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Yukari battle quotes (P3)

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File Line
0146_502_000_0000 I'm sorry, I can't take any more. Can I pull out?
0147_502_000_0001 Don't push yourself either!
0148_502_000_0002 Well then can you help me out here?
0149_502_001_0800 Sorry to keep you waiting.
0150_502_002_0900 I feel faint.
0151_502_003_1000 Um, this isn't good.
0152_502_004_1100 I'm getting kinda tired.
0153_502_005_1200 Thanks!
0154_502_006_1300 Hang in there!
0155_502_007_1400 Thanks!
0156_502_008_1500 That was easy!
0157_502_008_1501 That was a close one!
0158_502_008_1502 That was close. We need to do better.
0159_502_008_1503 I'm not who I used to be.
0160_502_008_1504 I made up my mind. I won't lose!
0161_502_008_1505 I'm alright! Let's keep going!
0162_502_009_2300 Alright.
0163_502_009_2301 Leave it to me!
0164_502_010_2400 Why, you little-
0165_502_010_2401 I can't lose!
0166_502_011_2500 How do you like the new me?
0167_502_011_2501 I swear on my life!
0168_502_011_2502 Gotta be brave.
0169_502_011_2503 Io!
0170_502_011_2504 Isis!
0171_502_012_3300 I'm losing my concentration...
0172_502_015_4401 *getting hit*
0173_502_015_4402 No!
0174_502_016_4500 Here's our chance for an all-out attack!
0175_502_016_4501 If you say so...
0176_502_016_4502 Lemme at em!
0177_502_019_5600 Nice!
0178_502_019_5601 One more!
0179_502_019_5700 Keep it up!
0180_502_019_5701 Yes!
0181_502_019_5800 Good job, Aigis!
0182_502_019_5801 Aigis, you rock!
0183_502_019_5900 Nice!
0184_502_019_5901 Now's your chance!
0185_502_019_6000 Not bad, Junpei.
0186_502_019_6001 You're better than I thought.
0187_502_019_6100 Amazing, senpai!
0188_502_019_6101 Do it again!
0189_502_019_6200 You did it, Ken-kun!
0190_502_019_6201 Good job, Ken-kun!
0191_502_019_6300 That was awesome!
0192_502_019_6301 That was amazing!
0193_502_019_6400 Good boy, Koro-chan!
0194_502_019_6401 Ohhh, good dog!
0195_502_019_6500 Now's your chance!
0196_502_019_6501 Go for it!
0197_502_020_6600 Four more!
0198_502_020_6700 Three left!
0199_502_020_6800 Two to go!
0200_502_020_6900 Just one more!
0201_502_020_7000 It's going great!
0202_502_020_7001 How's everyone doing?
0203_502_020_7100 Slash attacks won't work!
0204_502_020_7200 Strike attacks are out!
0205_502_020_7300 Pierce attacks aren't working!
0206_502_020_7400 Fire is useless!
0207_502_020_7500 There's no point using ice attacks!
0208_502_020_7600 Wind attacks aren't working!
0209_502_020_7700 Electricity attacks are a waste of time!
0210_502_020_7800 Light has no effect!?
0211_502_020_7900 Darkness attacks don't seem to be working!
0212_502_020_8000 What!? Almighty attacks won't work?
0213_502_020_8100 This thing won't give up!
0214_502_020_8101 I couldn't defeat it.
0215_502_020_8200 Geez, that one's fast!
0216_502_020_8201 Agh, lame.
0217_502_022_8500 I'm gonna try something else.
0218_502_023_8600 Yeah! I'm willing to risk mine too! (nyx cutscene)
1089_502_025_8700 Why's it using Io?
1090_502_025_8701 Why's it using Isis?
1091_502_026_8800 I'll have to sit this one out.
1092_502_026_8801 Geez, there's nothing I can do!
1093_502_025_8702 Palladion.
1094_502_025_8703 Athena.
1215_519_013_0000 Get ready, cause I'm gonna tear you apart!
1216_519_013_0001 What's the matter? Is that all you've got?
1217_519_013_0002 I barely even feel a thing!
1218_519_013_0003 I can't lose! I will not lose!
1219_519_013_0004 No! This can't be! I've gotta... see...
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