeon_in Contains a BAM model with the theater to dungeon transition. TBD
effect Contains STEX files with texture masks for effects. TBD
EManual Contains a virtual manual for the game. TBD
event Contains BF scripts, CTPK background textures, models, and other files for the game's events TBD
facility Contains TBL files, SPR3 sprites, and other data for the game's store and the Velvet Room. TBD
foe Contains models, SFX, and AI scripts for the game's F.O.E Super bosses. TBD
font Contains the game's font in BCFNT format, and character assist bustups in CTPK format. TBD
gamecoin Contains a single SPR3 file with a game coin sprite. TBD
Graphic2D Contains most of the game's UI in TPC archives. TBD
init Contains BMD scripts for item, equipment and persona descriptions, apart from various GTX, TBB, GSD files. TBD
interfaceFile Contains a single MBM file named "Dungeon.mbm". TBD
item Contains TBL and MBM files with data for items. TBD
LevelUp ContainsTBL files with data for EXP and Levels. TBD
mapdat Contains TBL, CTPK, YDD and FD files for dungeon map data. TBD
movie Contains animated cutscenes for the game in USM format. TBD
photo Contains a BAM model for Persona Q's post-credit artwork (PQ Leftovers) TBD
quest Contains GSD files for the game's quests. TBD
shared Contains a BMD script for the BGM selection menu. TBD
sound Contains the game's SFX, BGM, and character voice lines for battle and events. bgm.awb - A file containing all the music in the game
table Contains various TBB files. TBD
title Contains models for the title screen along with sprites for the DLC store and protagonist name entries. TBD
Transrate Contains the game's icon. TBD
tutorial Contains tutorial BF scripts, and guide textures. TBD
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