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From Amicitia Wiki
Purpose Sprite Location Data Format
Games Persona 5 Strikers
Developer Koei Tecmo Games

TEXINFO is a file that contains data for the game's sprites.

The file contains a list of sprites by name, an ID for textures, and location coordinates for sprites inside a texture from a G1T archive found in ScreenLayout.rdb.


These files can currently only be edited using a hex editor. Thanks to Tupelov, we now have a 010 binary template that can parse TEXINFO files, which you can get from here.

Despite having coordinates for the texture area that is used in a sprite, this file does not define sprite boxes.

For example:

When changing the values for sprite coordinates in a TEXINFO file, the sprite box did not change. Instead, the texture area specified by these coordinates, was scaled to fit in the sprite box.


Original Sprite


Modified Sprite

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