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Persona Q2/data.cpk/battle/model: Difference between revisions

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|'''[[Persona Q2/data.cpk/battle/model/cutin|cutin]]'''
|'''[[Persona Q/data.cpk/battle/model/cutin|cutin]]'''
|Contains 3D models for all out attacks. (PQ Leftovers)
|Contains 3D models for all out attacks. (PQ Leftovers)

Latest revision as of 04:34, 11 April 2021

The model folder inside battle contains 3D models that are used in the battle system from Persona Q2.

Below is a list of directories and a summary of their purpose.


Directory Name Description Notable Files
combi Contains 3D models for unison skills.
cutin Contains 3D models for all out attacks. (PQ Leftovers)
enemy Contains 3D models for enemies.
field Contains 3D models for battlefields.
player Contains 3D models for characters in battle.
skill Contains 3D models for special skills.
mshadow.bam A pure black plane.
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