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The player folder inside model contains 3d models and voice clips for playable characters in battle. There is also an se sub-directory which only contains leftover voice clips from Persona Q.

Below is a list of 3D models and the names of the characters they belong to.

File Name Character
pc001.bam P4 Protagonist
pc002.bam P3 Protagonist
pc003.bam Yosuke Hanamura
pc004.bam Chie Satonaka
pc005.bam Yukiko Amagi
pc006.bam Rise Kujikawa
pc007.bam Kanji Tatsumi
pc008.bam Naoto Shirogane
pc009.bam Teddie
pc00a.bam Yukari Takeba
pc00b.bam Junpei Iori
pc00c.bam Akihiko Sanada
pc00d.bam Mitsuru Kirijo
pc00e.bam Fuuka Yamagishi
pc00f.bam Aigis
pc010.bam Ken Amada
pc011.bam Koromaru
pc012.bam Shinjiro Aragaki
pc013.bam P3 Femc
pc014.bam P5 Protagonist (Joker)
pc015.bam Ryuji Sakamoto (Skull)
pc016.bam Ann Takamaki (Panther)
pc017.bam Morgana
pc018.bam Yusuke Kitagawa (Fox)
pc019.bam Makoto Nijima (Queen)
pc01a.bam Futaba Sakura (Oracle)
pc01a_001.bam Futaba Sakura (Oracle) -Normal Shading-
pc01b.bam Haru Okumura (Noir)
pc01c.bam Goro Akechi (Crow)
pc01f.bam Hikari
pc049.bam Teddie -Crossdressing-
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