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The field folder in model contains BAM model files for the battlefields in Persona Q2.

Below is a list of these 3D models, their descriptions, and an image for each.

File Name Description Image
bf01_01.bam Kamo City Kamo1.png
bf01_02.bam Kamoshida Square kamo2.png
bf01_03.bam Kamoshida Square (No Statue) kamo3.png
bf01_04.bam Kamo City Kamo1.png
bf02_01.bam Junessic Land Junes.png
bf02_02.bam Isle's End Junes2.png
bf03_01.bam A.I.G.I.S (City) AIGIS.png
bf03_02.bam A.I.G.I.S (Facility) AIGIS2.png
bf03_03.bam A.I.G.I.S (Robot Laboratory) AIGIS3.png
bf03_04.bam Central Server Mother.png
bf04_01.bam Hikari Hikari.png
bf04_02.bam Endless Interlude Interlude.png
bf05_01.bam Theater District Theater.png
bf05_02.bam Depths 1 Depths.png
bf05_03.bam Depths 2 Depths.png
bf05_04.bam Depths 3 Depths.png
bf05_05.bam Depths 4 Depths.png
bf05_06.bam Enlil Boss Arena Enlil1.png
bf05_07.bam Final Boss Stage Enlil.png
bf05_08.bam Enlil Boss Arena Final_Boss_arena.png
bf10_01.bam Velvet Room Velvet.png
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