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Persona Q2/data.cpk/sound

From Amicitia Wiki

The sound folder inside data.cpk contains various sound files, For BGM, Sound effects, And voicelines


Directory Name Description Notable Files
battle Contains playable party member's voicelines in battle. btl_voice.acb
bgm Contains BGM and some sound effects bgm.acb, sys_stream.acb
comse Contains common sound effects sys_comse.acb
comvoice Contains voicelines for not fully voiced events common_voice.acb
event Contains ACBs with voicelines for events
result Contains voicelines for the results screen result_voice.acb
support Contains 3 ACBs with voicelines for each navigator btl_support_voice_P3.acb, btl_support_voice_P4.acb, btl_support_voice_P5.acb
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