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From Amicitia Wiki
TMX Format
Yu Narukami's TMX Bustup
Purpose Bitmap Image Format
Developer Atlus
Games Persona 3
Persona 3 Portable
Persona 4
Persona 4 Golden

TMX is an image format used in each version of Persona 3 and Persona 4. It was used in almost all Atlus-developed titles up until Persona 5. TMX can range from 16 colors to 256 colors with alpha transparency. An official tool for creating TMX files from TGA files was leaked in the US version of SMT: Nocturne.

Persona 3/4

TMX is used in these titles for character bustups, HUDs, and logos. Sometimes these files are wrapped in SPR containers and/or PAC/BIN archives.

Format Specs

struct TMX
	u16 tmxID;
	// tmxID is always 0x0002
	u16 userID;
	// can be set by user
	u32 length;
	// length of entire tmx data
	char[4] tmxMagic;
	// "TMX0" or 0x30584D54
	u32 pad1;
	// 0x00000000
	u8 numPalettes;
	// typically either 0x00 or 0x01
	u8 paletteFmt;
	u16 width;
	// width of image in pixels
	u16 height;
	// width of image in pixels
	u8 pixelFmt;
	u8 numMipMaps;
	// number of mip maps present
	s16 mipKL; 
	// if (mipKL == 0xFFFF) then values are not used
	// mipK = (mipKL & 0x0FFF) / (1 << 4)
	// mipL = (mipKL & 0xF000)
	// default mipK = -0,0625
	// default mipL = 3
	u8 reserved;
	// always 0x00
	u8 wrapModes;
	// if (wrapModes == 0xFF) then values are not used
	// wrapX = (wrapModes & 0xC) >> 2 
	// wrapY = (wrapModes & 0x3)
	// 0 = REPEAT
	// 1 = CLAMP
	// default is REPEAT
	u32 userTextureID;
	// can be set by user
	u32 userClutID;
	// can be set by user
	char[28] userComment;
	// can be set by user



Featured article: Amicitia (program)

Amicitia is TGE's all-in-one editor for Persona formats. It features texture conversion from PNG (for both TMX and RMD). You can get it here.

TMX Explorer

TMX Explorer.exe was created by Blyss at XeNTaX in 2010 for viewing TMX files and extracting them as PNGs with transparency intact. To use it, just run the EXE in a folder with TMX images. The included zlib1.dll must be in the same directory in order to run.
The link for the tool and the site that hosts the tool has been taken down.


BE0605.exe is Atlus's official TMX creation tool. It was found on the North American SMT: Nocturne disk, presumably used for localization. You can open TGA images and save them as TMX using this program to convert to TMX. You can also open TMX files in this program to view them and edit their palette/bpp. However, there are random glitches with this program where the TMX won't load properly. It is recommended to use either Amicitia (for TMX creation) or TMX Explorer (for viewing/extracting) instead, if possible.
You can download it here.

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