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Persona Q2/data.cpk/font/face

From Amicitia Wiki

The face folder inside font contains character assist bustups in CTPK format.

File Name Character
info_face_001.ctpk P4 Protagonist
info_face_002.ctpk P3 Protagonist
info_face_003.ctpk Yosuke Hanamura
info_face_004.ctpk Chie Satonaka
info_face_005.ctpk Yukiko Amagi
info_face_006.ctpk Rise Kujikawa
info_face_007.ctpk Kanji Tatsumi
info_face_008.ctpk Naoto Shirogane
info_face_009.ctpk Teddie
info_face_00a.ctpk Yukari Takeba
info_face_00b.ctpk Junpei Iori
info_face_00c.ctpk Akihiko Sanada
info_face_00d.ctpk Mitsuru Kirijo
info_face_00e.ctpk Fuuka Yamagishi
info_face_00f.ctpk Aigis
info_face_010.ctpk Ken Amada
info_face_011.ctpk Koromaru
info_face_012.ctpk Shinjiro Aragaki
info_face_013.ctpk P3 Femc
info_face_040.ctpk P5 Protagonist
info_face_014.ctpk P5 Protagonist (Joker)
info_face_041.ctpk Ryuji Sakamoto
info_face_015.ctpk Ryuji Sakamoto (Skull)
info_face_042.ctpk Ann Takamaki
info_face_016.ctpk Ann Takamaki (Panther)
info_face_017.ctpk Morgana
info_face_044.ctpk Yusuke Kitagawa
info_face_018.ctpk Yusuke Kitagawa (Fox)
info_face_045.ctpk Makoto Niijima
info_face_019.ctpk Makoto Niijima (Queen)
info_face_046.ctpk Futaba Sakura
info_face_01a.ctpk Futaba Sakura (Oracle)
info_face_047.ctpk Haru Okumura
info_face_01b.ctpk Haru Okumura (Noir)
info_face_048.ctpk Goro Akechi
info_face_01c.ctpk Goro Akechi (Crow)
info_face_051.ctpk Hikari
info_face_052.ctpk Doe
info_face_054.ctpk Nagi
pc049.bam Teddie -Crossdressing-
info_face_061.ctpk Elizabeth
info_face_04a.ctpk Elizabeth (ticket stand)
info_face_021.ctpk Elizabeth (ticket stand, white bg)
info_face_04b.ctpk Margaret
info_face_022.ctpk Margaret (PQ leftover?)
info_face_04c.ctpk Theodore (popcorn suit)
info_face_04e.ctpk Caroline
info_face_04f.ctpk Justine
info_face_055.ctpk Marie
info_face_024.ctpk Marie (PQ leftover)
info_face_23.ctpk Ribbon
info_face_04d.ctpk Nanako
info_face_025.ctpk Nanako Dojima (PQ leftover)
info_face_100.ctpk Ryotaro Dojima (PQ leftover)
info_face_101.ctpk Tohru Adachi (PQ leftover?)
info_face_028.ctpk Rei (PQ leftover)
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