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From Amicitia Wiki
UAsset Format
Purpose File Archive
Games Persona 3 Reload
Developer Epic Games

UAsset (Short for "Unreal Asset") is a filetype found within Unreal Engine 4/5 games. This filetype is only found within Persona 3 Reload as it uses Unreal Engine 4.27.

*.uasset files can be used for a multitude of purposes, they store music streams, ACB files, material data, blueprint data, textures, skeletal meshes, static meshes, light profiles, particles, and even levels. The UAsset files can store metadata that is convenient for the engine, such as version, if it's a custom build, thumbnail, string name, StreamInfo, etc. They are very flexible, but not widely documented in detail. For people coming over from modding other Atlus games that ran on a proprietary engine such as Persona 5 for example, it will be a wholly different experience.

It should be noted though, that assets in Persona 3 Reload's files have been **compiled**, therefore they may come in a multitude of other formats. ACB files are also packed as metadata into the UAsset file of the Audio Cues themselves.

Furthermore, we have a few ways to deserialize, modify, view, rip and otherwise handle UAsset files. I will be listing applications, but even programming libraries if you are interested in writing an app that deals with P3R's files.


A very common and well known program. Commonly also referred to as **UE Viewer**, it can be found officially at:

It's decently reliable and even has a CLI if you need it. Albeit mostly overshadowed by FModel's newer features.

It's license at the time of writing has not been determined by the author(s) of the tool yet.


An amazing tool, it is built with C# with a sleek and modern UI. The team behind FModel also wrote a library **CUE4Parse** which FModel relies on, you can use this library for your own endeavors or tools. You can find these here:

FModel is licensed under GPL v3

CUE4Parse is licensed under Apache 2.0

uasset Rust Crate

A very solid Rust library for parsing and editing UAsset files. You can find it at:

It is dual-licensed under Apache 2.0 OR MIT, per the user's choice.

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